Why do some website get penalised with lower page rank even with good content ?

The Important aspect of SEO is making your website visible to the search engines. Ever wondered why your web page didn’t get the expected page rank? Why your web page didn’t turn out #1 in SERP despite its rich content?

SEO is Limited by the decoding mechanism of bots and crawlers. The need boils down to one common issue. The bots and crawlers of google don’t have intelligence as a human being.

Reason that penalise rich content website

  1. Penalisation due to online forms

    The bots have the capability to span all over the internet, follow millions of links and index billions of content. But, the bots cannot fill out the online forms such as login that comes with the captcha! This simply means, that the codes that proceed after the forms are not spanned by the crawlers! The pages that are unreachable by the crawlers fails to show up in SERP. So What do we do now? Very little can be done from our side i.e., prevention. So, take care not to put major content behind online forms.

  2. Error in Crawling directives [Robot.txt file]

    Errors in the website crawling directives can be a major trouble creator. The bots get confused with the Robot.txt. When such situations occur, the bots and crawlers fail to report your website. That simply means, your website goes out of scope for a Search Engine.

  3. poor construction of Linking Structures

    When your website’s link structure is poor, it’s time for your dream called ‘Page Rank’ to end up as a dream. By Poor link structure, I refer to broken links, internally linked web pages, a complicated linking structure that’s not user-friendly. The bots report the poor link structure and there’s a very bad chance of losing your dream page rank.

  4. Excess use of Media and less use of text

    Believe me! Bots have the capability to read media such as images, but bots face some problems during processing and parsing them. Media like images, videos, flash content, flash files, plugin content etc.. gets either ignored or wrongly processed by bots to a large extent. Instead, bots are good at reading simple HTML texts! Making pages completely with media (even though you have got rich content in it) can be termed a bad habit. Try using textual approach wherever possible. Remember, it is the bots that process your Page Rank!

  5. Unmatching keywords in your content

    This is the problem faced by most of the users. This can be easily rectified, but the task is more time consuming. Plan your keywords perfectly. Use tools like Adwords Keyword manager and find out search volumes. This simple on-page optimization can make your page rank raise. Find out 5-6 core keywords and make your base of the post on it.

Remember! Your website should not satisfy the bots alone. Your content must satisfy both the viewer and the bots.