joker123# How to build your perfect startup team with viable efforts? 

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Making your perfect startup Team: Made Easy!

Being the founder of a startup is exciting and equally settles you with great responsibilities. I can call a startup without a proper team to be a dead startup. Most startups fail to make a revenue or shuts down because of improper team contribution. Firstly, forming a perfect startup team with great effort can potentially accelerate your growth, you just need to make sure to start setting goals for your team, which will motivate them to aim for the best results.

The 3 Pillars of founders needed for a perfect startup team:

1. Someone who knows well to play with the code and can effectively build web and app products

2. Someone who understands the complete product, the problems in the world that can be solved by your future product.

3. Someone who can effectively communicate, sell your product to the people who needs it.

If you believe, you can handle all the 3 characters by yourself, read the 3 pillar points again and again. Finding the right person is highly difficult and every successful startup would have faced the same issues you are facing.

Finding your Dream Team

Give your grad school mates a second thought

One possible and effective way to form your perfect team is from your grad schools. It may be your friend or classmate or a senior whom you believe can make things work. Don’t restrict yourself from calling them up. Make sure you speak clear of your ideas in mind. Grad school mates joining the team can effectively create better team strength, trust, and personal ties.

Try your Linkedin Tools to find the right person

If you are not happy with your grad school mates, you can always search people on LinkedIn.
Linkedin offers a premium tool to find people who can fit in your criteria with filters. Try sending your preferred ones a connect request and message them. Form your team and keep them connected remotely. Also, make sure you have a long connection list on Linkedin. Make a status update of your team member need and stay tuned!

List your startup in

A perfect team member can always knock your door before you find him. helps people trying to fit in a startup pick one. Listing your startup on makes your startup visible to the correct eyes. also helps you in searching for investments.

Whatever method you adopt to bring in team members, always make sure you are surrounded by best of the people you can afford. Start looking for common sense rather than a completed degree.Keep your team members active, be it chit-chat or a serious product discussion, be active and responsive towards your team.Your team solely decides the venture of your startup in the barren world.

A word of Caution: Always keep in mind, that your founding team can never be changed. Making your initial steps with precautions can fill your rest of the days with a great adventure unseen to common eyes.