Become successful blogger with 7 Valuable Tips

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How to Become Successful Blogger or Blog Writer?

If a web blog has been created for a promotional purpose, it shouldn’t be taken liberal at ease. In order to become successful blogger , you have got to update your web blog at regular interval. Some bloggers get off to a decent begin, and because the time passes by, they become quickly discouraged owing to the shortage of traffic or lack of comments. so as to face out from this crowd of countless bloggers, you must produce a web blog that’s really visited and liked by its visitors in order that they come back to browse your fascinating blogs.


Agreeing that time is the main constraint and that we solely have just twenty-four hours during a day to do all the chores and it becomes very robust to specialise in blogging. Once a blogger lives a good schedule. Time dominance is the main thing that we’d like to be told. Creating the most effective use of the time available time to come up with productive blogs can assist you in achieving your dreams as a blogger.


The following easy tips can assist you on your path to mastering the art of blogging.

Stop Reading – It’s Time for you to take a few Action

Reading and learning play certainly a big role in blogging, however solely to a precise extent. you truly have to be compelled to implement all those things that you have got learnt, look forward to a moment and see what percentage guests square measure you obtaining and if you’re not obtaining enough of them, learn from your mistakes and improve on your blogs. start a while to place into use what has been learnt. you’ll bit by bit return to understand your areas of improvement which can nurture you as an author.

Focus On The Tasks That Have the best Impact

As a blogger, your primary goal is to specialise in the most task which has a lot of and a lot of variety content that satisfies the readers to your blogs. this is often solely attainable after you work towards the betterment of your content that is outstanding and will reach grabbing the audience’s attention.

Don’t Lose Focus While Writing

One of the most characteristics of a booming content author is that they’d assume hours and hours on a selected topic that they’re writing. Things like RSS feed, Facebook, twitter and all alternative factors don’t distract them whereas they’re busy writing their blogs. ensure that you simply devote the full time to your diary after you have determined to sit down for an equivalent. Doing the right thing at the right time, instead of looking at traffic report can help you become successful blogger in due course of time.

Don’t exaggerate Yourself

Have you felt that you simply have overstressed yourself as a result of a really strict schedule of getting to frequently produce more blog posts? Your blog won’t be lost if you are taking a chance for each day or 2. The tight schedule simply may strain you most that you simply would eventually hand over blogging. associate impactful post per week can do wonders rather than weak posts every day.

Checking Statistics Won’t facilitate

Don’t waste precious time in mere checking the amount of traffic driven, RSS subscriber stats, your earning stats and everyone such thing. The statistics can improve only you’re employed towards rising your web blog. Actively engaged on the items that might attract a lot of visitor traffic to the web blog that returns success. you’ll check the stats just one occasion in a very day.

Don’t Waste all of your free time or time for leisure activities

People with high blogging goals won’t even waste their rest time in doing things like watching TV, taking a nap or different such activities. they’d simply specialise in the way to build their blogs a lot of engaging so that a lot of and a lot of folks would visit your blog. Remember, the additional work you put in raising the blogs, a lot of quickly see the specified results. Wasting your time in leisure can lessen your chances to become successful blogger .

Be Passion and Patient with Your Blogs

One of the largest motivating factors for your web blog writing endeavour is your passion towards it. web blog Passion could be a true issue. If your web blog topic is some things that basically interests you, it’ll be abundant easier for you to encourage yourself to figure thereon.

Blogging while not passion or Blogging for passion?

Ans: Blog for passion.

Bottom Line:

If you wish to be a booming content author, remember, that you simply are committed to sharing actual and necessary information with your readers through your blogs. you would like to move in terms of your time and energy and will be an active and a self-motivated individual wanting to create it huge within the blogging state of affairs. build a schedule for your blogs and keep on with an equivalent and see however success follows you and thus, you become successful blogger .

How to encourage your blog Readers Share Blog Articles ?

drive Targeted traffic

What is the formula to ensure your blog readers share blog articles ?

When we cite SEO in the present and upcoming years, one amongst the most important issue for upper-level web blog is its Social media signal. We must ensure our audience or readers share blog articles gladly. It’s definitely clear, that Google+ have the very best impact in programme ranking and it’s a section of Google analytics and Google Webmaster tool. Though, this text isn’t simply targeted for Google+ however to all or any the social bookmarking and networking website. the plan here is to encourage & inspire readers to share articles. It’s not a rocket science to grasp what quite article readers like and what are the factors that influence the readers share blog articles.


