On page and off page SEO techniques



 On page and off page SEO techniques

On page and off page optimization are two most touted words in the field of search engine optimization. Both are vital to the success of an online business. Though the world of SEO has changed forever with the evolution of social media, it is very important for online businesses to understand the relevance of these two processes in order to get organic traffic from search engines.
Promoting a website in general is something that any business seeking growth nowadays needs to master for best results.
SEO tactics refer to the methods used to boost your website’s search engine ranking for popular and relevant keywords and phrases for maximum exposure.

On-page SEO

On page SEO is the SEO on your actual page or blog. This is part of the SEO process specifically focused on performing tasks on your website that will help you achieve maximum rankings in google, yahoo, bing, and other top search engines.One of the most popular ways that search engines worldwide tend to rank websites is by looking for the prominence and frequency of certain keywords and phrases on various facets of your site, and assigning an appropriate degree of weight accordingly.
More weight is given to keywords and phrases that are used in prominent places such as headings, page titles, domain names, and images.
Employ the words and phrases that are most important to your site in these places wherever possible and practical for best results. However, be very careful as to not stuff your page with keywords. Keyword stuffing is an absolute no-no.
Always ensure that your chosen keywords and phrases are frequently searched by others before incorporating them into your site copy. Search the internet and see what phrases and words are the most popular. You want these words to be completely relevant to the products and services you are offering. Whenever there’s a solid opportunity to use one of your keywords in a natural-sounding fashion on your site, seize the opportunity for maximum results.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the use of keywords off your site. Search engines use mentions of your site, business name, and keywords used on other places across the web in order to determine your ranking in their results.
A detailed explanation of off page SEO

First, we have link building, which plays a big role in the google algorithm.
But it goes deeper than just link building. It’s also your backlink profile, the types of backlinks you have, the authority of those backlinks, and the quality of the backlinks.
As an example, if you’re a local business, off page optimization strategies include: claiming your google My business page, optimizing your goggle My business page with your exact address, keyword rich descriptions, choosing the correct category, adding as many images as required, adding your logo, getting your address verified, and linking to that page from your website.

Creating Local business citations

Next, you take the exact information and create citations on other local directories.
By doing this, your name, address, and phone number will be listed on hundreds of different sites. And it will match your google My business page exactly for consistency and continuity purposes, which is exactly what google wants.
Another thing about the citation pages is that all of them have reviews. So you want to focus on getting a handful of reviews for the top properties like google My business, yelp, angie’s list, and similar well-respected options.
On another note, you also may need to get citations on very niche specific directories. As an example, if you’re a plumber you’ll want to look for home-improvement directories, plumbing directories, and directories in your local community.

Contextual link building

And let’s not forget about contextual link building.
In this case, you’re working diligently to get your business listed on association sites, feature pieces on local news publications, features on industry-specific news publications, guest posts on blogs in your industry, resource page backlinks, content marketing, and tons more link building possibilities.
Remember, you’re reaching out to all of these different online publications in an effort to get contextual links pointing back to your website.

Brand awareness & other off page optimization strategies

It has been shown that a lot of people are googling your –particularly your brand name – and finding your website, your rankings will go higher for all of your keywords.
By improving your brand awareness, you are also improving your rankings.
You can use this to your advantage by hiring people to consistently type your brand name into the search engines, because this is another example of off page optimization and it definitely works to improve your rankings.
Also, your click through rate on the search engines is also important for off page optimization.
If your rank at the bottom of the 1st page of google for a particular keyword and you’re getting a high click through rate when people are searching that particular keyword string, ultimately the algorithm is going to recognize that searches like your page for this particular keyword phrase and they’ll rank you higher on the page.
That’s about it for on page and off page optimization.

5 Exciting ways bloggers draft Blog Business Plan

When bloggers decide to make Blogging as a business, it is a very crucial time to draft a plan. Every business demands a creative and effective plan. The innate nature of the business is irrespective and there is an immense need to create a plan. A Business Plan would tell the existing status of blog business and can provide broad-vision guidance for future forecasting. In order to establish a successful business, an insight into the future is gladly necessary. So How do we draft blog business plan now?

How to Draft Blog Business Plan for Bloggers

1. Expedition

The Primary question you must ask yourself is “What would be my Expedition with my blog ?”. Throw out what you want to achieve, what kind of content you want to serve with all the available resources that you would be getting your hands-on with.

With the Expedition as “Making Good Profit for quality work”, you must enhance your vision.Try to understand your readers like a king. Nurture their needs and look for leads to enhance your content. It’s always advisable to try different techniques. Failure is just an option that can fail to success in near future.

