What makes sense in the Microsoft – LinkedIn deal?

Microsoft buys LinkedIn
Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn in a $26.1 b deal

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn – The world’s largest professional Network

On late June-14-2016, the news of Microsoft buying LinkedIn for a whopping $21.6 billion came to limelight. It has always been a trend for top billion dollar companies to acquire smaller organizations and startups. But in the case of Microsoft – LinkedIn deal, it has not been mainstream. Well, we can compare this to Facebook acquiring WhatsApp a few years ago. While facebook had a strong spinal reason to acquire Whatsapp that made a huge threat to the facebook native messenger application, it was a sensible decision. Let us revisit the case of Microsoft buys LinkedIn.

So, why does a Billion dollar company like Microsoft think to buy another billion dollar company in the market? How is the acquisition going to help both the companies and its users? Was it a good bet?

Well, to answer the above questions, we might want to think the truly professional way. Microsoft under Sathya Nadella had always concentrated on the Enterprise market. The products of Microsoft that makes the major revenue share are Office 365, Windows Enterprise edition. Well, if you think of Bing, hardly people use Bing and it’s competitor Google has taken a huge market share. Few months before the release of Windows 10 for mobiles, Sathya Nadella had made it clear that the high-end phones are to represent the enterprise edition.

So, How is it a fair deal on Microsoft buys LinkedIn?

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn takenmind

Microsoft under Nadella acquires LinkedIn Professional Network

1. Fulfilling the dream of conquering the Enterprise Network:

Clearly, Microsoft wants to dominate the Enterprise market. Enterprise is real money for Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft shifted it plans to Cloud and office, apart from its major product aka Windows. Microsoft had made huge plans previously to capture the Enterprise market with Universal Windows platform, Skype for Business, Surface Pro, Sunrise calendar acquisition, Office 365 and Office Live. While Microsoft offers the pack of enterprise services, it also wants to know the right network to showcase and implement the product.Thus, the LinkedIn acquisition would greatly help Microsoft fulfill its dream on the Enterprise Network.

2. Grabbing Insights of customer’s reaction towards Microsoft products:

Unlike Google and Facebook, Microsoft lacks a network chain that helps MS evaluate the insight or reaction of consumers towards their products. LinkedIn hopefully would seal this void and hence would directly help Microsoft learn more from customers. It’s popular with Microsoft saying ‘We are Listening’.

Earlier, when windows were tested by windows insider, MS would have found it a bit difficult to get the feedback from several insiders. Despite the feedback from several million active windows insiders, it had always been a tough play to get the rest. In future, Microsoft won’t face trouble reaching people when they have the world’s professional network under their parent.

3. Pulling out competitors from the crowd:

Having LinkedIn under their belt, Microsoft now has the biggest Enterprise network. If someone brings in a new enterprise product that can rival Microsoft, even before it becomes a success Microsoft will know about it. Because now they control how the enterprise socializes. Microsoft can now target specific users and understand the pulse of Enterprise even before anyone else.

Bottom line:

If everything goes as planned by Microsoft, then the acquisition is a well-played risk. It all depends on the action of Microsoft towards LinkedIn that can make or break the huge monopoly game of the Internet giants. Microsoft buys LinkedIn. Fingers crossed, let us not underestimate the future of the Tech giants.

The future:

Microsoft had announced that after the complete acquisition, LinkedIn would function completely as an independent platform headed by Jeff Weiner – CEO of LinkedIn. Jeff would be reporting to Nadella after this deal. So, what do you think about the Microsoft – LinkedIn deal? Blow up in the comment section below.

Should you consider equity share over salary in a startup?

equity taken mind

Equity share :

If you are on the verge of joining a startup, ‘equity compensation’ would be the single most incentive a firm would attract you towards. Startups are known for their bankrupt bank accounts and their needs to develop the product with the existing cash. This renders the employees an incomplete or a cut-down salary or in a more raw stage null salary incentive.

Since your salary cash is going to be less than the market rates, the startup firms assure you a little stake in the situation. Equity compensation helps the firm save some cash and improve the product and operations. Now, hands down to those who are weighing an equity – Keep in mind equity has it’s own risk and benefits.

Risk and Benefits of Equity share over salary:

1. Equity share is not hot-cash but a steady walk to money:

The main risk of equity compensation is that you are not guaranteed to benefit from the stakes. There are a lot of factors that affects the stock price and in-turn your equity benefit values. Firstly, your startup has to succeed and remain in operations. In case your startup shuts down, despite your efforts, your stake value flows down to zero. Contrarily, assuming your startup succeeds and acquires enough consumers, there is a high chance for your stock price to riseup.