Social Media Presence – A Milestone to have a satisfied blogging.


Social Networking forms an enormous a part of any winning diary or web site. the dimensions of Social Networking, sharing, re-tweeting, +1, staggering etc will confirm the scale and recognition of a web blog and also the quality of its content. thus what makes individuals send recommendations towards your web blog by doing the higher than aforesaid actions? Why would individuals wish to share your content with their friends and family? What do they gain by sharing what you’ve got to say? By learning the solution to those queries, you’ll be able to perceive the way to inspire your readers Share blog articles.

What Makes Your readers share a piece of writing on Social Media?

I will take an example to answer this question, Imagine that your phone wasn’t working well with your software and you was feeling terribly sad and you may simply tell that you felt helpless. Then you went on Google and explore for, shall we say “How to make my phone work?”, and you get a web blog post, following the directions of that helps you get to grasp your recover your phone to normal and it finally starts feeling reception. Now you head to Twitter or Facebook and say “This article extremely helped me solve some problems with my new phone” and Share the article.Why did you are doing this? You were Grateful for the insight provided by the article, it helped you out. you wish others who face identical issues or are in want of that info to be ready to reach that article. this can be why individuals share a piece of writing, they’re either –

  1. Looking for the data that the article provided.
    Entertained by the Article (may be Video, Image or a decent story) and wish others to visualise it too.
    They feel that the article could facilitate some other person, like one amongst their friends or family, who had been longing for such information.
  2. They feel that the article talks concerning a problem that others ought to bear in mind of.
    Remember that once individuals share your articles with their friends and family, they trust you and your info, ensure you are doing not let them down.

What do your readers gain by sharing?

A Person decides to Share a piece of writing only they finished reading it and feel that they have to share it attributable to one amongst the reasons mentioned on the top. They are willing to share it on condition that they suppose it’s aiming to add price to others, they share it only if the article has already imposed some price to them(the reader). Once someone is grateful for the worth you’ve got else, sharing comes naturally.You have already provided them with an incentive to Share, you’ve got provided them with quality content.Your readers have already gained what they wished before even sharing. This is the first step that you can take to make readers share blog articles

Do web blog readers wish to Share?

Definitely.People like to share what helps them, what entertains them.In social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, what quite news and articles you share will confirm what kind of person you’re. Some individuals pride themselves on being a social media whizz by sharing nice social media news and articles on a daily basis. Some individuals show what proportion they love a sport by sharing news and posts a few sports Etc. Sharing will facilitate with an identity for someone on-line, thus individuals like to share what they like.

How will we have a tendency to inspire our readers to share web blog posts?

One issue that you ought to learn is: notice your web blog audience and demographics. See, what social media they wish to use a lot of together with your web blog. as an example, a piece of writing on Facebook is presumably to induce a lot of Fb share and like. a commentary on Twitter promoting can get a lot of Tweets so on. relying upon your niche, notice what works best for you. Here are some that, I recommend and decide one that works for you: Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, come across, Delicious, LinedIn, Share this, Email, Print.

From what we have a tendency to simply scan, we will learn to inspire our readers with the following ways in which –

Give individuals what they require. This can be all about your Niche sites. It could also be individuals visit your web blog to find out concerning an article of water showers, in that case, provide them in-depth info concerning the piece of water shower.
Ask individuals what they require to grasp concerning, you’ll be able to do that by creating a straightforward Poll or by asking them to require a survey. indite their fashionable queries, build your article the one stop buy all the data they have.
Encourage them. It doesn’t hurt raise them to share by adding a by-line within the finish with the simple sharing tools like Floating Share Buttons.
Create Content that’s not solely nice in Quality, however, is additionally spell-binding. Your article should grab the eye of your readers.

A lot of Trivial ways in which of Motivating your Readers to Share –

One of the foremost vital issues of encouraging readers to share is giving social bookmarking buttons an outstanding place. Now, suppose from your sharing habits. People, wish to share articles once they’re finished reading. Social bookmarking buttons below web blog posts or floating buttons gets a lot of CTR, as readers may wish to share or marker your article when reading.
Include some connected pictures and Videos that complement your written content.
Try to increase your Social Network Size, that’s obtaining a lot of followers and Subscribers. These individuals are a lot of possible to Share your Content as they already approved of the standard of your website.
Post your new content on all of your Social areas, like on your Facebook Page, Twitter Page, Google and Etc.. Give the choice of sharing the content directly from there. This will ensure readers share blog articles from their feeds.