2. Bringing up Bigger Brand Image to Audience

Branding your blog business can be the best step you could take this year. iInfact, be it any year, Your draft blog business plan should have the ‘building brand image’ option always ‘ON’. As you brand your blog, the users can share your content with reference to your blog name.

3. Objectives and Goals

Every blogger has an ultimate goal to earn handsome and to establish a big brand name. The primary importance into making money is to enrich your vision into handsome goals and inturn making it as an objective. It is always recommended to find platforms that can promote your blog. Ensure to allocate specific time for each of your goal. Enrich. Work on it. Enjoy

4. SWOT Analysis

Every blogger must make him/herself aware of the following points.

S= Strength of your blog

W= Weaknesses of your blog

O= Opportunities of your blog

T= Threats to your blog

Strength of your blog :-

Your area of expertise is the strength of your blog. Let your blog has 100 authors, at the least, the blog objective is led by your strategy. Hence, find your strengths in a short run and develop a strategy that fits your blog in the long run.

Weaknesses of your blog

Overcome your weakness points of your blog. Compare your blog with your competitors. Find out the lagging content in your blog. Research and ensure your audience get a complete information about what they are looking for in your blog.

Opportunities of your blog

If a company is willing to provide you with freebies, monetary funds, advertisements, then it is a good opportunity for you.

Threats to your blog


If your blog has much competitve invadour, it is time for you to analyse threats. Providing rich and user focused content better than the competitor is essential and can enhance your brand name.

5. Monetary Plans and Investment Schedules

Without monetary cash, it is not possible to run a blog. Every Blog business plan has to focus on budget along with development. If you host your blog on a cheap web hosting platform, it can reduce your efficiency of blog. Hence to opt for a good host, you need to spend in enough cash. Thus, the financial planning comes into a controlling argument. In order to Make sure your expenditure is less than profit that you make, you must draft blog business plan for your blog

Top ways to connect with Influential Professional blogger

influential professional blogger

How to Connect with Influential and Professional Bloggers ?

It is every blogger’s wish to be in connect influential professional blogger for several reasons. The reasons range from building quality traffic, building online influence, domain authority, brand credibility and a lot more. Most Bloggers at the beginner levels try desperately and often fail to succeed. The main reason being, desperate bloggers use wrong or unacceptable ways to be in connect influential professional bloggers .  Every blogger must try to understand that they cannot impress a blogger by begging them to accept your blog post or by desperately pitching multiple blog posts.

To connect and in-turn get benefited from an influential professional blogger is to please and make the influential professional bloggers understand that you are worth their time. The pro bloggers must feel that you are you are more connected to the niche of the blog and are also passionate.

If you gladly want to build your site traffic, you must come up with a relationship building strategy to impress the influential professional blogger.

This post deals with 5 Tips you can use to woo your desired influential professional blogger and catch their attention among several other fans.

How to Connect with Successful Influential bloggers?

First Tip: Comment on the Influential professional blogger posts:

Comment, comment and comment till the influential professional blogger start noticing you uniquely. This expands your presence online and makes you more visible. Connect with many bloggers and expand your visibility. Soon, you will be noticed by the pro-bloggers. This is not any magic formula as you can see. This is a real test for your patience. The more patience and passion you have in connecting, the quicker you can get connected. Also, making your comments valuable and significant is an important attribute. Comments like “Great Post. Thanks!” is not going to make you unique or gonna differentiate from others. Be quick enough to grab up 1 or 2 paragraphs of your thoughts and make your relevance in a precise manner. These comments can greatly increase your repo among online bloggers.

Second Tip: Start Guest Post on Influential Professional blogger blogs

Write one to three blog post per day as a guest. Submitting blog posts can greatly strengthen the relationship with superior bloggers. Submit a guest post to blogs with higher domain authority because they have the ultimate power to help you acquire targeted audience. Going alone is difficult in the world of blogging. If it can take you 2 years to succeed as a stand-alone bloggers, guest posts can help you achieve this in a much quicker time than you can imagine. You will have more users reading your guest post and they can even be potentially big audiences. So, never miss out on guest blogging.

Third Tip: Share Posts Aggressively:

The differentiating point at this section is that you are actually promoting yourself by the name of promoting your posts. Promote the best stuff in you to the audiences online. This builds credibility as the people who promote are the people who believe in themselves. Also, when you promote other people, there is a definite possibility for you to grow your traffic or viewers and in fact, build your readership. The basic formula is if you want to get traffic, help other people also get traffic. This way, you are assured to meet your pro-blogger in a short way.

