7 Incredible Viral Content Benefits every blogger should know

7 Incredible Viral Content Benefits every blogger should know

What are the viral content benefits in a blog?

Every passionate blogger loves to promote his/her blog and in turn drive huge traffic. Viral Content Benefits gained by a blogger is the sky limit. Here, the promotion of a blog actually refers to the promotion of the articles and content in the blog. So what are viral articles then? how are they formed? Well, viral article is actually the content that is read and has a reached a potential love in the mind of audiences that makes them share the articles. In this article let us discuss on:

How is viral content created?

What are the components of the viral content?

  • The readers of the content should find it worthwhile disgusting and sharing
  • The contention make the visitor revisit the blog again
  • The content should be easy to share
  • The content should be easy to understand
  • The content should be much interesting that the visitor will be tempted to revisit your blog
  • The content should Express the views of the users who was that your blog

So what are the benefits of creating viral content articles?

  1. Viral articles provide you free publicity and increase the number of backlinks significantly:

    I have personally seen many bloggers who have trouble creating quality backlinks and in the branding of the blogs. Viral content is a pain point solver that can potentially and abruptly hype the content. It is also the best way to brand your blog in a short period of time. The visitors have a high potential of re-visiting your blog again. A very good point that a viral content can solve is getting quality backlinks as many people share content. This helps you increase your page rank, domain authority and page authority. Thus viral content benefits firstly include the branding and backlinks.

  2. The continuous flow of traffic is maintained:

    As and when you create and share your viral content, it is possible for the content to be recirculated for a long period of time (say A Million number of times) before it demises. Viral content takes many days to die. It is the best way to maintain the traffic flow on your website. When you integrate email marketing along with viral content, we have a very good possibility of achieving success in blogging.Thus, viral content benefits secondly include the traffic flow to your blog.

  3. Recognition Gained by the blog:

    Whenever viral content is spread, your blog gets noticed by many pro-bloggers. This is a good way of promoting a blog. Social media handles like Twitter Facebook and Google Plus can greatly fetch you increased followers and likes. This will Boost Your growth on the revenue of your blog in a short period of time. Thus, viral content benefits thirdly include the recognition and fame gained by the blog in the online world.

Working with viral articles is definitely a road to success. Have you created any viral articles before? How was your experience with viral articles? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Choose Blog domain name for new blog – Growth Strategy

Choose Blog domain name for new blog – Growth Strategy

How do I choose a blog domain name ?

The concern with most amateur bloggers is that the visitors should never misinterpret the niche of the blog. When the blog name is misinterpreted, then the blog can have its end. The factors that are greatly affected when you choose blog domain name is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), direct traffic, growth rate, branding, audience recognition and a lot more.

For example,

EXAMPLE 1: If you are planning to build a food blog, you can have a blog name as (www.foodlove.com), but always remember, when you go with specific names that relate to your products, you no longer can shift your niche of the blog.

Example 2:  My blog name is  TakenMind (www.takenmind.com). TakenMind doesn’t directly relate to any specific genre or niche, thus, I can use TakenMind for any niche I think is better. This also gives me the flexibility to change the blog niche anytime.


In Example 1, we get that the domain name is rich in keywords that can be directly related to the search engines. This is really good in terms of SEO strategy, thus, can boost traffic tremendously. The thing that doesn’t quite the example 1 is its inability to adapt to any other niches.

It is important for every beginner blogger to understand that the name of the blog is like the suit a person wears. A person who wears coat and suit is assumed to be a superior authority person when compared to a person who wears a torn out shirt and trousers.  This main reason, demands your blog name to be pleasant and attractive. Down the lane, I had understood that catchy names grab attention easily. It is easy to brand catchy names and hence, growth strategies become a little bit easier, nevertheless, it needs some serious efforts. It is common for bloggers to face difficulty in selecting an apt blog name.

On my personal note, I took 2 – 3 weeks in coming up with an apt blog name. Believe me, It is difficult to choose one and you must be open to all point of views.


So, What are the main strategy to choose blog domain name :

Here are some important points to keep in mind while you choose a blog domain name

  1. Check for any other blog/business with similar domain names
  2. Make sure when you choose blog domain name, it is Catchy and easily readable, recognisable
  3. The niche of the blog is relevant to the chosen domain name (optional), but never let the name be relevant to a niche that you are not targeting to write upon.
  4. The Readers would be able to recognise the blog name easily.
  5. The blog domain name portrays the essence of the blog.


