joker123Top Reasons to use peer-to-peer service-Uberification of economy

The Uberification term never existed until ‘Uber Technologies Inc.’ came to the limelight with the peer to peer service! Uber – the largest taxi aggregator in the world showed the world ‘ Peer-to-Peer ’ service [OR] the shared economy concept.

Peer to Peer service
‘Uberification’ refers to on-demand mobile services for every single need of mankind. Uberification is not limited to Uber Technologies Inc. as a whole.The more general term ‘Uberification of the Economy’ can be visualized which had led to a drastic rise in the peer-to-peer service in the world.
Some of the service aimed at Shared Economy concepts:
Uber for – scooters, Private jets, babysitters, dog sitters, Booze, property etc.. These businesses are not Uber-owned, yet the concept underlying is simply Uberification.

Why use Peer to Peer Service?

1. With Peer to Peer service, you can monetize anything and everything!

Having an unoccupied room in your house? you can simply sign into Airbnb [History of Airbnb]and monetize your room!
Want to lend some money, but couldn’t satisfy the bank rules? You can always lend money from peer-to-peer banks such as SocietyOne.
Now, that’s cool.

2. Peer to peer service saves your time!

The time you would spend roaming around the store, waiting for a cab, finding a babysitter etc.. would be made minimum. Make an order via any food delivery App and get your food delivered at your home or office at your own convenience. This along with live tracking of your order makes life look cool and special.

3. Peer to peer service provide greater accountability:

Gone are the days where you keep a dedicated note of all your spendings! With greater account handling, these online services make perfect account of your spending! There’s no more chance for your account nightmares anymore!

Top reasons to avoid using peer-to-peer service:

1. You become lazier than you are now!

With anything and everything, just a few taps away from the mobile, you tend to become lazier.

2. You don’t experience the real world shopping with your close ones!

Yes! Shopping is fun with your friends or your closed ones! A recent study shows rising of in-app purchases, you tend to fall a space from your relations!

3. Your mind is set! And you find no other option!

With greater accessibility to services via apps, you fail to tackle the situations in the absence of apps. You have less awareness about the non-app method of doing things!

Sure, Uberification had created a revolution! With Mobile Crowdsourcing and instant feedback from users, Peer-to-peer service improve and provide a fab experience to the users!
Uberification of Economy had got its own future! What do you feel about the shared economy concept?
Blow-up your views in the comment section below!

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