Let us look at an example,

When amazon entered IPO initially, it’s stock rate was $15 on an average which is same as the stock owned via equity by employees. Coming down to 2016, each stock of amazon worth $713. That’s a huge increment and thus, the employees who had worked for amazon intially with equity compensation would be able to gain a lot. That is how equity compensation works and benefits you.

Also Read: Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos gets richer by $2 billion in an instant after stock price surge

2. Varying Equity share Structure and Tax hurdles:

You can be compensated with equity either in form of ‘Incentive Stock Option’ (ISO) or in the form of ‘Restricted Stock Units’ (RSU). Each form of equity compensation packages a different tax consequence. It’s always good to listen from the firm about the type of compensation offered.

Jumping onto explaining the tax hurdles, let me tell you, equity defines your net worth. You will be stuffed with the tax burden even though your stock value falls. Thus, it’s real important to know when to cash-out your equity for cash and when to save it in form of equity itself.

Final Statement:

Equity share payments allow startup to manage financial struggles, when the firm could not afford to pay its employees. While Equity compensation lures the eyes in the form of huge cash tomorrow, it is badly subject to higher risk factors. Equity Compensation is a very strong platform for startup firms to keep their employees motivated with less payouts.

Choosing Business Name: Taking your first step

Choosing Business name

When you just get prepared to dive into the startup world, choosing Business name is one of the most thoughtful hot topics that can run in mind. Choosing Business name can be thought to provoke, and you have a fair chance of finding a better alternative now and then, even after deciding your brand name. While choosing a business name is a tough task, there are precautions that must be handled, to avoid falling into pits. Yes, the pits you create for yourself.

If you think, What’s in a name? When it narrows down to Business, it is everything.This post is a word of caution that you really should remember while your mind gets dumped with cool brand names.

1. Thinking on a legal, Branding and Marketing perspective:

The name that you are bringing up today is going to extend from your personal room and stands as a shop room to customers who are opting for your products. This Brand name will one day jump on the banner in the city street. On someday, you and your family might watch an Ad of your Brand on TV. This name is the key to the extent to which you can be found online and can indirectly save your pocket. Yes, your name can make a huge cut-down in marketing costs. Making the brand name, more relatable to the service can highly bring you customer converts.

Learn More: How Brand Name can cut-down your Pocket costs?

2. Check whether a Brand or Company or a product exists under your preferred name:

After a tough thinking and jotting down your favorites, you are advised to check whether a company or brand or product with your chosen name exists. This is really critical and valuable as you might just experience a headshot with a pistol in case you skip this. In this time period, there exists a steep increase in the number of registered startups and business. It’s essential to check whether a business name is registered already. You cannot violate the TradeMark (TM) of any other business or startup. In case you do, get ready to get sued.

3. Check availability of the domain for your chosen name:

Bill Gates was not really kidding when he made a statement,

If your Business is not on the Internet, your Business will end up out of Business
– Bill Gates

Having an exact domain name as the name of your brand is a good to go. This makes your viable customers get landed in your website with ease. Also, remember that your professional Email ID that gets printed on your Visiting cards or Business cards carry your domain name.

For example, Amazon – The e-commerce giant works under domain – www.amazon.com
The CEO of Amazon has an email id Jeff@amazon.com

The example listed above is simple, professional and aesthetic that might help people judge you good.

Prioritize your domain extension. In case, you want to be more commercial and have hopes of expanding, prefer a ‘.com’ domain. If you are largely having ideas of developing within a country, you might opt for a country defined domain. For India, ‘.in’ domain extension; for UK, ‘.co.uk’ extension and so on for each country. Choose your domain and take your growth potential international.

You can check your domain availability here – Godaddy!

And Finally, it’s worth mentioning to say that, choosing Business name is a tedious job. You will have little time to think over. Once your decision is made, start building your enthusiasm for the new name immediately. Your name is your first step toward building a strong company identity, one that should last as long as you’re in business.

How can you build your perfect startup team ?

Making your perfect startup team

Taken Mind help!

Making your perfect startup Team: Made Easy!

Being the founder of a startup is exciting and equally settles you with great responsibilities. I can call a startup without a proper team to be a dead startup. Most startups fail to make a revenue or shuts down because of improper team contribution. Firstly, forming a perfect startup team with great effort can potentially accelerate your growth.

