Adsense Guide: Get your Google AdSense account Approved

Adsense Guide: Get your Google AdSense account Approved

Google Adsense account approval

Google Adsense Account Approval Guide

Google AdSense – a contextual Advertisement Network owned by Google stands the easiest and trustworthy network for professional bloggers to earn money and share information over the internet. For some bloggers, Adsense revenue stands as the single most standalone revenue generator.

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Google Adsense is widely used by advertisers all over the world and publishers are website owners all over the world. In order to maintain the quality and prevent spam websites from misusing AdSense, Google has some strict stringent and transparent application procedure.

Let us dive into the Google Adsense account approval process – 2016

1. Firstly, as an applicant, you need to have a registered google adsense account.

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As you have created your account now and had submitted your website URL details and the niche of your website, Adsense network provides you with a javascript code of an Ad to be placed on your website.

2. Secondly, you have to place the Ad code onto the website URL you had mentioned. Adsense looks into the URL mentioned and reviews your website. It typically takes 1-2 days for the Adsense specialist to review your website completely.

3. Thirdly, Adsense would approve your website if it compiles with the Adsense policies, Terms and Conditions. There’s a good chance of disapproval for new blogs or websites that don’t contain enough content or that are not in terms with the Adsense Policies.

Note: The above process mentioned is applicable for ‘Adsense for Content’ Program of Google. If you have an approved Google Adsense account for displaying Ads on youtube, it doesn’t guarantee you as a member on ‘Adsense for content’. Hence, if you have an active AdSense account for displaying ads in youtube, you are ought to follow the above steps to get Adsense for Content.

Once you get your Adsense account approval, you are all set to place Ad elements on your website. Getting an Adsense account doesn’t give you the right to place Ads on any website. Though the earlier version of Adsense allowed it, the service had been disabled due to misuse. If you want to display Ads on any other website, it is recommended to register the website for approval at your Adsense.

Adsense account approval – A few restrictions of Adsense which you can never overcome instantly

1. Your age must be 18 or above in order for Adsense to work

2. The age of the domain must be above 6 months.

Though the age of domain mentioned above is a straightforward condition of AdSense policy, I had personally seen domains aged one month with satisfactory content and quality get approved for Adsense. So, if your blog is content rich within 6 months of domain age, don’t feel strange to apply for google Adsense.

Common Misconception: There’s a common misconception among several applicants that Adsense approval is dependant on website traffic. Well, this is incorrect and Adsense doesn’t look keen into the traffic volumes. But, it is always a plus point to have a decent traffic and a good SEO strategy for your blog to get an instant Adsense account approval.

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