Turn your wordpress blog into Windows 10 app without coding

Turn your wordpress blog into Windows 10 app without coding

Just turn your WordPress blog into windows 10 app with no big effort!

It is the end of the year! Well, Microsoft had just surprised all the WordPress blog admins!

The Windows App Studio beta just got updated! Think not! There are happy moments made for WordPress bloggers in this Update!

According to Microsoft, you can convert your WordPress blog into Windows 10 Application. To work with the application, the users or blog admins need not code anything.

By this, WordPress blogs can be brought live to 110+ million windows 10 devices across the globe.

It is significant to mention that WordPress recently came up with their own windows app built for bloggers. This move by Microsoft now takes the viewers to windows 10 app now!

It is also quite comfortable to mention that WordPress bloggers can now turn on bing ads on their WordPress apps!

Microsoft says:

“We introduced a new WordPress data source that lets you connect your app to your WordPress blog. It pulls in content and displays it beautifully in your app so you can free your blog from the web and get it in front of 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it to the Store.”

Note for Students:

As Microsoft really support apps by students, it’s a great option for student bloggers to submit their windows 10 App for free on the Microsoft Windows store! Go signup with your college email or school email and enjoy your free windows store developer tools!

Flipkart building its Universal Windows Application

Flipkart building its Universal Windows Application

Flipkart – The highly rated e-commerce giant in India had taken up a huge step making a Universal Windows App for its platform. Following the lines of amazon, Flipkart had taken up the concept of being omnipresent on all platforms. According to the news, Flipkart would be choosing 50 candidates in order to beta test their Application.

The beta-testers would help Flipkart test out the beta Flipkart Universal Windows app, and improve the App performance by sharing Feedback and suggestions. If you are more interested in being one of the 50 candidates to beta-test Universal Flipkart app. Register here.

Should Flipkart Opt for Flipkart Universal Windows App ?

A Windows 10 Universal App works on the concept of “3 Screens 1 Cloud”. This means Flipkart App would be able to run on 10 Billion Windows devices across the globe.
It’s worth noting that Flipkart previously had put forth a concept of “App-Only Shopping”. Many Offers from Flipkart are classified “App-Only Offers”. With the Universal Windows App, Flipkart takes a huge leap on this concept. The Snapshot of Flipkart Universal Windows App beta:

Flipkart Universal Windows App

It must be noted that Flipkart had already got its app running on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. This attempt of Flipkart makes Flipkart Universal Windows App be run on billions of Windows PC, Tablet, Windows Phone and even the recently released Microsoft Holo-lens.
Windows Central, having tried the beta app, claims the app to look intuitive, providing seamless user experience.
The App had not yet been released for public use. Flipkart had given a word that the Flipkart Universal Windows App would be available by next week.