Deciding your SEO keyword usage for your webpage

Taken Mind SEO Keyword Usage!

SEO Keyword Usage : The Fundamental of Search Mechanism

Keywords are the basic unit operations in search engine mechanism. When a user searches for a query using a search engine, the retrieval mechanism from the database is based upon the keyword of the indexed web page. During the process of indexing the content, the bots and crawlers store the web pages in keyword-based indexes. This prevents the time lag that can occur while storing 30 billion web pages in one single database. Instead, search engines maintain millions of database for a particular keyword or phrase that makes SERP load much fast.

During search mechanism, keyword usage drastically changes the results on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The order of the words even changes the search results. For example “Laughing Clown” and “Clown laughing” may produce different results. Apart from the order of words, punctuations, spelling, capitalization etc.. produces different results of web pages on SERP.

In general, making more specific keywords helps you narrow down the competition on Search Engine Results Page. This means, your website has more chances of achieving greater page rank.

How using specific keywords help search engines narrow down the competition:

Imagine yourself writing about “World war” with keyword ‘History’, your friend writing on the same with keyword ‘war’ and a second friend of you using the keyword ‘World war’. When a search is performed on “World war”, the second friend of yours get higher preference in SERP. That’s how using specific keyword helps in getting a higher position in results.

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Keyword Abuse: Might get you blacklisted at ease


In SEO keyword usage turns to be the fundamental part. Phew! Keywords are riskier when used inappropriately. Having told the importance of keywords, it is more important now to ensure caution that your web page doesn’t get blacklisted for spam activity. That is some excess keyword usage might make your web page get sensed as a scam!

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How search engine see webpages : SEO Strategy

How search engine see webpages : SEO Strategy

As I had already mentioned in my previous post that “Search Engines” don’t see what you and me see while using a webpage. The vision of bots and crawlers of search engine are basic html, i.e, they don’t see the styling css. Take a look into how search engine see webpages.

How human users see webpage of yours:

Here, I have grabbed a screenshot of as seen by human users.

Vision of webpage by human

Vision of a webpage by human beings like you and me

How search Engine see webpages :

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

From the above images, you can find that humans visualise a webpage with css styling and high User Experience levels. Bots on the other hand read plain html and make out whether your webpage contains rich content compared to others. This implies that search engine rely more on your alt keywords for images. Make sure they are relevant to the content of the image. Though search engine see webpage’s image, parsing error might occur which makes rendering details about image difficult without alt text.

With the help of vision difference, let me make you understand the effect of Flash content on search engine bots.

How human users see your webpage with flash content:

Here, I have taken a screenshot of a complete flash based website

flash content in website as seen by human

flash content in website as seen by human

How Search Engine see your webpage:

how flash content are seen by search engines

how flash content are seen by search engines

From the couple of above image, the strong objection of flash content by Search Engines is shown. Search Engines donot evaluate flash content. This is due to less intelligent bots and crawlers.

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Evolution of Search Engine Algorithm – Google

Evolution of Search Engine Algorithm – Google

IN THIS SECTION: Evolution of Search Engine Algorithm and Ranking Techniques

In past 10 years, Google search engine intelligence had gathered a fast pace. Earlier, Google ranked pages based on the presence of search keyword. Blah! That’s the most basic attempt ever possible. As a result, a lot of spam pages took their position to page 1 of google.

Later, due to lack of proper results, the backlinks were included in the basic Algorithm.
Backlinks: Backlinks are links to your website from another website. ‘Organic backlinks’ implies that your website is content rich! Hence, Google adopted the frame of including the total number of backlinks. Higher the number of backlinks, more chance of your website showing up in search results.This got the attention of spammers, who then created as many backlinks as possible to get their website show up in the search result.

Search Engines at present

Nowadays, search Algorithms are much more optimized and appealing. Also ‘secure’ – Google never reveals its search algorithm to public.
From the fall of 2002, Google started naming their major updates starting from Boston, Cassandra, Dominic etc.., in alphabetical order. Every year google changes its algorithm 300 times. Predicting the changes are difficult, yet a proper valid and rich content on your website will suffice.

For brief History of Algorithm Updates: Click here!

SEO and working mechanism of Search Engines

SEO and working mechanism of Search Engines



By owning a domain, everyone takes the first step to their business or life. Wait! Does Owning a domain implies you are visible to the world? Certainly not. The bitter truth is that no one gets to see your web page among the million other web pages!

So, how do people get traffic to their web page? The simple trick is making your website ‘Search Engine Optimized’. Google had been a major game-changer in the world of search engines. Let’s see through the course to optimize your website for search engines.

Understanding Structure of Search Engine:

Search Engines employ bots that crawl the internet. Search engine finds every web page, decipher the code and saves the page description shortly in their database. Data centers had been constructed all over the world in order to accomplish the high-end task of storing billions of data.

Understanding Function of Search Engine:

The crawling bots index every website and hence produces the search results expected by the users. According to every search engine, web pages and websites are given a rank. Nowadays, for a search engine, relevance is not simply displaying pages with similar search terms. However, earlier it was different.
The more valuable information a website possess, the more opportunity to show up in the search results. Thus, a website or blog becomes popular. Popularity and relevance are not calculated manually. (Woah! You know that’s one hell of a task!) Search Engines formulate algorithms aka mathematical equations that calculate the rank of any website. These Algorithms are termed “Ranking Factors”.

SEO google Algorithm

More than hundred ranking factors are employed by google. Every year google refines and refurbishes the algorithm, thereby making it more efficient in providing relevant search results.

Every time a user performs a search –

• Google algorithm calculates the search terms

• Google algorithm finds out relevance in their indexed web pages

• Results are displayed as per “page rank” [which varies time to time].

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