IN THIS SECTION: Evolution of Search Engine Algorithm and Ranking Techniques

In past 10 years, Google search engine intelligence had gathered a fast pace. Earlier, Google ranked pages based on the presence of search keyword. Blah! That’s the most basic attempt ever possible. As a result, a lot of spam pages took their position to page 1 of google.

Later, due to lack of proper results, the backlinks were included in the basic Algorithm.
Backlinks: Backlinks are links to your website from another website. ‘Organic backlinks’ implies that your website is content rich! Hence, Google adopted the frame of including the total number of backlinks. Higher the number of backlinks, more chance of your website showing up in search results.This got the attention of spammers, who then created as many backlinks as possible to get their website show up in the search result.

Search Engines at present

Nowadays, search Algorithms are much more optimized and appealing. Also ‘secure’ – Google never reveals its search algorithm to public.
From the fall of 2002, Google started naming their major updates starting from Boston, Cassandra, Dominic etc.., in alphabetical order. Every year google changes its algorithm 300 times. Predicting the changes are difficult, yet a proper valid and rich content on your website will suffice.

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