As I had mentioned above that the name of blog domain is like the dress an individual would wear. You may have great quality content inside, but the on-lookers are prone to decide you with your dress. As a matter of fact, there are more than one billion blogs on the internet.

How the domain name of the blog should be?

Choose blog domain name short and reasonable. Many people can advise you to go with giving a name that is more elaborate and precisely different from others, but when you stand on the growth curve, you might realise they are all wrong. So, remember the viewers don’t have enough time to memorise your blog name and neither will they take an effort to. A short, catchy, reasonable name is good to go.


Getting the right name for your blog

When you are in the search for a decent blog name, make sure that the chosen name encapsulates the purpose of the blog. Having a blog with a single name is good, but a blog with 2 names can be more preferable with SEO guidelines.Choose a 2 or 3-word blog domain name seems good enough for people to remember the names. Having names that are abstract and makes little sense together would be great.

  • Make sure to avoid common words

A common word can be described as expressions, verbs etc.. These names are out there and are very common. For Example, let us see the 2 names – Techtips, TechTricks. Both these names are highly similar, and thus, every user would find it difficult to differentiate among the two. Check out the synonyms for the words of your choice, thus you may get alternatives in your taste of blog domain names, and at the same time, maintain uniqueness.

  • Using your keyword with the blog

The idea of using a keyword that is similar to the blog niche is definitely great. In terms of SEO, it has potential to boost up your pages on search results. At the same time, there is no problem if you don’t choose a keyword at all, and choose blog domain name more raw and abstract.

Sometimes, you may not be able to brand the blog name with keywords easily. That time, we can settle without any keyword in it. Check their availability at Godaddy or any other domain provider, take suggestions from your friends or family. A catchy name is all we need at last. Hence choose blog domain name wisely.

  • Avoid hard to type name:

A blog name should be easy to type and should also sound peculiar and unique. When the user’s type the blog name, they should be able to replicate the spellings easily. They should not end up feeling like watching a horror story.

  1. It should be easy to type
  2. Good enough to portray the site idea
  3. Easy to remember

A suitable tagline and logo can boost up the remembrance of your blog to your visitors effectively. The benefits of direct traffic to a website or blog can be directly related to the blog domain names.


Bottom Line while you Choose Blog Domain Name :

The above are standard rules that can be followed to name your blog. Make sure the domain name could convey the niche clean and precise – the shorter and better it describes, more good it is. It is good when the language of the blog is in English as more than 80% searches are made in the English language on google. Say ‘NO’ to regional language names if you want to see better growth.

More than the blog names, the content of the blog is essentially important. The best names are prone to come naturally when you don’t even bother thinking about it. All you can do is, look out for that catch phrases, join them and mould them to create a blog domain name.


What are your views on the whole blog domain name ideas? How did you come up with a name for your blog? Are you getting direct traffic from your blog? Blow up in the comments section below.


Blog Beginners – How to succeed in Blog Patience Passion ?

Blog Beginners – How to succeed in Blog Patience Passion ?

Web Blog Patience Passion – How to make a remarkable existance with this formula?

We will explore the formula – Blog Patience Passion in this post. The fact that this web blog is visited by flourishing bloggers from completely different profiles, I dared to write down a piece of a basic component in blogging, the component that several people unconsciously forget – one among the best points of our morality known as PATIENCE.


Most people suffer from the dearth of patience and sadly we have a tendency to cannot challenge it, however simply many have extremely achieved it and that they are the WINNERS. Or they’re not?!

The take of blog patience passion can be related to a quote by an American author, Joyce Mayor,

“Patience isn’t merely the ability to wait. Instead, it’s how we behave while we tend to wait”

I think that we have a tendency to cleared everything currently. most beginner blogger goes through varied difficulties throughout his blogging career, therefore I will be able to advise you, my dear colleagues, if you’re thinking that that success in blogging comes easy in an every day, month or a year, stop reading this text from following sentence, cuz you’re judged to fail.

Stuck in dreams ( Blog Patience Passion )?

