joker123TakenMind Global Internship Review by Vineet-J-Cherian - A Computer Science Student

Weekly Reports and Organised Milestones made my Internship unforgettable

My experience with the TakenMind Managerial Internship was great!

TakenMind provides a good opportunity to study about hot topics from scratch. Some of the topics provided that I chose were – Marketing Management, Content Management – Keyword Analysis and Search Engine Optimization, Bitcoins and Data Analytics with Python. I had little to no knowledge about any of these topics till 2 months before. I can confidently say I know enough about some fresh and exciting topics and that this only helped me more towards satisfying my quest for knowledge.

The course content is good. Any one can begin without any prior knowledge and do well enough with just the study material that TakenMind has organized. Regular weekly reports make sure you’re going along the course and you’re learning at a good pace. It was also not inconvenient, as I could complete it on time even if I have regular classes at college. I would suggest the readers to take this opportunity up. It takes up a few hours in a day of a week and you’re just gaining in the end.

I’m glad I know a lot beyond just my undergraduate course material. In the present world, it’s essential for one to know about as many things as they can. In fact, it will definitely give them an edge over other people when they know more, are more aware about the present buzz, and keep themselves updated. A lot of this also contributes to adaptability when it comes to switching jobs for various reasons.

In the end, all that matters is if you learn new things. With this experience, I can definitely say I did.

Cheers 🙂


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