Google Ad Placement Policy: Top ways you should never place google ads

Google Adsense is a contextual Ad network that is one of the best for website owners and bloggers to monetize their website. Adsense is favoured by most bloggers and for some, it takes the highest contribution in their total income. Having said that, it is also important for me to mention, “AdSense is like your third grade Math Teacher!”. Yes!! Adsense is strict and cruel unless you obey their Policy, terms and conditions.

One such Policy that you had agreed while signing up for Adsense is the Google Adsense Ad Placement Policy. Adsense considers clicks as accidental when the visitor was about to click on a link, but with visual error clicks on an Ad.

For Example, Let us take this scenario, –

Ads under navigation menu where each navigation menu button hovers to a new menu. When users try to hover over to the child items of the navigation menu, they end up clicking the Ads instead of the child item. This is one such breach that can potentially increase your CTR to a very high extent. Always remember, when your CTR goes high, google has a high chance of reviewing your Ad placement strategy. When Google Adsense recognises your malpractice, your account gets banned for a lifetime.
Never place google ads on such places.

Example for Accidental Click Adsense Fraud:

Accidental Click Adsense Guide Taken Mind
Accidental Click Adsense fraud – Taken Mind Guide

Also, using Flashy Animation or any other flash content requesting the users to click on Ads is considered as a fraud under Ad Placement Policy of Google Adsense. Providing text that mentions compensation the user with incentives on clicking the Ad banner also comes under the radar as Adsense Fraud. Never Place google ads on such places.

Example for Flashy Content that can get yourself an Adsense Ban:

Wrong Adsense Ad  Placement Policy
Against the Adsense Ad Placement Policy

Example for Misleading Incentive offers to visitors:

unacceptable implementation of google adsense ads
unacceptable implementation of google adsense ads

I would suggest you to avoid these Ad placements beforehand and have a simplified Ad Placement Strategy. Ads on the start and finish of posts might fetch you very good CTR organically. What do you think about the Ad Placement strategy to be followed? Tell us in the comment section below.