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What Important things should I do after my First Blog Post ?

The day when you start a blog is quite unique. We don’t start a blog every day. Do we? Thereafter, as you publish your first blog post, it is necessary to take certain special care. This post is not going to be about the way you publish your posts, instead, it is about the things to do after you publish one. This factor greatly decides the success of the blog.

Hitting the publish button on the screen doesn’t ensure you get the traffic that the quality of the posts deserves. There are few strategies you must apply to reap the maximum benefit of incoming traffic.

Important things to do after Writing your First Blog Post


1. Submit Your Blog Posts to Directories:

The primary necessary thing you must think after hitting the ‘publish’ button is about the search engine recognition. As soon as you start a blog, your domain and its web pages are not indexed by google. Hence, as a blogger, it is completely your responsibility your domain to directories. One common misconception is that submitting to directories would get you traffic. This is directly not true, but indirectly? Yes. Submitting your domain and sitemaps to google, bing, yahoo directories can help you take a place in google search results page w.r.t. the quality of the posts.

This is the first and foremost thing to do after publishing your first blog post.


2. Crucial Time to initiate your Guest Blogging:

The favourable things to do after your first blog post would be to publish a guest post on blogs related to your niche. Many bloggers go with ideologies such that ‘Fill our own blog, then fill others’. This is totally wrong and please do not rely on such terms. Start guest blogging from the day you start blogging seriously. The Quality backlinks generated by guest blogging can seriously increase your page ranking or domain authority, thus increasing your visibility among google search results.


3. Start Commenting on Others Blog:

Maintain your visibility online is an important task for newbie bloggers. Now that, you have your blog, it’s time to build up quality backlinks to your blog. When you comment on a blog, you create a backlink to your blog indirectly. This will affect the SEO of your blog positively. It is possible to even get traffic from blog comments. So, never remove the blog comment from your development strategies.


4. Network with Other Bloggers of same and different niche

Networking is an important concept in the survival of online bloggers. Networking never makes you feel alone. As a blogger, your networking ability can relate to your success. It is good to let other bloggers know you exist. At the same time, never go desperate. Desperation kills your dream to success. Chuck out your idea of emailing another big shot blogger until and unless you have any personal contact with him/her. Networking is connecting socially. It is not about sending emails like spam. Try to make acquaintance with the influential professional blogger, say, for example, start with commenting on their tweets, retweet or share their posts on facebook. Eventually, you would succeed in networking with most big shot bloggers.

5. Plan out your upcoming Blog Posts

Having completed points 1 to 4, you would be having your time to write your upcoming blog posts. There’s no hurry in publishing your next blog post. At the same time, don’t delay it way too much as it can hamper your growth. Make sure your articles have quality content and scrape any post that doesn’t have one. Delivering quality content is the foremost attitude for bloggers. Make sure you abide by it. The quality post gets you quality audience and returning visitors.


After doing these steps, it’s time for you to explore, experiment and ignite your mind in blogging. A successful blogger learns through experience. So, follow your goals, experiment with experiences. You will surely become a successful blogger since the day of your first post.

What have you followed in your blogging journey after your first post? Do let us know in the comment section below.