Global Internship in Marketing Management

TakenMind is offering a Global internship in Marketing Management, during September 2017. This document has detailed information about the internship and instructions on how to apply.

*No Prior Knowledge on Subject is Needed. You will learn the subjects during Internship*

Global Internships are valuable and we would recommend every student to participate to boost your chances for a great career. (Anyone can apply)



Internship DurationApplication Deadline
September 1 – September 29 , 2017August  24, 2017
October  1 – October 29, 2017September 15, 2017



  • Top 5 Candidates of the Internship (Evaluated by Performance) would be on a full sponsored Infotainment Trip to Bali, Indonesia.

  • This is a remote internship. This means, you will do your assigned work, long-distance, as per your own convenience. You will interact with me by means of email, phone and/or other digital media.

  • There are no fees. There is no stipend. You do need purchase some teaching materials prescribed by TakenMind.

  • If you successfully complete this internship, you will receive a Global Internship Certificate from TakenMind Organisation which will help you boost career opportunities.



With Regards,
TakenMind Team

Internship Information

Project: Interns will need to complete a final project during the last few days of the internship. It will provide the interns with an open-ended, unstructured opportunity to explore and apply the Tips taught by TakenMind during the internship. Additional information about the project will be separately shared.  


Study Materials – Cases and Videos

The course materials used during this internship will be a mix of the following learning aids: (i) Videos, (ii) Slides, (iii) Books You will also need a computer with regular internet access.  

There are no fees and no stipend.  

The total expenses that each intern will individually incur in purchasing teaching materials will be  Rs 499/-    


How To Apply

This is a remote/long-distance internship, four-weeks in duration. You may select any one of the following time-frames to pursue this internship. Click the Apply button.

Step 1: Fill the APPLICATION FORM at


Questions / Concerns / Doubts: please email at shruthy.shankar@


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