One of the factors which individuals typically miss is, inserting bookmarking buttons in Feeds. If you’re exploitation Feedburner, it offers a choice to add distinction buttons like Digg, delicious, SU once the article in feeds. This can be definitely helpful if you’ve got a smart quantity of feed subscribers.
Remember nice Content is in itself an enormous Motivation issue to Share, hinge on it. that ought to be the inspiration wherever you begin from. One thing, that you ought to focus besides obtaining share is get a lot of followers. Social media sharing is just one factor, however, if you exchange your first-time readers into your subscribers, you’ve got done it right. If reader is sharing article however not subscribing to your fan pages or Email account, it’s time to appear on the issue that is stopping them from subscribing to your Email or Fan pages.

Social media signals: Do Social Media Count? Yes.

Blogging will not feel complete without being 100 percent documented and completely different tricks work for various web blog. you’ve got to grasp your audience and provide them with the most effective of what you bought and see a variety of social engagement encouraging for you each day. Ensure that your readers share blog articles from your blog, else analyse the situation.


Last however not least, if you discover this text informative enough, I might like to see you sharing it and be a part of our Email account for a lot of updates. Also, allow us to recognise that trick worked best for you to encourage readers to share articles?

Blog Beginners – How to succeed in Blog Patience Passion ?

blog patience passion

Web Blog Patience Passion – How to make a remarkable existance with this formula?

We will explore the formula – Blog Patience Passion in this post. The fact that this web blog is visited by flourishing bloggers from completely different profiles, I dared to write down a piece of a basic component in blogging, the component that several people unconsciously forget – one among the best points of our morality known as PATIENCE.


Most people suffer from the dearth of patience and sadly we have a tendency to cannot challenge it, however simply many have extremely achieved it and that they are the WINNERS. Or they’re not?!

The take of blog patience passion can be related to a quote by an American author, Joyce Mayor,

“Patience isn’t merely the ability to wait. Instead, it’s how we behave while we tend to wait”

I think that we have a tendency to cleared everything currently. most beginner blogger goes through varied difficulties throughout his blogging career, therefore I will be able to advise you, my dear colleagues, if you’re thinking that that success in blogging comes easy in an every day, month or a year, stop reading this text from following sentence, cuz you’re judged to fail.

Stuck in dreams ( Blog Patience Passion )?

Nobody on this world has achieved nothing without sweat, without blood as a result of everything has its own value.therefore my dear fellow bloggers, if you have got simply entered in blogging, STOP dreaming of success and cash.folks don’t pay your dreams they pay you the favours you are doing to them, therefore keep that in mind and begin operating.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.


A popular quote by Walt Disney,

If you can dream it

you can do it.

Beware, your dreams will be your jail particularly if you’re an individual parasite who spends all the day lying in bed with just a dream in your hands. Please, awaken my friend, if you want an action. nobody will build your dream come true higher than yourself. Wanna you be a professional blogger? It’s time to assume you are a pro blogger, to act sort of a pro blogger, albeit you’re simply a beginner.

This way of thinking can assist you to increase your horizons, causes you are too thirsty for learning and improvement of your blogging skills. If you’re thinking that a stupid “online cash creating formula” you see on the net can provide to you the chance to earn thousands of greenbacks simply by doing “nothing” you actually have tied yourself. however even if it had been true, keep out and start your journey simply by wishing on yourself.

I know that the majority of you’ll solicit from me what’s wrong with earning cash in such approach, however the reality is that earning cash while doing nothing i.e., thought of becoming rich within a week can limit your capacities to the most and can not allow you to continue straight ahead to what you have got supposed to do– to become a booming blogger. The comfort that offers you the money you have attained while not effort can kill your skills and dreams. Take some minutes and browse other successful blogger’s journey. I would advise you to visit the top earning blogs.

Educate yourself patiently and begin operating exhausting to form your dreams return true.

Time vs. Patience (Blog Patience Passion)

Everything during this world has the dimension known as Time. each our activity needs time to be complete. Tell me, are you able to watch an entire pic of one hour and twenty minutes for simply twenty minutes? That’s not possible, given that you begin skipping it which implies you have got not seen the complete pic. Most people assume that success isn’t mattered of your time. we tend to find shortcuts that get to the top as shortly as attainable, by skipping all the stages of our development as a booming blogger. Let success return naturally. however, we must always forget ridiculous things and use our brain to become the lords of our minds. we must always avoid being manipulated by our stupid passions. Don’t let your engine which is able to result in the highest to be the success of others, however, let it serve to you as steering and path to attain what you were supposed to attain.

