6 Proven Ways to Increase your blog comment strategic conversation

6 Proven Ways to Increase your blog comment strategic conversation

Nowadays, Blogging is taken into account because the best web selling tool through that you’ll be able to share your data and experience. With the exception of search engine traffic, a blog helps in making a community and begin an open communication and find people’s opinion concerning it. Blog Comment Strategic conversation can help you grow at a faster pace. You may have detected several blogs with less traffic, however terribly high strategic conversations rate. Such blogs are visual percept for Advertisers, as individuals tend to trust and follow such active blogs and therefore advertisers get their value driven for cash rather well.

5 commenting prescript each blogger ought to grasp for Blog Comment Strategic conversation:

A web blog with thousands of nice post without any strategic conversation rate is sort of a dead man walking, there’s no purpose that you just would really like to trust that blog.

In this post, I’m not talking concerning the way to drive traffic, however, are serving to you to extend strategic communication on your web blog to extend revenue. Although, on the web, you may notice several articles concerning traffic generation for your blog. Even on
These tips area unit generic and might escort any kind of web blog, be it BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr or the other blogging system:

Working ways in which to extend weblog comments and Conversations:

Faster loading blog pages can get a foothold:-

A fact, everybody loves a quick loading website, be it a visitant or a Google bot. In fact, a quick loading website helps in raising your search engine ranking. If your blog is loading terribly slowly, then your guests can for certain try and get out of it and can leave your blog while not reading the content. additional over a blogger who is commenting to extend his on-line presence would favour commenting on a blog post that loads quickly.

Note: A Blog Comment Strategic conversation can help you grow at a faster pace
Perfect and straightforward Commenting System:-

This is another issue, that determines the amount of comments on your blog. If your blog Commenting type may be a nightmare for a commentator, don’t expect to induce several comments. employing a commenting type that helps users to input his field instantly, would be terribly helpful. On WordPress, I like the default commenting system otherwise, you will use some advanced commenting system like DISQUS, Intense debate.

Especially, I hate BlogSpot blog commenting system, as they’re hectic to read and comment. continuously bear in mindless clicks for your readers can facilitate them to browse additional pages from your website and equally one click commenting system is a necessary. For BlogSpot, you’ll be able to strive alternate commenting systems like DISQUS, Intense dialogue and plenty of others.

For commentators, you’ll be able to use Firefox extension like the easy comment to quickly fill out the default commenting type on WordPress blogs. you’ll be able to additionally take into account adding Facebook commenting system, that is claimed to accrued spoken language rate on your blog and additionally decrease down the spam comments on your blog. although default commenting system is nice enough, however, if you integrate multiple login choices like Facebook connect or Twitter login, you may notice a large increase in comments for traffic coming back from similar sites.


To start a strategic communication on your blog, you need to be a section of it. If you’re an admin and reply to any or all the comments, you doing it right, however, you’ll be able to continuously use it for additional exposure. for instance. once a commentator reply, you’ll be able to continuously acknowledge and appreciate his comments and alongside it, you’ll be able to additionally raise a matter to initiate a strategic communication. If a commentator notices a retardant to his resolution, you’ll be able to continuously counsel him to take your blog to ensure he is receiving such helpful tips and updates. For any follow-up comment, you’ll be able to continuously add a link to your earlier post and this drive traffic to previous posts and additionally decrease bounce rate.

Place A ‘ prime Commentators ” widget On Your blog:-

Top commentators plugin shows the highest commentator for a selected time-frame and it’s setting permits you to vary the link to Dofollow when a sure range of comments. This plugin encourages alternative bloggers to be a lively a part of your blog commenting so as to induce a do to follow backlink alongside targeted traffic. you’ll be able to notice a listing of web blog victimisation prime commentator plugin here.

Conduct Contests Between Commentators for blog comment strategic conversation :-

This step is predicated on the concept – ‘ Reward & Rule ‘! If you conduct contests by giving some gifts or rewards to your prime commentators, then comments will definitely flow on your web blog sort of a stream. I exploit to give away one slot on my web blog to the highest commentators of a selected month. This step will actually increase the number of comments on your web blog.

I think that the following tips will definitely facilitate the new web blogs to grow on and to extend the proportion of conversations on your blog ! have you ever enjoyed the article, do let me know!

How SEO keyword Abuse and spam are handled ?

How SEO keyword Abuse and spam are handled ?

Taken Mind SEO keyword spam!

SEO keyword abuse and spam

Since the invention of search engines, spammers had been a real trouble. At present, google had made great efforts especially to prevent SEO keyword abuse and spam. Google employs a separate team in charge of handling spam. Nowadays, the filters and algorithm that search engine employs can penalise most of the spammers at ease.

One such Black hat technique is keyword abuse. This method involves the inclusion of fake keywords in body content, URL, alt text of images and meta tags. This is termed “Keyword stuffing

A myth named ‘Keyword density’:

Earlier SEO was based more on “Keyword density”. Keyword density is the ratio of the number of specific keywords to the total number of words. Spammers had a great time misguiding the search engine by having very high keyword density. This happened until google removed keyword density as one of the key criteria for ranking.

The way Keyword density dissatisfies search results:

Let us say, two pages P1 and P2 have total words 300 and 150. The focus keyword present in P1 and P2 are 6 and 3 i.e, both have the same keyword density of 0.02. Also, this turns to be an unreliable calculation as P1 might have better content than P2.

Onpage Optimisation had come into effect nowadays. i.e, the orientation of the focus keywords play an important role. Any case of excessive spam attempt has immediate blacklisting of your website as a result. Understand that repeating keywords are not going to help you secure better place. Instead, the orientation and related content do guarantee you.

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You can check any keyword overview here at ease!

How search engine see webpages : SEO Strategy

How search engine see webpages : SEO Strategy

As I had already mentioned in my previous post that “Search Engines” don’t see what you and me see while using a webpage. The vision of bots and crawlers of search engine are basic html, i.e, they don’t see the styling css. Take a look into how search engine see webpages.

How human users see webpage of yours:

Here, I have grabbed a screenshot of www.takenmind.com as seen by human users.

Vision of webpage by human

Vision of a webpage by human beings like you and me

How search Engine see webpages :

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

From the above images, you can find that humans visualise a webpage with css styling and high User Experience levels. Bots on the other hand read plain html and make out whether your webpage contains rich content compared to others. This implies that search engine rely more on your alt keywords for images. Make sure they are relevant to the content of the image. Though search engine see webpage’s image, parsing error might occur which makes rendering details about image difficult without alt text.

With the help of vision difference, let me make you understand the effect of Flash content on search engine bots.

How human users see your webpage with flash content:

Here, I have taken a screenshot of a complete flash based website www.cloudsovercuba.com

flash content in website as seen by human

flash content in website as seen by human

How Search Engine see your webpage:

how flash content are seen by search engines

how flash content are seen by search engines

From the couple of above image, the strong objection of flash content by Search Engines is shown. Search Engines donot evaluate flash content. This is due to less intelligent bots and crawlers.

For your website: Want to know how search engine see webpages ? Worry Not. Visit www.seo-browser.com and see how search engine see your webpage.