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Venkat Ramana – studied at Arsha Vidya Mandir

Steep learning curve with Projects and Assignments

I’m pursuing Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli. I had come across TakenMind through my peers and registered in it’s training internship programs. I had registered for the stock market and the data analytics using python.

The course was of the online type with a one on one instructor to client type form of communication. Any confusion regarding the assignments or any other material was nicely cleared by them.

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Vineet J Cherian – B.Tech Computer Science

Weekly Reports and Organised Milestones made my Internship unforgettable

My experience with the TakenMind Managerial Internship was great!

TakenMind provides a good opportunity to study about hot topics from scratch. Some of the topics provided that I chose were – Marketing Management, Content Management – Keyword Analysis and Search Engine Optimization, Bitcoins and Data Analytics with Python. I had little to no knowledge about any of these topics till 2 months before. I can confidently say I know enough about some fresh and exciting topics and that this only helped me more towards satisfying my quest for knowledge.

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Aman Sapra, works at Infosys

Excellent Study Kit and Regular Reports were the best ad-ons.

I am currently pursuing PGDM, actually it struck me that all this knowledge that we are taught in lectures would be useless unless I learn some practical skills which are actually used in the industry. So to increase my practical skills I joined the Taken Mind internship. There are several pros of joining the training.They are as follows:

  1. Excellent material: When i joined the training I received reference material for the same. When I started exploring the material I was very much intrigued by the quality of the matrial. It is easy to understand for a beginner like me.
  2. Regular Assignments: The schedule was mapped out in such a way that it does not hamper your routine. You can learn from the material and you can apply your knowledge in the assignments and assignments were to be submitted at regular intervals.

It was wonderful experience for me.

On page and off page SEO techniques



 On page and off page SEO techniques

On page and off page optimization are two most touted words in the field of search engine optimization. Both are vital to the success of an online business. Though the world of SEO has changed forever with the evolution of social media, it is very important for online businesses to understand the relevance of these two processes in order to get organic traffic from search engines.
Promoting a website in general is something that any business seeking growth nowadays needs to master for best results.
SEO tactics refer to the methods used to boost your website’s search engine ranking for popular and relevant keywords and phrases for maximum exposure.

On-page SEO

On page SEO is the SEO on your actual page or blog. This is part of the SEO process specifically focused on performing tasks on your website that will help you achieve maximum rankings in google, yahoo, bing, and other top search engines.One of the most popular ways that search engines worldwide tend to rank websites is by looking for the prominence and frequency of certain keywords and phrases on various facets of your site, and assigning an appropriate degree of weight accordingly.
More weight is given to keywords and phrases that are used in prominent places such as headings, page titles, domain names, and images.
Employ the words and phrases that are most important to your site in these places wherever possible and practical for best results. However, be very careful as to not stuff your page with keywords. Keyword stuffing is an absolute no-no.
Always ensure that your chosen keywords and phrases are frequently searched by others before incorporating them into your site copy. Search the internet and see what phrases and words are the most popular. You want these words to be completely relevant to the products and services you are offering. Whenever there’s a solid opportunity to use one of your keywords in a natural-sounding fashion on your site, seize the opportunity for maximum results.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the use of keywords off your site. Search engines use mentions of your site, business name, and keywords used on other places across the web in order to determine your ranking in their results.
A detailed explanation of off page SEO

First, we have link building, which plays a big role in the google algorithm.
But it goes deeper than just link building. It’s also your backlink profile, the types of backlinks you have, the authority of those backlinks, and the quality of the backlinks.
As an example, if you’re a local business, off page optimization strategies include: claiming your google My business page, optimizing your goggle My business page with your exact address, keyword rich descriptions, choosing the correct category, adding as many images as required, adding your logo, getting your address verified, and linking to that page from your website.

Creating Local business citations

Next, you take the exact information and create citations on other local directories.
By doing this, your name, address, and phone number will be listed on hundreds of different sites. And it will match your google My business page exactly for consistency and continuity purposes, which is exactly what google wants.
Another thing about the citation pages is that all of them have reviews. So you want to focus on getting a handful of reviews for the top properties like google My business, yelp, angie’s list, and similar well-respected options.
On another note, you also may need to get citations on very niche specific directories. As an example, if you’re a plumber you’ll want to look for home-improvement directories, plumbing directories, and directories in your local community.

Contextual link building

And let’s not forget about contextual link building.
In this case, you’re working diligently to get your business listed on association sites, feature pieces on local news publications, features on industry-specific news publications, guest posts on blogs in your industry, resource page backlinks, content marketing, and tons more link building possibilities.
Remember, you’re reaching out to all of these different online publications in an effort to get contextual links pointing back to your website.

