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Web Hosting – Guide

Have you ever wondered ‘How I can access a website from anywhere?’ ‘Where do the file I download originally come from?’ ‘Where are all the data of this website is saved?’ .

The answer for all above related question is ‘ Web Hosting ‘. Some popular web host includes Godaddy , BlueHost , Dreamhost etc..

What does Web Host Offer?

Web Hosting similar to the website CollectiveRay is a service that provides space on the internet or more precisely, space on a server for the website owners. In simplistic terms, web hosting is a house for your HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and any other files that help you run your website.

More often than not, Web hosting is a business or a company that provides technology and services needed for the web page or website to be run.

For Example, while looking at the Web Hosting provider, common services that a user would expect will be PHP support, Database support, Storage space support, traffic handling capacity, bandwidth etc..

Web Hosting companies rent their servers for you to host your website. Most Web Hosting companies help you access and modify your website content on their server using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Web server processes page view requests via HTTP.

Web Hosting servers inside Datacenter
Web Hosting servers inside Datacenter

So, on the whole, a web host is a business/ company that provides free space where you can host your website. The computers are highly powered and are connected to fast internet services.

When Internet users want to connect to your website, they enter your domain address. After which, they start hitting on your server (The space you had rented from Web Host).

Web Hosting service with S.A.S.E. takes the complete responsibility of servers and software, security, bandwidth, accessing speed, customer support and much more… Most companies use your domain name to host your site. If you don’t have a domain name, the web host helps you buy one of your choice and host instantly.

Datacenter and Web host

Similar to Web Host, a familiar term ‘Data Center’ gets used. Now, what is a Data center?

Data centers are places used to house the server. That means highly powered computer servers that host your website are housed inside a Datacenter such as a NoSQL database. What makes Datacenter special is that they are equipped with backup power supplies, fire control, air conditioning and other security devices.