AdSense account Ban – Protect yourself – Adsense Guide

AdSense account Ban – Protect yourself – Adsense Guide

Adsense account ban

Google Adsense Account Ban – Explore the reason

Adsense is one of the best contextual Ad networks for displaying relevant Ads onto your website or Blog. As such, getting a google Adsense account approval is quite a tough task. Good quality content and design of your Website / blog can easily make you pass the approval process. Phew! And you thought that was the difficult step. Wait a minute! Did you ever try violating Adsense Policies or Terms & Conditions ?

Nailing the point – Maintaining your Adsense account is difficult than getting Adsense approval from Google. In this post, I would be pointing out the basic mistakes most web Entrepreneurs / bloggers do. If you had just got your Adsense account approved – I would say ‘Prevention is better than cure’. If you had just got your Adsense account banned, you must go through the list. There’s a good chance to find where you went wrong from the below list.

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Top Reason for you to face an Adsense Account Ban

1. Clicking on the Ads on your own website

Google Adsense T&C is against user generating invalid clicks. This simply means that you can’t go click on your own ads. If you have your Adsense account suspended because you clicked on your own ads, then it’s just a shame on you. When you had signed up for Adsense, you clearly made a statement that you won’t click on your own ads. If you had done this – end of discussion – you are to be blamed.

But Wait! What if someone who dislikes you, like your Ex-Girlfriend, your business competitor or the kid you picked up a fight in your third grade does this ? Well, According to google, you are completely responsible for the Ad Segment you had placed on your website. So, this also counts as an invalid click. This time, without any second thought, your Adsense account would get suspended.

Update: Google had changed its T&C . As of now, Invalid clicks doesn’t lead to an Adsense account ban but you are temporarily barred from displaying Ads. You can appeal the decision of google by an appeal form. After a successful investigation, if you are in no way responsible of the invalid clicks, you get back your Adsense account.

2. Publishing Ads on E-mails you send:

If you wish to increase your revenue by emailing the ads to your targets, you will result in an Adsense account ban. Traffic sources help google prevent mishaps from happening.

3. Generating Views to your website via bots or Traffic Exchanger or Paid Traffic:

If you try producing artificial Ad Impressions with the help of bots or Traffic Exchanger, you have a very good chance of getting an Adsense account ban for Lifetime. Always remember that the traffic source for your website is always underscan by google. If any malpractice such as bots or traffic exchange activity is detected – it’s time you forget about google Adsense. I had personally seen bloggers buying traffic or using traffic exchange program at Hitleap. All attempts had been a failure. There’s no way out other than facing an Adsense account ban.

4. Manipulating and Playing with the Ad Target Mechanism:

Adsense is the best contextual Ad network because it serves targeted Ads by tracking the activities of the viewer. If you try to provide keywords that are irrelevant to the website, just to target high CPC ads, you will get your account terminated. This is difficult to find out, but once when google does, you are out of the game. Trust me. Google will.

5. Encouraging Users to Interact with Ad Elements:

Some websites use statements requesting the users to click on Ads. This is defined as an invalid click by google. Some websites go with the terms

  • “We are shifting to new servers. Click Below and help us”
  • “Click the banner below to download”

Some websites go with the image symbols like an arrow mark suggesting the users to click on Ads. When any such breach is detected, you are out of the game for the lifetime. Forget Adsense.

6. Placing Ads in a manner that can generate accidental clicks:

The techniques used to generate accidental clicks generates a high CTR. The Average CTR for google ads is around 2% – 3%. When your CTR goes high, your account and website come under review by google. If you place the Ads in a manner that encourages accidental clicks, your result in an Adsense account ban.

7. If you Embed your ads in applications:

If you embed your ad in a desktop application or in a chrome plugin or any other tool outside of your website, you are likely to fan a lifetime Google Adsense account ban.

8. Copyright Infringement:

Google doesn’t like you trying to monetize the hard work of others. Most websites holding copyrighted content will never get accepted by Adsense. If you get your Adsense account approved, and later upload copyrighted contents, you are likely to face a ban. It’s always advised to give credits, whenever you upload copyrighted content onto your website.

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There are multiple other reasons and stories by people who had been blocked by Adsense Program. The best way to understand:

Learn from Other’s Mistake.

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