Brand awareness & other off page optimization strategies

It has been shown that a lot of people are googling your –particularly your brand name – and finding your website, your rankings will go higher for all of your keywords.
By improving your brand awareness, you are also improving your rankings.
You can use this to your advantage by hiring people to consistently type your brand name into the search engines, because this is another example of off page optimization and it definitely works to improve your rankings.
Also, your click through rate on the search engines is also important for off page optimization.
If your rank at the bottom of the 1st page of google for a particular keyword and you’re getting a high click through rate when people are searching that particular keyword string, ultimately the algorithm is going to recognize that searches like your page for this particular keyword phrase and they’ll rank you higher on the page.
That’s about it for on page and off page optimization.

5 Exciting ways bloggers draft Blog Business Plan

When bloggers decide to make Blogging as a business, it is a very crucial time to draft a plan. Every business demands a creative and effective plan. The innate nature of the business is irrespective and there is an immense need to create a plan. A Business Plan would tell the existing status of blog business and can provide broad-vision guidance for future forecasting. In order to establish a successful business, an insight into the future is gladly necessary. So How do we draft blog business plan now?

How to Draft Blog Business Plan for Bloggers

1. Expedition

The Primary question you must ask yourself is “What would be my Expedition with my blog ?”. Throw out what you want to achieve, what kind of content you want to serve with all the available resources that you would be getting your hands-on with.

With the Expedition as “Making Good Profit for quality work”, you must enhance your vision.Try to understand your readers like a king. Nurture their needs and look for leads to enhance your content. It’s always advisable to try different techniques. Failure is just an option that can fail to success in near future.

2. Bringing up Bigger Brand Image to Audience

Branding your blog business can be the best step you could take this year. iInfact, be it any year, Your draft blog business plan should have the ‘building brand image’ option always ‘ON’. As you brand your blog, the users can share your content with reference to your blog name.

3. Objectives and Goals

Every blogger has an ultimate goal to earn handsome and to establish a big brand name. The primary importance into making money is to enrich your vision into handsome goals and inturn making it as an objective. It is always recommended to find platforms that can promote your blog. Ensure to allocate specific time for each of your goal. Enrich. Work on it. Enjoy

4. SWOT Analysis

Every blogger must make him/herself aware of the following points.

S= Strength of your blog

W= Weaknesses of your blog

O= Opportunities of your blog

T= Threats to your blog

Strength of your blog :-

Your area of expertise is the strength of your blog. Let your blog has 100 authors, at the least, the blog objective is led by your strategy. Hence, find your strengths in a short run and develop a strategy that fits your blog in the long run.

Weaknesses of your blog

Overcome your weakness points of your blog. Compare your blog with your competitors. Find out the lagging content in your blog. Research and ensure your audience get a complete information about what they are looking for in your blog.

Opportunities of your blog

If a company is willing to provide you with freebies, monetary funds, advertisements, then it is a good opportunity for you.

Threats to your blog


If your blog has much competitve invadour, it is time for you to analyse threats. Providing rich and user focused content better than the competitor is essential and can enhance your brand name.

5. Monetary Plans and Investment Schedules

Without monetary cash, it is not possible to run a blog. Every Blog business plan has to focus on budget along with development. If you host your blog on a cheap web hosting platform, it can reduce your efficiency of blog. Hence to opt for a good host, you need to spend in enough cash. Thus, the financial planning comes into a controlling argument. In order to Make sure your expenditure is less than profit that you make, you must draft blog business plan for your blog

7 Incredible Viral Content Benefits every blogger should know


What are the viral content benefits in a blog?

Every passionate blogger loves to promote his/her blog and in turn drive huge traffic. Viral Content Benefits gained by a blogger is the sky limit. Here, the promotion of a blog actually refers to the promotion of the articles and content in the blog. So what are viral articles then? how are they formed? Well, viral article is actually the content that is read and has a reached a potential love in the mind of audiences that makes them share the articles. In this article let us discuss on:

How is viral content created?

What are the components of the viral content?

  • The readers of the content should find it worthwhile disgusting and sharing
  • The contention make the visitor revisit the blog again
  • The content should be easy to share
  • The content should be easy to understand
  • The content should be much interesting that the visitor will be tempted to revisit your blog
  • The content should Express the views of the users who was that your blog

So what are the benefits of creating viral content articles?

  1. Viral articles provide you free publicity and increase the number of backlinks significantly:

    I have personally seen many bloggers who have trouble creating quality backlinks and in the branding of the blogs. Viral content is a pain point solver that can potentially and abruptly hype the content. It is also the best way to brand your blog in a short period of time. The visitors have a high potential of re-visiting your blog again. A very good point that a viral content can solve is getting quality backlinks as many people share content. This helps you increase your page rank, domain authority and page authority. Thus viral content benefits firstly include the branding and backlinks.