Beware! Time could be a ruthless monster. If you’re not careful with him, he merely can engulf you. you ought to learn the art of patience, the sole factor that may assist you to face the monster known as time.

I will allow you to currently to assume and find out what you actually need in your life. If you have got any concern or suggestion relating to the current topic, I invite you to form somewhat discussion here.

6 Proven Ways to Increase your blog comment strategic conversation

Data Analytics Global Internship

Nowadays, Blogging is taken into account because the best web selling tool through that you’ll be able to share your data and experience. With the exception of search engine traffic, a blog helps in making a community and begin an open communication and find people’s opinion concerning it. Blog Comment Strategic conversation can help you grow at a faster pace. You may have detected several blogs with less traffic, however terribly high strategic conversations rate. Such blogs are visual percept for Advertisers, as individuals tend to trust and follow such active blogs and therefore advertisers get their value driven for cash rather well.

5 commenting prescript each blogger ought to grasp for Blog Comment Strategic conversation:

A web blog with thousands of nice post without any strategic conversation rate is sort of a dead man walking, there’s no purpose that you just would really like to trust that blog.

In this post, I’m not talking concerning the way to drive traffic, however, are serving to you to extend strategic communication on your web blog to extend revenue. Although, on the web, you may notice several articles concerning traffic generation for your blog. Even on
These tips area unit generic and might escort any kind of web blog, be it BlogSpot, WordPress, Tumblr or the other blogging system:

Working ways in which to extend weblog comments and Conversations:

Faster loading blog pages can get a foothold:-

A fact, everybody loves a quick loading website, be it a visitant or a Google bot. In fact, a quick loading website helps in raising your search engine ranking. If your blog is loading terribly slowly, then your guests can for certain try and get out of it and can leave your blog while not reading the content. additional over a blogger who is commenting to extend his on-line presence would favour commenting on a blog post that loads quickly.

Note: A Blog Comment Strategic conversation can help you grow at a faster pace
Perfect and straightforward Commenting System:-

This is another issue, that determines the amount of comments on your blog. If your blog Commenting type may be a nightmare for a commentator, don’t expect to induce several comments. employing a commenting type that helps users to input his field instantly, would be terribly helpful. On WordPress, I like the default commenting system otherwise, you will use some advanced commenting system like DISQUS, Intense debate.

Especially, I hate BlogSpot blog commenting system, as they’re hectic to read and comment. continuously bear in mindless clicks for your readers can facilitate them to browse additional pages from your website and equally one click commenting system is a necessary. For BlogSpot, you’ll be able to strive alternate commenting systems like DISQUS, Intense dialogue and plenty of others.

For commentators, you’ll be able to use Firefox extension like the easy comment to quickly fill out the default commenting type on WordPress blogs. you’ll be able to additionally take into account adding Facebook commenting system, that is claimed to accrued spoken language rate on your blog and additionally decrease down the spam comments on your blog. although default commenting system is nice enough, however, if you integrate multiple login choices like Facebook connect or Twitter login, you may notice a large increase in comments for traffic coming back from similar sites.


To start a strategic communication on your blog, you need to be a section of it. If you’re an admin and reply to any or all the comments, you doing it right, however, you’ll be able to continuously use it for additional exposure. for instance. once a commentator reply, you’ll be able to continuously acknowledge and appreciate his comments and alongside it, you’ll be able to additionally raise a matter to initiate a strategic communication. If a commentator notices a retardant to his resolution, you’ll be able to continuously counsel him to take your blog to ensure he is receiving such helpful tips and updates. For any follow-up comment, you’ll be able to continuously add a link to your earlier post and this drive traffic to previous posts and additionally decrease bounce rate.

Place A ‘ prime Commentators ” widget On Your blog:-

Top commentators plugin shows the highest commentator for a selected time-frame and it’s setting permits you to vary the link to Dofollow when a sure range of comments. This plugin encourages alternative bloggers to be a lively a part of your blog commenting so as to induce a do to follow backlink alongside targeted traffic. you’ll be able to notice a listing of web blog victimisation prime commentator plugin here.

