Everyone wants to make it to the top of the google SERP. What requirements should your site have in order to compete with others? What do you think that can make your website top the SERP? To help us out, google webmasters had come up with some basic guidelines for a perfect SEO .

If you think cracking the complicated google algorithms, you are going one step down in achieving your goal. Instead following webmaster guidelines for SEO can be of much help.

The 5 basic google webmaster guidelines for a perfect SEO is listed for better ranking:

1. Make Webpage for users not for search engines:

Avoid cloaking.

Cloaking: Cloaking is a popular black hat SEO technique where the content provided for the users to browse is different from the content provided to the search engine spider.

Google loves websites that don’t try black hat techniques. Make web pages rich in content as much as possible. Give a meaning to your site. Concentrate on your website core idea and work on it. If you are working on a blog, concentrate on the focus keyword for every post.

2. Make a perfect site navigation:

Make sure that all public pages in your web page are completely accessible by the user. Having a navigation menu that can basically help in navigating to all pages is essential. Making a Universal Menu bar is preferred.

The Navigation bar shown below is my universal navigation bar.This basically navigates to all web pages in my blog.
Universal site navigation

3. Choose a suitable name for your site category items and menu items:

Google Adwords Keyword manager comes to your rescue. With Google Adwords keyword Manager, choose your category name. A competition level of low or moderate signals a good start sign. Nevertheless, with high competition keywords, you have a focused task of more rich and unique content.

4. In case of blogging, make sure your article word count exceeds 300:

Google has a primary aim of providing the user more accurate result. A content rich article should have explanations that exceed 300 words. Google is good at sensing synonyms..i.e., usage of words that has a similar meaning to the focus keyword of the blog post. Avoid recurrence of focus keyword and use alternate keywords that make the same sense as focus keyword.

5. Make your Title and h1, h2 tags contain the focus keywords of the article:

Having the focus keyword of your web page in the title, h1, h2 tags are highly essential. This makes your web page get a slightly higher preference in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). h1, h2 tags creates the basic impression that you have content specific to the keyword listed. So, this step is highly essential while building web pages.

Making a perfect SEO makes your website stand out for its content. It’s a ticket for you to showcase your website to the right audience.

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