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Why Apply For Google Adsense Monetization ?

Earning money online is interesting and displaying Ads aka Advertisements opens a whole new bunch of opportunities in making money online. So, how do you get people to display ads on your website?

Let us look into the options available,

1. Alert every company that such and such blog of yours exist and they can advertise.

2. Apply for an Ad network with your web site and display relevant Ads on your website.

The second option makes a lot more sense and makes the process of displaying Ads simpler on your website. So, what are Ad networks?

Each ad network is a company or an organisation who gets called by other companies whenever they want to Advertise a content. Some of the famous Ad networks include Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks, Viglink, etc.
There are so many Ad networks available on the market, why should you choose Adsense?

Why Google Adsense ?

Since you are given so many Ad networks as options, it doesn’t make sense to display a huge number of Ad banners on your website. So, you must effectively look for the Ad network that can pay you a satisfactory amount and also be reliable side by side. Well, this makes Adsense – the best option left for you.

Adsense is a product of google that helps blog owners aka publishers display contextual Ads onto their website. I had personally seen people earning thousands of dollars via google Adsense. To simply put, Adsense is the best Ad network you can see in the market today.

Google Adsense is a contextual network – this means that the Ads displayed on your website are similar to the content of your website. For example, if you start your blog on foods, you are more likely to see restaurants Ads on your website. This makes the Ads become more relevant to the content and thereby the Ads reach the target audience. Also, google Ads take the information data from cookies. Cookie data of a visiting person helps google learn about the interest of the viewer. From the data collected about the interest of the viewer, targeted Ads gets displayed.

Advantage of google Adsense over other networks:

1. Wide Range of Advertisers:

Google Adsense has a high range of publishers, covering all niche categories that all relevant to most bloggers. Thus, showing relevant ads marks the primary advantage of Adsense.

2. Google Adsense is a PPC (Pay per Click) Ad network:

Google Adsense works as a PPC. That means, whenever visitors of your blog clicks on your Ad, they get redirected to the corresponding Ad web page. Also, for every click google adds a few cents or even a few dollars ( if you are really lucky and trust-worthy ) to your account. This amount is called CPC aka Cost Per Click. Also, google deposits a few dollars / cents for every 1000 views of an Ad. This amount deposited is called CPM aka Cost per thousand Impressions.

3. Single Adsense account can account all your website(s) earnings:

With an active Adsense account, it is completely possible to place Ads on any other website that is approved by Adsense. Additionally, you can create custom channels in Adsense and can monitor how various Ad element are interacting with users.

4. Payments and Cash-outs:

Most of the bloggers face problems with the payment from other PPC Ad networks. Google Adsense makes a significant difference from other Ad networks in these relations. Adsense shows a high range of transparency in payments and you are unlikely to face payment issues.

5. Google Adsense is user-friendly and supports multiple platforms:

Google Adsense is highly user-friendly and has it’s own android application. Several third-party iOS applications are available for Adsense. The apps on multiple platforms and also the web app helps users of Adsense in taking a quick review of their earnings.

There are many other advantages in using Adsense over other Ad networks. Got one? Blow up in the comment section below.

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