Conduct Contests Between Commentators for blog comment strategic conversation :-

This step is predicated on the concept – ‘ Reward & Rule ‘! If you conduct contests by giving some gifts or rewards to your prime commentators, then comments will definitely flow on your web blog sort of a stream. I exploit to give away one slot on my web blog to the highest commentators of a selected month. This step will actually increase the number of comments on your web blog.

I think that the following tips will definitely facilitate the new web blogs to grow on and to extend the proportion of conversations on your blog ! have you ever enjoyed the article, do let me know!

How these students built a profitable startup in college towards Rs 5 Cr in revenues

Best Hosting of startup – 5 Cr. in revenue shows all student can run startup successfully.

Three years ago, Zeeshan and a group of his second-year batchmates from SRM Universitywere sitting and having their usual hostel room conversations. Apart from fluid mechanics, which was the study topic for the evening, everything ranging from politics, economics, astrophysics, and startups to even Sunny Leone was covered in their conversations.

The founding team of Climber
The founding team of Climber ( foundation and best hosting of startup )

But the needle stuck on one topic — their real passions. While one wanted to become a writer, the other wanted to be an economist, but what they were really doing was sitting in a hostel room, studying a topic they had no interest in and pursuing a course they had never felt connected to.

This situation wasn’t unique to them; millions of other students who are forced into conventional courses due to uninformed career choices experience the same thing. This hit Zeeshan Mohammed (22) really hard and he decided to launch a youth organisation which would help teens make informed career choices.

Borrowing Rs 60,000 from his parents, he kick-started his venture, The Climber, in August of 2013 at the age of 19.

Of learning and pivots

Initially known as Inking Pages, the venture was first an editorial magazine, with the founders conducting events for schools. Joining the magazine were other co-founders — Sameer Ramesh (21), Fatema Hussain (22), and Ruhan Naqash (22) joined the business.

However, understanding the challenges to scale, the firm pivoted the model into a full-fledged mentoring platform called by April of 2015.

The founders were always focused on moving beyond the conventional way of writing exams, mugging up topics, and getting placed through college recruitments.

Today, Zeeshan defines Climber as a youth-run education startup, currently incubated out of NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore. Through their curated events and youth programmes, the startup aims at mentoring young students to make informed career decisions.

The Climber  

Zeeshan tells us that their main product in the market is their mentoring platform, where students take part in mentoring workshops around a specialised topic of interest. The month-long workshops, starting from the 15th of every month, are structured to give insights to these young students in terms of knowledge and career.

According to the founders, there are a minimum of 20 people in every batch with mentors less than 25 years of age. Explaining the reason for the same, Zeeshan tells us,

The reason mentors are so young is that we want the mentees to connect with them. We would like a person who has gone through the challenges recently, rather than having gone through circumstances 10-15 years ago, which might even be irrelevant today.

In return, the mentors’ projects get funded. As much as 20–33 percent of the amount paid by each mentee is paid to the mentors for the guidance provided.

The firm claims to have 220–240 people signing up for these courses every month. Till now, a total of over 1,800 mentees and more than 25 captains have conducted mentorship sessions across 14 fields of varying interests. This has doubled from an average of 80 enrolments per month since last year. Moreover, these sessions are held completely online, with users logging on to either the MyCaptain website or the web application.

However, to make learning more refined and target more individuals, Climber is aiming to add broad subject-oriented courses rather than specialisations. Zeeshan explains the same,

We are going a layer below by adding subject-oriented mentorship rather than just sticking to specialisation-oriented sessions. This means that if there is a session on mechanics or robotics, we want to add a course for engineering below it. This helps the child understand whether he is interesting in engineering as a subject in the first place.

Each workshop signup (month-long) costs users Rs 1,000.

The second business model for the startup is their events, which are held in various cities. Although working only as marketing initiatives, the firm has been successful in making profits from these events. Yes, that can be a best hosting of startup.

Under the brand name Indian Youth Conclave (IYC), the Climber gets YouTubers, artists, TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and musicians from across India to interact with teenagers in a particular city. The team has successfully conducted IYC in Chennai and Nagpur, while looking to hold the event in Delhi and Bengaluru next. According to the company, the event has a footfall ranging between 800 and1,000 teenagers from various schools and colleges across cities.

The firm also organises events like ‘Lit Up’ in the domain of literature and an annual entrepreneurship summit called Kickstart.