Nobody on this world has achieved nothing without sweat, without blood as a result of everything has its own value.therefore my dear fellow bloggers, if you have got simply entered in blogging, STOP dreaming of success and cash.folks don’t pay your dreams they pay you the favours you are doing to them, therefore keep that in mind and begin operating.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.


A popular quote by Walt Disney,

If you can dream it

you can do it.

Beware, your dreams will be your jail particularly if you’re an individual parasite who spends all the day lying in bed with just a dream in your hands. Please, awaken my friend, if you want an action. nobody will build your dream come true higher than yourself. Wanna you be a professional blogger? It’s time to assume you are a pro blogger, to act sort of a pro blogger, albeit you’re simply a beginner.

This way of thinking can assist you to increase your horizons, causes you are too thirsty for learning and improvement of your blogging skills. If you’re thinking that a stupid “online cash creating formula” you see on the net can provide to you the chance to earn thousands of greenbacks simply by doing “nothing” you actually have tied yourself. however even if it had been true, keep out and start your journey simply by wishing on yourself.

I know that the majority of you’ll solicit from me what’s wrong with earning cash in such approach, however the reality is that earning cash while doing nothing i.e., thought of becoming rich within a week can limit your capacities to the most and can not allow you to continue straight ahead to what you have got supposed to do– to become a booming blogger. The comfort that offers you the money you have attained while not effort can kill your skills and dreams. Take some minutes and browse other successful blogger’s journey. I would advise you to visit the top earning blogs.

Educate yourself patiently and begin operating exhausting to form your dreams return true.

Time vs. Patience (Blog Patience Passion)

Everything during this world has the dimension known as Time. each our activity needs time to be complete. Tell me, are you able to watch an entire pic of one hour and twenty minutes for simply twenty minutes? That’s not possible, given that you begin skipping it which implies you have got not seen the complete pic. Most people assume that success isn’t mattered of your time. we tend to find shortcuts that get to the top as shortly as attainable, by skipping all the stages of our development as a booming blogger. Let success return naturally. however, we must always forget ridiculous things and use our brain to become the lords of our minds. we must always avoid being manipulated by our stupid passions. Don’t let your engine which is able to result in the highest to be the success of others, however, let it serve to you as steering and path to attain what you were supposed to attain.

Beware! Time could be a ruthless monster. If you’re not careful with him, he merely can engulf you. you ought to learn the art of patience, the sole factor that may assist you to face the monster known as time.

I will allow you to currently to assume and find out what you actually need in your life. If you have got any concern or suggestion relating to the current topic, I invite you to form somewhat discussion here.

200 people landed their Dream Intern/ Job using this extension – What about you?

200 people landed their Dream Intern/ Job using this extension – What about you?

Landing in your Dream Intern/Job Made easy and less competitive

For Every Student, proof-reading of Resume, CV, emails and blogs had been very important while applying for Internships,Placements and while sending official emails over the internet. Non-native English student face very high mistake levels while writing important emails and forms.

Use this plugin
Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

Grammarly is an advanced, full-featured grammar and spell checker that integrates with almost anything you write online.

Typing on any text editor field in Microsoft Word, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or email activates the tool by underlining any error in real time.
For example, I’m typing this in Email at the moment, and as I type I would get underlines below the text that have errors. To check what the mistakes are, I just hover over them to see a description of the error. I can then click on this to view the suggested correction.

In addition to this, Grammarly also supports Microsoft Word.

Grammarly corrector in email

Click the image to see Grammarly in Action

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

How to work with Grammarly?

Grammarly works with the Google Chrome Plugin and Microsoft word Extension . Installing Grammarly plugin on chrome will detect grammar issues wherever you type on the browser. Grammarly algorithms are accurate and are very helpful.

Why do I need to use Grammarly?

1. Write perfect Resume, CV, Professional and personal Emails, Word Documents without any grammatical errors

Grammarly detects any error as soon as you type your documents. It’s instantaneous and works with your speed of writing. When you detect an error, you prevent further errors. That is a big advantage for writing with Grammarly.

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

2. Prepare yourself for exams like TOEFL and improve your English skills

Grammarly has been a very good friend for students in making their career. When you are going to apply for higher Studies MS, Mba or any other course abroad, you are tested on your English skills. Using Grammarly, you will be able to correct yourself and learn from every correction. Learning English as a core is never possible on the day before exams. So, Grammarly is your friendly partner.