The 3 Pillars of founders needed for a perfect startup team:

1. Someone who knows well to play with the code and can effectively build web and app products

2. Someone who understands the complete product, the problems in the world that can be solved by your future product.

3. Someone who can effectively communicate, sell your product to the people who needs it.

If you believe, you can handle all the 3 characters by yourself, read the 3 pillar points again and again. Finding the right person is highly difficult and every successful startup would have faced the same issues you are facing.

Finding your Dream Team

Give your grad school mates a second thought

One possible and effective way to form your perfect team is from your grad schools. It may be your friend or classmate or a senior whom you believe can make things work. Don’t restrict yourself from calling them up. Make sure you speak clear of your ideas in mind. Grad school mates joining the team can effectively create better team strength, trust, and personal ties.

Try your Linkedin Tools to find the right person

If you are not happy with your grad school mates, you can always search people on LinkedIn.
Linkedin offers a premium tool to find people who can fit in your criteria with filters. Try sending your preferred ones a connect request and message them. Form your team and keep them connected remotely. Also, make sure you have a long connection list on Linkedin. Make a status update of your team member need and stay tuned!

List your startup in Angel.co

A perfect team member can always knock your door before you find him. Angel.co helps people trying to fit in a startup pick one. Listing your startup on Angel.co makes your startup visible to the correct eyes. Angel.co also helps you in searching for investments.

Whatever method you adopt to bring in team members, always make sure you are surrounded by best of the people you can afford. Start looking for common sense rather than a completed degree.Keep your team members active, be it chit-chat or a serious product discussion, be active and responsive towards your team.Your team solely decides the venture of your startup in the barren world.

A word of Caution: Always keep in mind, that your founding team can never be changed. Making your initial steps with precautions can fill your rest of the days with a great adventure unseen to common eyes.

Starting Business – Why should you consider ?

Why should you starting business

To all Taken Minds,

If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur, you might have 1000s of people, your family, friends, well-wishers and even your significant other, also standing up against your idea of starting business.

What makes you step into starting business?

Here, I had listed the top reasons that will make you think in the right direction and stick to your decision.

  1. You have an idea that can fill a void in life of a few people to a million.
  2. Starting a Business can make a change in a million people’s life. You get your satisfaction as a contributing personnel to the society. Because of your efforts, your sleepless nights and your hard work, you get to see a change in the system around you.

    Be it starting a small restaurant or making a billion dollar firm like Uber Technologies, you will get the satisfaction of serving good for the community.

  3. You work for yourself and set your own work time
  4. When you start your business, you are the boss of your own. You allot your own work time and sail your startup boat across all the hurdles. You experience the sleepless nights, your heart throbbing to finish the work out of a passion rather than fear.

  5. You start making good money and work on your passion
  6. While you work consistently on your idea and put your product on the market, you start making really good money. In Business, there’s no limit to the money you make in contrast to working as an employee.

  7. You get Job Security and also Overcome a Layoff
  8. No one has the authority to fire you. You are in charge of overall work and you have the authority to hire or fire others.

  9. You try to outperform your real Competitors
  10. Remember the kid in high school who competes with you for a higher grade? Well, Starting a business will light you up on what a real competition is. You will feel the adventure of improving your product and you will always remember

    There is someone who is working 24 hours a day, just to take it all away from you

    Surving the odds is the real face of an Entrepreneur.

Ola launches independent Ola Digital Wallet – Ola Money!

Ola Money Wallet

‘Ola’ – The largest taxi aggregator in India had launched its new Online wallet. OlaCabs, a product of ANI Technologies had termed its wallet currency as Ola Money. The Indian cab aggregator had followed the business model of Uber and had established a 40 million user base in India.

The Ola Money Wallet

This makes Ola Digital Wallet, the second most in the country in terms of user database. Paytm holds the first position with an online user database count of 100 million.Ola had already partnered with OYO rooms, Lenskart, Tiny owl, Zorooms, saavn, eTravelSmart, explara. Ola also claimed that ‘Ola Money’ is the next big app solely contributed to making people free from payment hassles.
Bhavvish Agarwal – CEO and Founder of Ola mentioned that more merchants would be added soon. Also, the app has its focus as seamless user experience and adding essential use cases.

