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Eminem Life Struggle

Look, If you had One shot Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?
– Eminem
(Loose Yourself)

“You don’t get another chance, life is no Nintendo game”
– Eminem
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Taken Mind Stories!

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, a well-known rapper and professionally named ‘Eminem’ is an American rapper, record producer, and writer. Eminem rap songs are popular throughout the world and his raps are well known for giving inspiration to people. He had a challenging childhood and this tough guy showed the world that
“Tough times don’t last for a long time, But tough guys last forever”

Childhood of Eminem – The rap god:

After the birth of Eminem, his father Bruce left the family and moved to California. Eminem was raised by his mother, Debbie Briggs-Mathers who was a drug addict. Eminem spent his childhood shuttling between two cities – Missouri and Michigan.

Eminem had unpleasant school days. Every school he attended, Eminem was picked up and bullied for his race. Eminem failed 3 times in his 9th grade and then dropped out of the school. After dropping out, he chose the rapping career. He got addicted to drugs. At times, he performed real poor and was rejected for being white by the rapper community. Eminem took the revenge for this criticism with his music later on.

First Album by Eminem – “Infinite” and the failed suicide attempt

In 1995, Eminem worked hard on his first album – Infinite which failed to sell well in the market. The Hip-hop community looked down on Infinite and called it too derivative.
The failure of album “Infinite” made Eminem commit suicide. Luckily, he got admitted and was saved by a doctor in the hospital.

Eminem’s comeback with his second album “The Slim Shady Ep.”

This time, he recovered and grew strong at his mind. He started working on a new album ” The Slim Shady Ep.”. On getting desperate over money, Eminem searched for the ears that can feed his family live with his songs. With the demo of SlimShady Ep., Eminem could finally net a rapper cum producer Dr.Dre, who signed Eminem on a contract deal. This one-time opportunity for Eminem boosted his confidence. Then on, Eminem practised a lot to compete with the best rappers and also to become one.

Eminem featured in film ‘8 Mile’ playing lead role

In 2002, Eminem found out that rapping was not alone his talent, but acting is too. Eminem played the lead role in ‘8 Mile’. The movie’s plot was Eminem’s life and his success as a white rapper. The title was named 8 Mile because of the distance between the City of Detroit and the white suburbs. The scenes of the movie were set up to represent the clubs where Eminem stood for rap contests. The recognition of Eminem spread far and wide across the globe with 8 Mile.

Eminem winning many awards including 2 grammy award

Eminem’s next song “Loose Yourself” was one of his most famous, successful song. Eminem was awarded 2 Grammy awards – a prestigious award to recognize his outstanding achievement in the music industry. Also, the movie ‘8 Mile’ was given the best rap and Hip-hop award at the Acadamy awards.

Watch loose Yourself here!

Eminem despite being raised by a drug addict mother, being bullied in school, failing 3 times in 9th grade, dropping out of school, addicted to drugs, criticised being a white rapper, beaten up and made fun of was receiving the top ranking profile and appreciation all over the world. When Eminem got rejected by the world for his race, he followed his passion. He showcased his childhood in his film and songs that turned to be appreciated by the whole world.

In all words, Eminem life struggle taught the world quitting was not the best way to solve problems. In fact, there is nothing to loose, but there is much to gain!

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Eminem life struggle