An ignorant person with a bad character is like an unarmed robber, but a learned person with a blog is a robber fully armed.

— Mickey Kaus

Every blogger at present had always had a thought at the beginning. Should I start a Blog? Why should I start a Blog? Am I wasting my time upon Blogging? Well, if you are on this track, then you may assume that this post is just made for you.

So, Why should you start blogging ?

1. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself

Wordpress vs blogger
Express yourself and your views

Remember the days when you have learned something that always pleased you! Well, Blogging is an interesting documentation of a niche of your interest. Blogging is something you can care as your own understanding or as your own publication. At last, you express yourself with your blog.

2. Blogging makes you understand ‘Sharing is Caring’

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Sharing is Caring!

Most Bloggers have a common mindset – ‘Sharing their Knowledge’. Among Amateur blogger, most of them fail to understand that a single blog post of theirs, can enlighten someone to a large extent. When you concentrate on a single niche, you are targeting the right people to view your blog. And yes, that’s when you realise ‘Sharing is Caring’

3. Blogging helps you make a lot of money!

start blogging money
Make Real Money Blogging

Yes, you heard that right. Blogs are good at generating revenue when the content and traffic to your blog is good enough. Some revenue generating ways are Contextual Ads, Affiliate marketing etc.. Many bloggers across the globe had been part-time. Soon, many had turned professionals.

Some bloggers inspire others by sharing the income generated. In fact, I had been motivated personally by one such blogger and had started my blog.

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Remember, you can be the next Millionaire with blogging.

4. Blogging is the new way to inspire others!

start blogging and inspire
Inspire and be inspired

Blogging your thoughts or facts, not just benefits you, it has a potential of inspiring people across the globe. Blogging is an act of giving. You invest your time, energy onto writing a material and allow free access to the world. When at least one gets inspired with your writing, Phew! That’s a wonderful piece of work.

5. Blogging makes you feel more confident!

start blogging confidence
start blogging confidence

Blogging is an art. Within a few months of blogging, you tend to realise that you lead an important life, with your own unique views. To know that someone out of the blue gets benefitted, you just get your confidence meter boosted.

6. Blogging, in turn, creates your knowledge diary!

Why start blogging knowledge
Create your Knowledge Diary

Yes! We all have learnt something that we would love to remember over a period of time. Blogging helps you realise how observant you were and how observant you are now. Blogging helps you greatly in your personal growth too.

7. Blogging makes you a recommender who the world would trust!

why start blogging recommender
start blogging recommender

We all love being a recommended – be it either recommending a nice restaurant to eat, or a nice dish to be made. How about recommending to whole a bunch of your readers ? Your readers tend to have similar opinion to yours. So, your recommendations can matter a lot to your readers.