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How to Connect with Influential and Professional Bloggers ?

It is every blogger’s wish to be in connect influential professional blogger for several reasons. The reasons range from building quality traffic, building online influence, domain authority, brand credibility and a lot more. Most Bloggers at the beginner levels try desperately and often fail to succeed. The main reason being, desperate bloggers use wrong or unacceptable ways to be in connect influential professional bloggers .  Every blogger must try to understand that they cannot impress a blogger by begging them to accept your blog post or by desperately pitching multiple blog posts.

If you navigate to this website, you will learn from the experts that – to connect and in-turn get benefited from an influential professional blogger is to please and make the influential professional bloggers understand that you are worth their time. The pro bloggers must feel that you are you are more connected to the niche of the blog and are also passionate.

If you gladly want to build your site traffic, you must come up with a relationship building strategy to impress the influential professional blogger.

This post deals with 5 Tips you can use to woo your desired influential professional blogger and catch their attention among several other fans.

How to Connect with Successful Influential bloggers?

First Tip: Comment on the Influential professional blogger posts:

Comment, comment and comment till the influential professional blogger start noticing you uniquely. This expands your presence online and makes you more visible. Connect with many bloggers and expand your visibility. Soon, you will be noticed by the pro-bloggers. This is not any magic formula as you can see. This is a real test for your patience. The more patience and passion you have in connecting, the quicker you can get connected. Also, making your comments valuable and significant is an important attribute. Comments like “Great Post. Thanks!” is not going to make you unique or gonna differentiate from others. Be quick enough to grab up 1 or 2 paragraphs of your thoughts and make your relevance in a precise manner. These comments can greatly increase your repo among online bloggers.

Second Tip: Start Guest Post on Influential Professional blogger blogs

Write one to three blog post per day as a guest. Submitting blog posts can greatly strengthen the relationship with superior bloggers. Submit a guest post to blogs with higher domain authority because they have the ultimate power to help you acquire targeted audience. Going alone is difficult in the world of blogging. If it can take you 2 years to succeed as a stand-alone bloggers, guest posts can help you achieve this in a much quicker time than you can imagine. You will have more users reading your guest post and they can even be potentially big audiences. So, never miss out on guest blogging.

Third Tip: Share Posts Aggressively:

The differentiating point at this section is that you are actually promoting yourself by the name of promoting your posts. Promote the best stuff in you to the audiences online. This builds credibility as the people who promote are the people who believe in themselves. Also, when you promote other people, there is a definite possibility for you to grow your traffic or viewers and in fact, build your readership. The basic formula is if you want to get traffic, help other people also get traffic. This way, you are assured to meet your pro-blogger in a short way.

Destination – Become an Influential Professional Blogger Yourself:

All the three points above emphasise you to show up yourself as a pro-blogger. The point in getting connected to a pro-blogger is that you yourself must become a pro blogger. This may be hard to digest, yet, this is the best possible way for you to get into professional connection with other bloggers.

For an ideal scenario to connect with Influential professional blogger,

  • Create 1 – 10 blog posts per day
  • Write over 10 guest post in a month
  • Create videos on YouTube on the niche you are working on.

The Influential Professional bloggers are not born. They are created by themselves. Influential Professional Bloggers never rely on others to make themselves show up. Pro-bloggers have their own strategy of sustenance in the online blogging. For you, it might be a big thing to get an endorsement from a pro-blogger, but this endorsement is going to be short-lived. Thus, you might have to connect and stay connected over a long period of time. This way, you are prone to become a pro-blogger yourself.

What methods you have used to connect with other Influential professional bloggers. Do let us know in the comment section below.