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When you had planned to start a blog, the first 3 primary questions that should arise in your mind will be.

1. What is the niche of the blog

2. What is the website domain name of the blog

3. Who will be your new blog website hosting

Taking the above 3 steps in a wise manner will help you lessen your effort to grow your blog in future. Yes! you heard it right. The Traffic received by your blog in future can be increased to a great extent from your beginning stage. You will learn the trick from this post.

Choosing the niche of your blog and buying domain name related to the niche helps you as a part of SEO. Not to mention it is as important as choosing between namecheap vs bluehost

Now, Shifting to new blog website hosting, you have so many web host available. If you are plunging to the blog full time, I would recommend hosting by Godaddy!

In case, you don’t want to pay high for your website hosting, you would be interested to know about shared hosting.

Using Shared website hosting for your blogs!

Shared hosting is a concept where many websites are hosted on a single server. That means your website would lack a dedicated server, and many websites share one server.

New Blog Website Hosting with Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular shared hosting platform. With Hostinger Free Hosting, you can host your blog / website for free.

Hostinger Free Webhosting provides

  • 2000MB disk space and 100000 MB bandwidth.
  • Free Domain Email Accounts : 2
  • mySQL Database: 2 [ Which is more than sufficient for wordpress blogs ]
  • Subdomains: 2

I had displayed the plan details here for your reference:

new blog website hosting
Hostinger new blog website hosting for free

Why would you go for free website hosting for your new blog initially?

There are several reasons – some personal and some financial;

For some bloggers, investment to create a blog should be minimum. This is purely a personal choice with a financial choice. For some bloggers, they are trial blogging – which means they are not totally into blogging, but would try to explore the field.

These are some common cases one would opt for a free website hosting. But remember, Free hosting can be useful at initial stages, but shared hosting can never handle high traffic. In that scenario, you got no option, other than shifting to paid website hosting.