Maximum AdSense Unit that can be placed on your web page

While Google Adsense shares revenue with publishers based on CTR (Click through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click), and CPM(Cost per thousand Impression) – It is important for you to understand the number of Ads that you can place on a single web page on your website. Placing more ads on your website, makes it look ugly as well as distracts user more. Adsense has put a limitation on the number of Ad units that can be placed on a single web page.

‘Adsense for content’ only allows publishers to display a maximum of 3 ad units per page. You are also free to display 1 or 2 ads on your web page if not for the three ads. But the maximum Adsense unit is 3.

Upper Limit on Large-sized Ads:

Publishers are allowed to place only one large Ad on their websites. A large Ad unit is simply, a 300*600 px Ad dimension or any equivalent or larger than the Ad dimension. The Maximum Adsense unit in Large-sized Ads is only one.

Upper Limit on number of Google ads in Mobile Screen:

When your web page is viewed in mobile, not more than one ad must be displayed at a time on screen. That means, the 3 ads that you can place on your website should be aligned such that each one appears at a different place while scrolling on the mobile screen. The maximum Adsense unit that must be visible at an instance is only one.

Never Display Ads on Contentless pages:

As a publisher, you are not allowed to place even a single Ad on content-less pages such as Exit page, contact us page, 404 Error page etc.. This is against Adsense Policy terms. The maximum Adsense unit that can be placed here is zero.

On an Important note: As a publisher, you are not allowed to refresh the page without the consent of the visitor. When you refresh or reload or redirect the current web page, without the user clicking a button, it goes against Adsense policy.