  2. The continuous flow of traffic is maintained:

    As and when you create and share your viral content, it is possible for the content to be recirculated for a long period of time (say A Million number of times) before it demises. Viral content takes many days to die. It is the best way to maintain the traffic flow on your website. When you integrate email marketing along with viral content, we have a very good possibility of achieving success in blogging.Thus, viral content benefits secondly include the traffic flow to your blog.

  3. Recognition Gained by the blog:

    Whenever viral content is spread, your blog gets noticed by many pro-bloggers. This is a good way of promoting a blog. Social media handles like Twitter Facebook and Google Plus can greatly fetch you increased followers and likes. This will Boost Your growth on the revenue of your blog in a short period of time. Thus, viral content benefits thirdly include the recognition and fame gained by the blog in the online world.

Working with viral articles is definitely a road to success. Have you created any viral articles before? How was your experience with viral articles? Do let us know in the comment section below.

6 Amazing ways to drive Targeted traffic without Google

drive Targeted traffic

How to drive Targeted Traffic without SEO or Google

Traffic to a web blog or website is highly important to keep it on run. Having to drive Targeted Traffic to the blog is as important as prevention of crimes by batman at Gotham City. If neither of them runs out, both the website and Gotham City may face terrible consequences.

When Traffic runs out, you can never make a cent or even pay your web hosting bills, leading to the shutdown of the website business or blog. It is also clearly evident that the traffic to blogs via search engines are more common, yet, highly necessary. Also, Google Algorithms are subject to change. Well, if you wonder how does this impact me?

Well, when google algorithm changes and your website fails to qualify the demands of algorithms, you may not stand a chance on the first page of google search results. Even worse, when you violate any google algorithm terms like ‘creation of spam backlinks’ you may even be banned from search results (Kind of very rare situation).

Hmmm, so what if you end up in such crucial situation? Is it time for you shut down all? Is there any better alternative other than changing your domain name?

In the case you feel that your business or blog won’t thrive without google, then it’s time to make backup plans for traffic. Google Traffic opens the way to a lot of opportunities. This post is mainly about alternate traffic generation mechanism that you must implement on your blog or online business to safeguard your future.

So, here I am sharing few traffic generation tips for blogs or websites without being dependent on Search engines or SEO.


How to drive Targeted Traffic without Search Engine Optimisation?

What are the alternate ways to drive traffic to your blog or website?

Answer in short: Content Marketing

Well, Since you are thinking about this aspect, let me acknowledge you that there are several other mechanisms to drive traffic. The quickest method is the option to buy paid traffic content. So, after reading this post, I assure you would have good knowledge on making your blog traffic independent of search engines. Also, you must understand that the ‘Fortune favours the content’. Before jumping onto the list, make sure you have quality content or services being provided in your blog or business website respectively.

Content marketing thou is the underlying principle of the search engine, we will look it in a scope void of search engines. How to promote content marketing to targeted audiences in that consideration?


  • Providing with Infographics

Presenting the information in the form of an image or slideshow can drive targeted traffic more to your website or blog. Creating a slide show toolbar that enables the user to navigate the content can be valuable. The best way you can do is utilise and embed the slides onto your website. Video marketing in youtube along with your site link in the description can drive targeted traffic in huge volumes.


  • Post Guest Blog

Guest blog posting can get your blog more attention. Well, in fact, this is the quick and easy methodology to drive targeted traffic to your website or blog. Great point? you don’t need to have SEO strategies built into your blog for this. If you can plan out a guest post schedule, it will better brand and provide you with valuable backlinks.

  • Commenting on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs of the same niche can help you network with other fellow bloggers effectively. Always remember that the main reason for posting comments is not for the backlinks you get rewarded with. Instead, it is networking. Never try spam commenting on other’s blog as it can piss off your fellow blogger. But, commenting on others blog is a great way to drive targeted traffic .

  • Social Media

    Social Media has got its life far and wide on the internet. A single share by an active social media user can pull a huge traffic to your website or blog. Producing viral content gets its own highs. The greater the shares, the greater the reach, the greater in driving targeted traffic to your blog. It is as simple as that. Target on social media marketing, increase your facebook likes and twitter followers. This can gradually increase your reader base. Conduct social media campaigns paid promotions and utilise it to the maximum. Remember, never spam your social media with a large number of posts every day. Pick out the best posts that would favour large audience base and then post it.

  • Offline marketing

Making Online presence is vital for survival. But, are you missing on the direct traffic on your blog? Well, conducting your presence offline can get you a solution in this aspect. Now, stop thinking of spending huge payloads of money to conduct offline events. Instead, focus on the region where your audiences are present at large. The tie-up with like-minded people who are thinking on the same page as you are. Plan giveaways to your participants at the event. Make the event successful and a milestone in your achievement. When the event is successful, it is more evident for you to drive targeted traffic as a direct traffic from the known audiences.