Destination – Become an Influential Professional Blogger Yourself:

All the three points above emphasise you to show up yourself as a pro-blogger. The point in getting connected to a pro-blogger is that you yourself must become a pro blogger. This may be hard to digest, yet, this is the best possible way for you to get into professional connection with other bloggers.

For an ideal scenario to connect with Influential professional blogger,

  • Create 1 – 10 blog posts per day
  • Write over 10 guest post in a month
  • Create videos on YouTube on the niche you are working on.


The Influential Professional bloggers are not born. They are created by themselves. Influential Professional Bloggers never rely on others to make themselves show up. Pro-bloggers have their own strategy of sustenance in the online blogging. For you, it might be a big thing to get an endorsement from a pro-blogger, but this endorsement is going to be short-lived. Thus, you might have to connect and stay connected over a long period of time. This way, you are prone to become a pro-blogger yourself.

What methods you have used to connect with other Influential professional bloggers. Do let us know in the comment section below.

How these students built a profitable startup in college towards Rs 5 Cr in revenues

Best Hosting of startup – 5 Cr. in revenue shows all student can run startup successfully.

Three years ago, Zeeshan and a group of his second-year batchmates from SRM Universitywere sitting and having their usual hostel room conversations. Apart from fluid mechanics, which was the study topic for the evening, everything ranging from politics, economics, astrophysics, and startups to even Sunny Leone was covered in their conversations.

The founding team of Climber
The founding team of Climber ( foundation and best hosting of startup )

But the needle stuck on one topic — their real passions. While one wanted to become a writer, the other wanted to be an economist, but what they were really doing was sitting in a hostel room, studying a topic they had no interest in and pursuing a course they had never felt connected to.

This situation wasn’t unique to them; millions of other students who are forced into conventional courses due to uninformed career choices experience the same thing. This hit Zeeshan Mohammed (22) really hard and he decided to launch a youth organisation which would help teens make informed career choices.

Borrowing Rs 60,000 from his parents, he kick-started his venture, The Climber, in August of 2013 at the age of 19.

Of learning and pivots

Initially known as Inking Pages, the venture was first an editorial magazine, with the founders conducting events for schools. Joining the magazine were other co-founders — Sameer Ramesh (21), Fatema Hussain (22), and Ruhan Naqash (22) joined the business.

However, understanding the challenges to scale, the firm pivoted the model into a full-fledged mentoring platform called MyCaptain.in by April of 2015.

The founders were always focused on moving beyond the conventional way of writing exams, mugging up topics, and getting placed through college recruitments.

Today, Zeeshan defines Climber as a youth-run education startup, currently incubated out of NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore. Through their curated events and youth programmes, the startup aims at mentoring young students to make informed career decisions.

The Climber  

Zeeshan tells us that their main product in the market is their mentoring platform MyCaptain.in, where students take part in mentoring workshops around a specialised topic of interest. The month-long workshops, starting from the 15th of every month, are structured to give insights to these young students in terms of knowledge and career.

According to the founders, there are a minimum of 20 people in every batch with mentors less than 25 years of age. Explaining the reason for the same, Zeeshan tells us,

The reason mentors are so young is that we want the mentees to connect with them. We would like a person who has gone through the challenges recently, rather than having gone through circumstances 10-15 years ago, which might even be irrelevant today.

In return, the mentors’ projects get funded. As much as 20–33 percent of the amount paid by each mentee is paid to the mentors for the guidance provided.

The firm claims to have 220–240 people signing up for these courses every month. Till now, a total of over 1,800 mentees and more than 25 captains have conducted mentorship sessions across 14 fields of varying interests. This has doubled from an average of 80 enrolments per month since last year. Moreover, these sessions are held completely online, with users logging on to either the MyCaptain website or the web application.

However, to make learning more refined and target more individuals, Climber is aiming to add broad subject-oriented courses rather than specialisations. Zeeshan explains the same,

We are going a layer below by adding subject-oriented mentorship rather than just sticking to specialisation-oriented sessions. This means that if there is a session on mechanics or robotics, we want to add a course for engineering below it. This helps the child understand whether he is interesting in engineering as a subject in the first place.

Each workshop signup (month-long) costs users Rs 1,000.

The second business model for the startup is their events, which are held in various cities. Although working only as marketing initiatives, the firm has been successful in making profits from these events. Yes, that can be a best hosting of startup.

