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With the recent innovation in technology and telecommunication services, a new scope of development had penetrated into the field of Marketing and Sales. New and new methods and technologies arise for marketers to reach their target audience.

In this post, you will be learning why email marketing should stay on the top of your marketing efforts. To understand this, let us have a byte in all prospectus of email drop campaign.

1. Greater Penetration:

The rate of increase in usage of email goes at a very good pace. It is also expected that the total number of email users worldwide would reach 2.9 billion against the 2.6 billion user base at present [Source of Information – Radicati].

email marketing database statistics
email marketing database statistics

So, there are 2.7 billion accounts on average today. An estimated 90% of online users check email. If you have the email address of your target consumers, you are always a way ahead in the competition of survival. Since email had become an integral part of people’s life, no one can walk around saying I’ll quit email, click here to learn how to implement the marketing in your emails.

2. Life Span of an email involves call to action:

Let us look into user actions on receiving your email. The user or your potential target has to open the email and check its content. Then on the user can click on the email content and redirect to your website. Or, the user can simply delete your email. So, Overall the user has a acknowledge to your mail by opening it.

An email will always sit in the inbox of a target, until and unless he takes an action.

In short, Emails Don’t die – It has to be Killed

3. Emails guarantee you a reach level 100%:

The concept of reach has always faced comparison in social media marketing and email marketing. In SEO link building UK, the concept of reach is based on the number of potential people who can view your content. Facebook and twitter even allow you to filter your audience with gender, age group, interest, location and a lot more.

The whole disadvantage with social media marketing from is that it will die off after a certain period of time. Sometimes, it is going to die-off just after you stop promoting it with cash.