7 Incredible Viral Content Benefits every blogger should know

7 Incredible Viral Content Benefits every blogger should know

What are the viral content benefits in a blog?

Every passionate blogger loves to promote his/her blog and in turn drive huge traffic. Viral Content Benefits gained by a blogger is the sky limit. Here, the promotion of a blog actually refers to the promotion of the articles and content in the blog. So what are viral articles then? how are they formed? Well, viral article is actually the content that is read and has a reached a potential love in the mind of audiences that makes them share the articles. In this article let us discuss on:

How is viral content created?

What are the components of the viral content?

  • The readers of the content should find it worthwhile disgusting and sharing
  • The contention make the visitor revisit the blog again
  • The content should be easy to share
  • The content should be easy to understand
  • The content should be much interesting that the visitor will be tempted to revisit your blog
  • The content should Express the views of the users who was that your blog

So what are the benefits of creating viral content articles?

  1. Viral articles provide you free publicity and increase the number of backlinks significantly:

    I have personally seen many bloggers who have trouble creating quality backlinks and in the branding of the blogs. Viral content is a pain point solver that can potentially and abruptly hype the content. It is also the best way to brand your blog in a short period of time. The visitors have a high potential of re-visiting your blog again. A very good point that a viral content can solve is getting quality backlinks as many people share content. This helps you increase your page rank, domain authority and page authority. Thus viral content benefits firstly include the branding and backlinks.

  2. The continuous flow of traffic is maintained:

    As and when you create and share your viral content, it is possible for the content to be recirculated for a long period of time (say A Million number of times) before it demises. Viral content takes many days to die. It is the best way to maintain the traffic flow on your website. When you integrate email marketing along with viral content, we have a very good possibility of achieving success in blogging.Thus, viral content benefits secondly include the traffic flow to your blog.

  3. Recognition Gained by the blog:

    Whenever viral content is spread, your blog gets noticed by many pro-bloggers. This is a good way of promoting a blog. Social media handles like Twitter Facebook and Google Plus can greatly fetch you increased followers and likes. This will Boost Your growth on the revenue of your blog in a short period of time. Thus, viral content benefits thirdly include the recognition and fame gained by the blog in the online world.

Working with viral articles is definitely a road to success. Have you created any viral articles before? How was your experience with viral articles? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Google Algorithm update 2004

Google Algorithm update 2004

Google Algorithm update 2004 sets efficiency of the search engine a bit higher. The updates in 2004 include Austin and Brandy Update only. Google stopped its big monthly monolithic index updates with the Esmeralda [June 2003 update] and started working on polylithic day to day index update.

Austin Update: [January 2004 google algorithm update ]

Following Florida [November 2003 update], Austin made google smarter and better. The Hilltop Algorithm combined with Page rank algorithm of google was the main game changer. [Google acquired Hilltop Algorithm in February 2003]. At the initial stage, not all keywords gave perfect results. Google started fine tuning and a few weeks later, the efficiency of google search increased!

Brandy Update: [February 2004 google algorithm update ]

• The keyword analysis picked up the next phase in Brandy Update. Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) was introduced.

Significance of LSI:
LSI deals with closed semantic match that puts makes google realize the topic and concept of your web page.
The main course of action was synonyms! Implying that close analysis of words other than keywords were performed. When the content excluding the keyword was relevant to the keyword, the web page gets preferred.
For example, let’s take speak about ‘Review of novels’. Here, LSI looks for words or links relevant to the plot, story, author, awards etc.. If relevant, greater the chance of showing up in SERP.

• ‘Neighborhood’ was given complete focus!

The concept of ‘buying backlinks’ – a spam act according to google got a few chance for survival. The term ‘Neighborhood’ refers to links from another webpage that links to your website. Google started penalizing websites that had backlinks from irrelevant sources. Thus, making the search engine more efficient and appealing to users.

• Synonyms were given a priority!
Instead of using the focus keyword everywhere, google started analyzing for its synonym as keywords. Good title tags are said to have synonyms instead of focus keyword. Also, avoiding repetition of focus keyword was a changelog.

Google IPO: [August 2004 – not algorithm update]

On August 19, 2004, Google sold 22.5M shares at $80 each in the IPO. Google had the aim to raise $2,718,281,828 via public funding and failed to achieve the goal. The failure can be said as a mere bad luck, but the share value bounced to more than twice. At the end google set their market value at $20 billion.