Under the brand name Indian Youth Conclave (IYC), the Climber gets YouTubers, artists, TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and musicians from across India to interact with teenagers in a particular city. The team has successfully conducted IYC in Chennai and Nagpur, while looking to hold the event in Delhi and Bengaluru next. According to the company, the event has a footfall ranging between 800 and1,000 teenagers from various schools and colleges across cities.

The firm also organises events like ‘Lit Up’ in the domain of literature and an annual entrepreneurship summit called Kickstart.

The addressable market for the startup is teenagers from the age of 14 to 22.

best hosting of startup
A snapshot of a panel discussion held at Climber’s Indian Youth Conclave held in Nagpur this year

Climbing up and steady   

Witnessing revenues of Rs 16 lakh last fiscal year, the firm is looking to earn Rs 50 lakh in revenues this fiscal year. In college alone, the team was making more than Rs 1.5 lakh on a monthly basis. At present, the team is focused on developing their tech platform while releasing app versions on Android and iOS.

The aim is to reach Rs 1.5 crore in revenues by the end of fiscal year 2017–18. Close to 40 percent of the firm’s revenues still come from events, and the firm has already made roughly Rs 18 lakh in the last five months this way.

Zeeshan says that this ratio will fall as they evolve and develop their tech platform MyCaptain.in in the next few months.

In the next seven months, the firm strives to achieve 20 percent month-on-month growth while scaling to a volume of more than 1,000 mentees. ( The best hosting of startup is on progress)

On the technology front, the firm is also looking to integrate machine learning to understand user behaviour. This will further help users who are clueless about what session to take to narrow down on a decision.

Zeeshan says,

It has been an amazing experience so far having started up in college, faced bankruptcy and debt, getting out of it and bootstrapping to a revenue of over Rs 30 lakh over the last 18 months, having seen a change of team, and finally getting incubated by NSRCEL.

The firm claims to be profitable as of now.

Best hosting of startup
From Climber’s Indian Youth Conclave

The scenario Best hosting of startup

Edtech startups are clearly disrupting India’s education scenario. Byju’s just raised a heavy round of $50 million from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) and Sequoia Capital, dropping the funding spark in this segment. The best hosting of startup is also attainable.

However, career counselling is an interesting field to disrupt with millions of children in India facing similar issues. Further, looking at the edutech scenario, it is high time that career counselling moved online.

Vedantu, Simplilearn, Toppr, Iprof, Meritnation and Talentedge are some of the well-known names in the industry.

In the last year ending March 31, the edtech segment raised $85 million.

Climber seems to be in certain aspects be closer to certification preparation portalSimplilearn in terms of mentorship. However, Simplilearn seems to have an evolved model of specialisations for career growth rather than career counselling.

Source: www.yourstory.com


Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

Taken Mind SEO Onpage SEO Keyword Optimisation!

Previously, we have seen that Keyword density is a myth and is not related to ranking. Onpage SEO optimisation keyword is based on the orientation of keywords. Yes! Keyword density too matters but not to a greater extent.

OnPage SEO keyword optimisation Rules:

The following general pattern is best suggested as good Onpage SEO optimisation:

Rule 1: Proximity Relative distance between keywords in the document is considered.

Rule 2: Distribution The places where the focus keywords are present in the document or body

Rule 3: co-occurance The link structure of the specific webpage with other webpages

Rule 4: The important tags The focus keyword is expected to be present on header tags, URL etc..

Example of Best Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

The above rules are necessary and must be followed. Keyword Cannibalisation a term used to refer linking multiple links to other domain web page or internal linking must be avoided. Also, linking of multiple pages to a single page is more preferred than linking one page to multiple pages via anchor tags.

  • The focus keyword must be present in the title tag at least once. Frame the title such that the focus keyword is near to the starting of title.
  • Make the content of the web page more than 300 words, especially in case of blog
  • Make sure the keyword is present in your body content, at least, two or three times. Make sure the keywords are not close to each other but are distributed.
  • Make sure the keyword is present in the alt tag of images in your post. This has a high capability of bringing good organic traffic via google image search.
  • Make sure you are using canonical URL formats. In URL, the presence of focus keyword is highly essential.
  • Make sure in the meta tag of the web page, focus keyword is present. Meta tag greatly helps in providing short gist about the web page to google. The absence of focus keyword might ruin your SEO.

Following the above-mentioned rules, greatly enhances the SEO by keyword optimisation. Any doubts? Blow up in the comment section below.

How SEO keyword Abuse and spam are handled ?

Taken Mind SEO keyword spam!