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

3. Get Detailed Reports on your word usage

It has been a custom at Grammarly to make students understand their writing. I had been using Grammarly for the past 6 months and I was pleased to get my performance reports. I had attached a screenshot of my performance report. Well, It completely boosts my confidence level. So try and find out yours by signing up!

Review your Grammar with Grammarly

Review your Grammar with Grammarly

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

7 Reasons I think you should start blogging

7 Reasons I think you should start blogging

An ignorant person with a bad character is like an unarmed robber, but a learned person with a blog is a robber fully armed.

— Mickey Kaus

Every blogger at present had always had a thought at the beginning. Should I start a Blog? Why should I start a Blog? Am I wasting my time upon Blogging? Well, if you are on this track, then you may assume that this post is just made for you.

So, Why should you start blogging ?

1. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself

Wordpress vs blogger

Express yourself and your views

Remember the days when you have learned something that always pleased you! Well, Blogging is an interesting documentation of a niche of your interest. Blogging is something you can care as your own understanding or as your own publication. At last, you express yourself with your blog.

2. Blogging makes you understand ‘Sharing is Caring’

start blogging

Sharing is Caring!

Most Bloggers have a common mindset – ‘Sharing their Knowledge’. Among Amateur blogger, most of them fail to understand that a single blog post of theirs, can enlighten someone to a large extent. When you concentrate on a single niche, you are targeting the right people to view your blog. And yes, that’s when you realise ‘Sharing is Caring’

3. Blogging helps you make a lot of money!

start blogging money

Make Real Money Blogging

Yes, you heard that right. Blogs are good at generating revenue when the content and traffic to your blog is good enough. Some revenue generating ways are Contextual Ads, Affiliate marketing etc.. Many bloggers across the globe had been part-time. Soon, many had turned professionals.

Some bloggers inspire others by sharing the income generated. In fact, I had been motivated personally by one such blogger and had started my blog.

Also Read: Income reports of Mathew Woodwards – UK based blogger

Also Read: Income Reports of Harsh Agarwal – India Based Blogger

Remember, you can be the next Millionaire with blogging.

4. Blogging is the new way to inspire others!

start blogging and inspire

Inspire and be inspired

Blogging your thoughts or facts, not just benefits you, it has a potential of inspiring people across the globe. Blogging is an act of giving. You invest your time, energy onto writing a material and allow free access to the world. When at least one gets inspired with your writing, Phew! That’s a wonderful piece of work.

5. Blogging makes you feel more confident!

start blogging confidence

start blogging confidence

Blogging is an art. Within a few months of blogging, you tend to realise that you lead an important life, with your own unique views. To know that someone out of the blue gets benefitted, you just get your confidence meter boosted.

6. Blogging, in turn, creates your knowledge diary!

Why start blogging knowledge

Create your Knowledge Diary

Yes! We all have learnt something that we would love to remember over a period of time. Blogging helps you realise how observant you were and how observant you are now. Blogging helps you greatly in your personal growth too.

7. Blogging makes you a recommender who the world would trust!

why start blogging recommender

start blogging recommender

We all love being a recommended – be it either recommending a nice restaurant to eat, or a nice dish to be made. How about recommending to whole a bunch of your readers ? Your readers tend to have similar opinion to yours. So, your recommendations can matter a lot to your readers.

Selecting blog Image: Handpick apt images for your blog

Selecting blog Image: Handpick apt images for your blog

Images in a blog post make the readers feel comfortable and read further. Most users find it difficult to read a blog post that has only text and no media.The best way to imagine a blog post without media is a magazine without images! So, understand that selecting blog image is necessary and it’s a crucial component of your blog post that enriches your text. Always remember that images give you a very good chance of receiving organic image search traffic.

Selecting Blog Image

There are numerous Techniques with which you can fetch an image that completely matches your blog post topic. Not all techniques are safe and legal. Let us Learn the Good and Bad method of handpicking an apt image for the blog.

