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Steep learning curve with Projects and Assignments

I’m pursuing Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli. I had come across TakenMind through my peers and registered in it’s training internship programs. I had registered for the stock market and the data analytics using python.

The course was of the online type with a one on one instructor to client type form of communication. Any confusion regarding the assignments or any other material was nicely cleared by them.

The video lectures which are the root material of the program was really very helpful for me and the extra material that were included in the notebook provided helped me a lot to master over the topics. I have learnt about programming in Python, Data analytics and certain basic conceptual knowledge over the dynamics of stock markets. The lectures along with the practical examples about many situations of data analysis make the learning very easy. GitHub links for the required code and various other links for augmenting our understanding of the core concepts were provided too. Unlike normally paying the udemy course and having the course materials at our perusal with indefinite time, this internship gave us deadlines to eliminate procrastination. Also by doing assignments I had come through many problems which we may face during data analysis which would not have been possible otherwise.

Overall the internship program was a really good learning experience that not only provided the necessary resources for the intern but also a well thought-out methodology of periodical assignment submission through deadlines and a final project option to make the learning further, deeper and more consistent. The data analytics using python course and the stock market and investment course have been a fruitful investment of my time amidst vacations. I feel the learning curve was very steep as it should have been. I acknowledge the opportunity given by TakenMind.


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