SEO keyword abuse and spam

Since the invention of search engines, spammers had been a real trouble. At present, google had made great efforts especially to prevent SEO keyword abuse and spam. Google employs a separate team in charge of handling spam. Nowadays, the filters and algorithm that search engine employs can penalise most of the spammers at ease.

One such Black hat technique is keyword abuse. This method involves the inclusion of fake keywords in body content, URL, alt text of images and meta tags. This is termed “Keyword stuffing

A myth named ‘Keyword density’:

Earlier SEO was based more on “Keyword density”. Keyword density is the ratio of the number of specific keywords to the total number of words. Spammers had a great time misguiding the search engine by having very high keyword density. This happened until google removed keyword density as one of the key criteria for ranking.

The way Keyword density dissatisfies search results:

Let us say, two pages P1 and P2 have total words 300 and 150. The focus keyword present in P1 and P2 are 6 and 3 i.e, both have the same keyword density of 0.02. Also, this turns to be an unreliable calculation as P1 might have better content than P2.

Onpage Optimisation had come into effect nowadays. i.e, the orientation of the focus keywords play an important role. Any case of excessive spam attempt has immediate blacklisting of your website as a result. Understand that repeating keywords are not going to help you secure better place. Instead, the orientation and related content do guarantee you.

Learn OnPage Optimisation and Keyword that makes your website rank higher! Trusted Source – Taken Mind

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Deciding your SEO keyword usage for your webpage

Taken Mind SEO Keyword Usage!

SEO Keyword Usage : The Fundamental of Search Mechanism

Keywords are the basic unit operations in search engine mechanism. When a user searches for a query using a search engine, the retrieval mechanism from the database is based upon the keyword of the indexed web page. During the process of indexing the content, the bots and crawlers store the web pages in keyword-based indexes. This prevents the time lag that can occur while storing 30 billion web pages in one single database. Instead, search engines maintain millions of database for a particular keyword or phrase that makes SERP load much fast.

During search mechanism, keyword usage drastically changes the results on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The order of the words even changes the search results. For example “Laughing Clown” and “Clown laughing” may produce different results. Apart from the order of words, punctuations, spelling, capitalization etc.. produces different results of web pages on SERP.

In general, making more specific keywords helps you narrow down the competition on Search Engine Results Page. This means, your website has more chances of achieving greater page rank.

How using specific keywords help search engines narrow down the competition:

Imagine yourself writing about “World war” with keyword ‘History’, your friend writing on the same with keyword ‘war’ and a second friend of you using the keyword ‘World war’. When a search is performed on “World war”, the second friend of yours get higher preference in SERP. That’s how using specific keyword helps in getting a higher position in results.

You can check any keyword overview here at ease!

Keyword Abuse: Might get you blacklisted at ease


In SEO keyword usage turns to be the fundamental part. Phew! Keywords are riskier when used inappropriately. Having told the importance of keywords, it is more important now to ensure caution that your web page doesn’t get blacklisted for spam activity. That is some excess keyword usage might make your web page get sensed as a scam!

Learn Prevention of keyword spam that can get you blacklisted. NOW!

How search engine see webpages : SEO Strategy

search engine see webpages

As I had already mentioned in my previous post that “Search Engines” don’t see what you and me see while using a webpage. The vision of bots and crawlers of search engine are basic html, i.e, they don’t see the styling css. Take a look into how search engine see webpages.

How human users see webpage of yours:

Here, I have grabbed a screenshot of www.takenmind.com as seen by human users.

Vision of webpage by human

Vision of a webpage by human beings like you and me

How search Engine see webpages :

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

From the above images, you can find that humans visualise a webpage with css styling and high User Experience levels. Bots on the other hand read plain html and make out whether your webpage contains rich content compared to others. This implies that search engine rely more on your alt keywords for images. Make sure they are relevant to the content of the image. Though search engine see webpage’s image, parsing error might occur which makes rendering details about image difficult without alt text.

With the help of vision difference, let me make you understand the effect of Flash content on search engine bots.

How human users see your webpage with flash content:

Here, I have taken a screenshot of a complete flash based website www.cloudsovercuba.com

flash content in website as seen by human

flash content in website as seen by human

How Search Engine see your webpage:

how flash content are seen by search engines

how flash content are seen by search engines

From the couple of above image, the strong objection of flash content by Search Engines is shown. Search Engines donot evaluate flash content. This is due to less intelligent bots and crawlers.

For your website: Want to know how search engine see webpages ? Worry Not. Visit www.seo-browser.com and see how search engine see your webpage.