The Bad and Good way of selecting blog Image:

1. Using Google Image Search in selecting Blog Image:

Bad Way: Google Search without Filters:

Google Image search is a one stop quick place for beginners. It’s very important to understand that images fetched by Google search engine are not free from copyrights. Using an image from Google Image search is a real quick way and a terribly bad way. The act of using Images from Google search (without filters) is yet another Plagiarism attempt. The apt word can be “stealing images”.

Good way: Google Image search with filter:

Under Google Image Search, find the “Label for Reuse” or “Label for Reuse with modification” filter. Using this filter prevents you from using a copyrighted image (even by mistake). Just after a single trial, you might understand that only 1% of the images showed up in Google search results are without copyrights.

selecting blog image Google Image Search

Google Image Search

2. Using Flickr Search in Selecting Blog Image:

This method is the most recommended and is followed by bloggers all over the world. Sometimes, the filtered Google image search makes you feel dumb. This is the perfect time to look for images in Flickr. Flickr – A photo sharing website by Yahoo makes things simpler.

Users of Flickr have the priority to set copyright levels to their picture. If you had been on Flickr or had visited it previously, you might find a License type mentioned below the picture on the right side. We can use the Flickr Advanced Search to search for Images that had got license to be reused. Navigate to Copyright Restrictions and select the required filter.

Selecting Blog Image Flickr Advanced Search

Flickr Advanced Search

Some Images have the License to be re-used when credits are mentioned. This is simple and whenever you use the image in your post, you are ought to post the link to the original source for user reference. This can be found under the filter: “All Creative Commons”.

For Example, let us take the picture I had linked below,

Selecting Blog Image All Creative Commons

Image Credits Using a All Creative Commons filter

As I had mentioned the Image credit above, it is completely null and void of Copyright claims. Now, to a serious mention, using copyrighted images has it’s own cons.
To Mention a few:

1. If you are making an earning from a blog: BEWARE OF COPYRIGHTED IMAGES
The owner of the image had got every right to sue you for copyright violation and you may expect a decent hole in your pocket. Everything comes at a price right!?

2. The Owner Files a DMCA Complaint: Get Ready to face removal

When the authorized owner of an image gets to know copyright violation, he/she can file a DMCA complaint. After the approval of his/her complaint, you might find your post missing from google search!

3. Google Adsense bars your request!

In case you are expecting to get your Adsense account for blog approved, it will never be. Google rejects Adsense requests for websites that sports to have copyrighted contents. So, Make sure you remove the copyrighted contents before applying.

4. Google reduces your page rank for Plagiarism:

When Google detects plagiarism or copied content, your SEO strategies fail and you can never make it to the top of search results.

Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

Taken Mind SEO Onpage SEO Keyword Optimisation!

Previously, we have seen that Keyword density is a myth and is not related to ranking. Onpage SEO optimisation keyword is based on the orientation of keywords. Yes! Keyword density too matters but not to a greater extent.

OnPage SEO keyword optimisation Rules:

The following general pattern is best suggested as good Onpage SEO optimisation:

Rule 1: Proximity Relative distance between keywords in the document is considered.

Rule 2: Distribution The places where the focus keywords are present in the document or body

Rule 3: co-occurance The link structure of the specific webpage with other webpages

Rule 4: The important tags The focus keyword is expected to be present on header tags, URL etc..

Example of Best Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

The above rules are necessary and must be followed. Keyword Cannibalisation a term used to refer linking multiple links to other domain web page or internal linking must be avoided. Also, linking of multiple pages to a single page is more preferred than linking one page to multiple pages via anchor tags.

  • The focus keyword must be present in the title tag at least once. Frame the title such that the focus keyword is near to the starting of title.
  • Make the content of the web page more than 300 words, especially in case of blog
  • Make sure the keyword is present in your body content, at least, two or three times. Make sure the keywords are not close to each other but are distributed.
  • Make sure the keyword is present in the alt tag of images in your post. This has a high capability of bringing good organic traffic via google image search.
  • Make sure you are using canonical URL formats. In URL, the presence of focus keyword is highly essential.
  • Make sure in the meta tag of the web page, focus keyword is present. Meta tag greatly helps in providing short gist about the web page to google. The absence of focus keyword might ruin your SEO.

Following the above-mentioned rules, greatly enhances the SEO by keyword optimisation. Any doubts? Blow up in the comment section below.