The addressable market for the startup is teenagers from the age of 14 to 22.

best hosting of startup
A snapshot of a panel discussion held at Climber’s Indian Youth Conclave held in Nagpur this year

Climbing up and steady   

Witnessing revenues of Rs 16 lakh last fiscal year, the firm is looking to earn Rs 50 lakh in revenues this fiscal year. In college alone, the team was making more than Rs 1.5 lakh on a monthly basis. At present, the team is focused on developing their tech platform while releasing app versions on Android and iOS.

The aim is to reach Rs 1.5 crore in revenues by the end of fiscal year 2017–18. Close to 40 percent of the firm’s revenues still come from events, and the firm has already made roughly Rs 18 lakh in the last five months this way.

Zeeshan says that this ratio will fall as they evolve and develop their tech platform in the next few months.

In the next seven months, the firm strives to achieve 20 percent month-on-month growth while scaling to a volume of more than 1,000 mentees. ( The best hosting of startup is on progress)

On the technology front, the firm is also looking to integrate machine learning to understand user behaviour. This will further help users who are clueless about what session to take to narrow down on a decision.

Zeeshan says,

It has been an amazing experience so far having started up in college, faced bankruptcy and debt, getting out of it and bootstrapping to a revenue of over Rs 30 lakh over the last 18 months, having seen a change of team, and finally getting incubated by NSRCEL.

The firm claims to be profitable as of now.

Best hosting of startup
From Climber’s Indian Youth Conclave

The scenario Best hosting of startup

Edtech startups are clearly disrupting India’s education scenario. Byju’s just raised a heavy round of $50 million from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) and Sequoia Capital, dropping the funding spark in this segment. The best hosting of startup is also attainable.

However, career counselling is an interesting field to disrupt with millions of children in India facing similar issues. Further, looking at the edutech scenario, it is high time that career counselling moved online.

Vedantu, Simplilearn, Toppr, Iprof, Meritnation and Talentedge are some of the well-known names in the industry.

In the last year ending March 31, the edtech segment raised $85 million.

Climber seems to be in certain aspects be closer to certification preparation portalSimplilearn in terms of mentorship. However, Simplilearn seems to have an evolved model of specialisations for career growth rather than career counselling.



200 people landed their Dream Intern/ Job using this extension – What about you?

GET your dream intern with grammarly

Landing in your Dream Intern/Job Made easy and less competitive

For Every Student, proof-reading of Resume, CV, emails and blogs had been very important while applying for Internships,Placements and while sending official emails over the internet. Non-native English student face very high mistake levels while writing important emails and forms.

Use this plugin
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Grammarly is an advanced, full-featured grammar and spell checker that integrates with almost anything you write online.

Typing on any text editor field in Microsoft Word, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or email activates the tool by underlining any error in real time.
For example, I’m typing this in Email at the moment, and as I type I would get underlines below the text that have errors. To check what the mistakes are, I just hover over them to see a description of the error. I can then click on this to view the suggested correction.

In addition to this, Grammarly also supports Microsoft Word.

Grammarly corrector in email

Click the image to see Grammarly in Action

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

How to work with Grammarly?

Grammarly works with the Google Chrome Plugin and Microsoft word Extension . Installing Grammarly plugin on chrome will detect grammar issues wherever you type on the browser. Grammarly algorithms are accurate and are very helpful.

Why do I need to use Grammarly?

1. Write perfect Resume, CV, Professional and personal Emails, Word Documents without any grammatical errors

Grammarly detects any error as soon as you type your documents. It’s instantaneous and works with your speed of writing. When you detect an error, you prevent further errors. That is a big advantage for writing with Grammarly.

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

2. Prepare yourself for exams like TOEFL and improve your English skills

Grammarly has been a very good friend for students in making their career. When you are going to apply for higher Studies MS, Mba or any other course abroad, you are tested on your English skills. Using Grammarly, you will be able to correct yourself and learn from every correction. Learning English as a core is never possible on the day before exams. So, Grammarly is your friendly partner.

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

3. Get Detailed Reports on your word usage

It has been a custom at Grammarly to make students understand their writing. I had been using Grammarly for the past 6 months and I was pleased to get my performance reports. I had attached a screenshot of my performance report. Well, It completely boosts my confidence level. So try and find out yours by signing up!

Review your Grammar with Grammarly

Review your Grammar with Grammarly

Use this Chrome Plugin and Register to get your Dream Intern/Job

On what website hosting should I host my new blog?

new blog website hosting

When you had planned to start a blog, the first 3 primary questions that should arise in your mind will be.