Users already using OlaCabs don’t need any additional verification to signup for Ola Money. Also, Ola Money in Ola cabs app is synced with the wallet. Ola Money has its aim of provisioning utility bills across merchants online and offline. Download the App from here!

Ola Money Wallet

Digital Wallets are promising future markets. The structural and user experience will drive the future generations into Digital wallets for sure. This Space had been fragmented without a major leader yet! Some of Digital Wallets available now are Paytm, freecharge, Google wallet, Apple pay, Paypal, Citrus Pay, Square wallet, Lemon wallet, Oxygen wallet etc.. and, of course, Ola Money.

Flipkart building its Universal Windows Application

Flipkart – The highly rated e-commerce giant in India had taken up a huge step making a Universal Windows App for its platform. Following the lines of amazon, Flipkart had taken up the concept of being omnipresent on all platforms. According to the news, Flipkart would be choosing 50 candidates in order to beta test their Application.

The beta-testers would help Flipkart test out the beta Flipkart Universal Windows app, and improve the App performance by sharing Feedback and suggestions. If you are more interested in being one of the 50 candidates to beta-test Universal Flipkart app. Register here.

Should Flipkart Opt for Flipkart Universal Windows App ?

A Windows 10 Universal App works on the concept of “3 Screens 1 Cloud”. This means Flipkart App would be able to run on 10 Billion Windows devices across the globe.
It’s worth noting that Flipkart previously had put forth a concept of “App-Only Shopping”. Many Offers from Flipkart are classified “App-Only Offers”. With the Universal Windows App, Flipkart takes a huge leap on this concept. The Snapshot of Flipkart Universal Windows App beta:

Flipkart Universal Windows App

It must be noted that Flipkart had already got its app running on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone. This attempt of Flipkart makes Flipkart Universal Windows App be run on billions of Windows PC, Tablet, Windows Phone and even the recently released Microsoft Holo-lens.
Windows Central, having tried the beta app, claims the app to look intuitive, providing seamless user experience.
The App had not yet been released for public use. Flipkart had given a word that the Flipkart Universal Windows App would be available by next week.

Uberification and peer-to-peer service – Future of world Economy!

Uber App

The Uberification term never existed until ‘Uber Technologies Inc.’ came to the limelight with the peer to peer service! Uber – the largest taxi aggregator in the world showed the world ‘ Peer-to-Peer ’ service [OR] the shared economy concept.

Peer to Peer service
‘Uberification’ refers to on-demand mobile services for every single need of mankind. Uberification is not limited to Uber Technologies Inc. as a whole.The more general term ‘Uberification of the Economy’ can be visualized which had led to a drastic rise in the peer-to-peer service in the world.
Some of the service aimed at Shared Economy concepts:
Uber for – scooters, Private jets, babysitters, dog sitters, Booze, property etc.. These businesses are not Uber-owned, yet the concept underlying is simply Uberification.

Why use Peer to Peer Service?

1. With Peer to Peer service, you can monetize anything and everything!

Having an unoccupied room in your house? you can simply sign into Airbnb [History of Airbnb]and monetize your room!
Want to lend some money, but couldn’t satisfy the bank rules? You can always lend money from peer-to-peer banks such as SocietyOne.
Now, that’s cool.

2. Peer to peer service saves your time!

The time you would spend roaming around the store, waiting for a cab, finding a babysitter etc.. would be made minimum. Make an order via any food delivery App and get your food delivered at your home or office at your own convenience. This along with live tracking of your order makes life look cool and special.

3. Peer to peer service provide greater accountability:

Gone are the days where you keep a dedicated note of all your spendings! With greater account handling, these online services make perfect account of your spending! There’s no more chance for your account nightmares anymore!

Top reasons to avoid using peer-to-peer service:

1. You become lazier than you are now!

With anything and everything, just a few taps away from the mobile, you tend to become lazier.

2. You don’t experience the real world shopping with your close ones!

Yes! Shopping is fun with your friends or your closed ones! A recent study shows rising of in-app purchases, you tend to fall a space from your relations!

3. Your mind is set! And you find no other option!

With greater accessibility to services via apps, you fail to tackle the situations in the absence of apps. You have less awareness about the non-app method of doing things!

Sure, Uberification had created a revolution! With Mobile Crowdsourcing and instant feedback from users, Peer-to-peer service improve and provide a fab experience to the users!
Uberification of Economy had got its own future! What do you feel about the shared economy concept?
Blow-up your views in the comment section below!