  • Most Important tip to drive targeted traffic without SEO – Email Marketing

Getting visitors to your website or blog through alternate ways is great. The next puzzle is how to make them returning users? How to get them visit back to your site?

If you can’t get them back, it’s going to be a wastage of effort. So, always have an email signup while they visit your blog. There are various plugins that can easily request the visitors to signup for the newsletter. Then the collected email address are formed in a list format. Aweber is a WordPress Email Marketing plugin that you can use to fetch email address. It is easy to use and can manage email list easily.

There are plenty of other ways via which you can drive traffic to your website. Never let your blog survive with Search Engine Traffic. Have you got any unique method to drive traffic to your blog? Do let us know in the comment section below.

How to frame SEO friendly post Title for Blog – Traffic Strategy

blog post title

Generate Traffic with SEO Friendly Post Titles on your Blog

Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO is greatly an important factor that every blogger puts in more effort on. So, why this post on SEO friendly post title? It is a technique wherein, the blog can show up in google search results for any particular keyword being searched. It is evident that many bloggers fail to follow proper SEO strategies. Many bloggers are aware of SEO friendly themes on WordPress, but the question is.

Will using SEO friendly theme or template just increase your credibility in google search results?

The Answer is plainly ‘NO’.

The Google Algorithm Updates such as ‘Panda update’ and ‘Penguin update’ made the blogs that just used SEO friendly themes and templates fail. By this time, the higher search engine ranking is never related to your blog theme design codes. Instead, a more credible factor turns out to be the ‘Blog Post Title’. When you have over 100 articles

When you have over 100 articles on your blog, some may be popular while some do not get views. What is the reason for this at the backend? Why is it only a few articles that get major traffic?

Answer: The main reason is that the search volumes for those credible keywords placed on your blog title matched SEO standards. The Keyword Research is an important factor while writing an SEO friendly post title. This study is covered broadly under the On-Page SEO optimisations.

A Rule of thumb: The keywords must be essentially present in your blog post titles which are added in the algorithm updates.

For an example,

  1. Make your Blog Title SEO Friendly (Moderate title – will acquire less CTR)
  2. The unique Guide that makes your Blog SEO Friendly (Great title, fetches more CTR)

As we had already discussed that SEO friendly post title is greatly important for rankings, it must also be a factor that can fetch more CTR. If this step fails, your articles may not receive the traffic it would get otherwise.

Okay, so what is this post more about?

This post is more about, How to Write SEO Friendly articles that get more Search Traffic and higher CTR

How to Write SEO Friendly articles that get more Search Traffic and higher CTR?

The Example we are going to look into is “Make your Blog Title SEO Friendly”

3 Simple Steps to Write SEO Friendly Post Title

In the case you are new to SEO friendly post title , let me put it straight to you – “Your Focus Keyword must be in the Blog Post Title”

  • Analyse the Focus Keyword of the Post (Choose a keyword that your post is all about in 2 to 4 words)

Try to get the catch phrase keyword and that is the first phase of analysis. Use keyword planner such as Google Keyword planner to research about the search volumes of the keyword you are using on your posts. The results are the number of searches that are made in google with that specific keyword. Why do we do this? If the keyword chosen by you is lacking the search volume, then there is hardly any chance for search engines to provide your article to the interested people.  After analysis, you can also see the high volume search keywords as suggestions. Take a note of the suggestions too (in your mind)


  • Start Inserting the Focus Keyword that you have concluded from the previous point

Since you have figured out the keywords based on search volume, its time for you to Insert the keywords into the post title.  Since our example title is “Make your Blog Title SEO Friendly”, let us make insertions.

Chosen Focus Keyword: ‘SEO traffic’

Now the title becomes, “SEO traffic tips to frame your blog title”

This title is SEO friendly and it’s attractive to read. But, wait a minute. Will this fetch me a good CTR? Well, the answer is: ‘Not up to the mark’.

To Make it up to the mark, concentrate on the next part.

  • Add Legit Numerical and Fact Count that makes the article look more credible

Wishes to you! Now, that the new finally phrased title becomes:

“6 Awesome SEO Traffic tips to phrase your blog title”

This point, the title is both SEO friendly and also provides better CTR. At the same time, ensure that the numbers mentioned matches with your content. Never try to fool your viewers with fake titles. When you mention 6 ways, do stick to the point of providing 6 or more ways. Providing lesser than the points mentioned in the title doesn’t reflect bad, but negatively affects the viewer satisfaction.



  • Additional Point: Make Sure your Permalink is Clean and Legit:

The second Important thing in SEO optimised content is the usage of a proper permalink.

The numerical that you had used in your title should be avoided in permalinks. So, better have a permalink of the article like,


rather than



I hope you have learnt how to phrase your blog post title and permalink from this post. Want to make any suggestions? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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