1. What is the niche of the blog

2. What is the website domain name of the blog

3. Who will be your new blog website hosting

Taking the above 3 steps in a wise manner will help you lessen your effort to grow your blog in future. Yes! you heard it right. The Traffic received by your blog in future can be increased to a great extent from your beginning stage. You will learn the trick from this post.

Choosing the niche of your blog and buying domain name related to the niche helps you as a part of SEO.

Now, Shifting to new blog website hosting, you have so many web host available. If you are plunging to the blog full time, I would recommend hosting by Godaddy!

In case, you don’t want to pay high for your website hosting, you would be interested to know about shared hosting.

Using Shared website hosting for your blogs!

Shared hosting is a concept where many websites are hosted on a single server. That means your website would lack a dedicated server, and many websites share one server.

New Blog Website Hosting with Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular shared hosting platform. With Hostinger Free Hosting, you can host your blog / website for free.

Hostinger Free Webhosting provides

  • 2000MB disk space and 100000 MB bandwidth.
  • Free Domain Email Accounts : 2
  • mySQL Database: 2 [ Which is more than sufficient for wordpress blogs ]
  • Subdomains: 2

I had displayed the plan details here for your reference:

new blog website hosting

Hostinger new blog website hosting for free

Why would you go for free website hosting for your new blog initially?

There are several reasons – some personal and some financial;

For some bloggers, investment to create a blog should be minimum. This is purely a personal choice with a financial choice. For some bloggers, they are trial blogging – which means they are not totally into blogging, but would try to explore the field.

These are some common cases one would opt for a free website hosting. But remember, Free hosting can be useful at initial stages, but shared hosting can never handle high traffic. In that scenario, you got no option, other than shifting to paid website hosting.

7 Reasons I think you should start blogging

why start blogging

An ignorant person with a bad character is like an unarmed robber, but a learned person with a blog is a robber fully armed.

— Mickey Kaus

Every blogger at present had always had a thought at the beginning. Should I start a Blog? Why should I start a Blog? Am I wasting my time upon Blogging? Well, if you are on this track, then you may assume that this post is just made for you.

So, Why should you start blogging ?

1. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself

Wordpress vs blogger

Express yourself and your views

Remember the days when you have learned something that always pleased you! Well, Blogging is an interesting documentation of a niche of your interest. Blogging is something you can care as your own understanding or as your own publication. At last, you express yourself with your blog.

2. Blogging makes you understand ‘Sharing is Caring’

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Sharing is Caring!

Most Bloggers have a common mindset – ‘Sharing their Knowledge’. Among Amateur blogger, most of them fail to understand that a single blog post of theirs, can enlighten someone to a large extent. When you concentrate on a single niche, you are targeting the right people to view your blog. And yes, that’s when you realise ‘Sharing is Caring’

3. Blogging helps you make a lot of money!

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Make Real Money Blogging

Yes, you heard that right. Blogs are good at generating revenue when the content and traffic to your blog is good enough. Some revenue generating ways are Contextual Ads, Affiliate marketing etc.. Many bloggers across the globe had been part-time. Soon, many had turned professionals.

Some bloggers inspire others by sharing the income generated. In fact, I had been motivated personally by one such blogger and had started my blog.

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Remember, you can be the next Millionaire with blogging.

4. Blogging is the new way to inspire others!

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Inspire and be inspired

Blogging your thoughts or facts, not just benefits you, it has a potential of inspiring people across the globe. Blogging is an act of giving. You invest your time, energy onto writing a material and allow free access to the world. When at least one gets inspired with your writing, Phew! That’s a wonderful piece of work.

5. Blogging makes you feel more confident!

start blogging confidence

start blogging confidence

Blogging is an art. Within a few months of blogging, you tend to realise that you lead an important life, with your own unique views. To know that someone out of the blue gets benefitted, you just get your confidence meter boosted.

6. Blogging, in turn, creates your knowledge diary!

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Create your Knowledge Diary

Yes! We all have learnt something that we would love to remember over a period of time. Blogging helps you realise how observant you were and how observant you are now. Blogging helps you greatly in your personal growth too.

7. Blogging makes you a recommender who the world would trust!

why start blogging recommender

start blogging recommender

We all love being a recommended – be it either recommending a nice restaurant to eat, or a nice dish to be made. How about recommending to whole a bunch of your readers ? Your readers tend to have similar opinion to yours. So, your recommendations can matter a lot to your readers.