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Beginning with Astrophotography – Star trails!

For every photographer, capturing daylight images and grabbing every precious frame around boosts up fun. Sometimes, shooting images at night with low light turns out to be a nuisance to you rather than a sweet piece of cake. The dark sky above you at night seems to show very little notable with your naked eye. Contrastingly, there’s not just a whole world, but a whole universe of moments that can be captured by you. It may not be your naked eye, but any basic DSLR can capture the amazing dramatic photos – Welcome to Astrophotography!


Astrophotograph of a cosmic bubble- Bubble Nebula

As you had just stepped into astrophotography, it grabs a great courage for me to make you understand that you don’t need a space shuttle or a million dollar cash to capture the moments in space. Shuttling thoughts and a presence of mind is far enough to start with the beginner level of Astrophotography. A beginner Astrophotographer kit basically has a DSLR body, a wide lens – preferably 18mm focal length and a tripod. As you are on a 101-course status, the most simple understanding I would expect from you is that the earth keeps rotating on its own axis – this simply implies that your subject is never stationary.

A simple, no expense astrophotograph technique is the star trail. So what is a star trail? Star trail is a technique for capturing the path traced by the stars as the earth rotates on its axes. If you start gazing at stars for longer intervals, you may seem them move across the sky. Stars traverse a circular path of a smaller radius when seen from poles rather when seen from the equator. This is simply due to the shape and size of earth. Stars similar to the sun, moves 15° westward each hour relative to earth. Tracing the path traversed by the stars lively with your camera is simply called star trail.

Now let us jump into capturing star trail with your camera!

1. Grab a wide lens – preferably 18mm focal length with a wide aperture (preferably f/3.5 or less)

2. Mount your DSLR onto a tripod and face the lens to the vast and deep sky filled with stars

3. The Manual Setting for star trail you may consider will be

Maintain an ISO of 400 that makes fairly dim stars visible and as well has no significant noise.

Maintain an aperture f/3.5 or less to enable maximum light passage to the camera.

Switch to bulb mode that enables you to capture long exposure shots greater than 30 second shutter time (a recommended ~50 mins for a good star trail).

Focus on infinity using Manual Focus and set the frame.

4. Capture the image of the deep dark star-filled sky with a shutter speed of 50 minutes by using shutter remote and allow post processing.

The trail of star you obtain resembles the below pic. The star trails are nice, curvy arcs or partial circles. The bigger the exposure time, the bigger the arc trails.

star trail

Star Trail Curves!

It’s really important for you to understand that capturing a perfect star trail is a challenging task. One significant precaution that gets neglected by most of the beginners is the light noise. While you plan your star trail, make sure you are away from all light sources that can interfere the final image. Have a torch that you can use for placing the camera setup. I suggest you try the android application – Stellarium that can help you in positioning your camera.

So Grab your camera, pick your location, shoot the trails! Got any questions? Blow up in the comments section below!

Choosing Business Name: Taking your first step

Choosing Business name

When you just get prepared to dive into the startup world, choosing Business name is one of the most thoughtful hot topics that can run in mind. Choosing Business name can be thought to provoke, and you have a fair chance of finding a better alternative now and then, even after deciding your brand name. While choosing a business name is a tough task, there are precautions that must be handled, to avoid falling into pits. Yes, the pits you create for yourself.

If you think, What’s in a name? When it narrows down to Business, it is everything.This post is a word of caution that you really should remember while your mind gets dumped with cool brand names.

1. Thinking on a legal, Branding and Marketing perspective:

The name that you are bringing up today is going to extend from your personal room and stands as a shop room to customers who are opting for your products. This Brand name will one day jump on the banner in the city street. On someday, you and your family might watch an Ad of your Brand on TV. This name is the key to the extent to which you can be found online and can indirectly save your pocket. Yes, your name can make a huge cut-down in marketing costs. Making the brand name, more relatable to the service can highly bring you customer converts.

Learn More: How Brand Name can cut-down your Pocket costs?

2. Check whether a Brand or Company or a product exists under your preferred name:

After a tough thinking and jotting down your favorites, you are advised to check whether a company or brand or product with your chosen name exists. This is really critical and valuable as you might just experience a headshot with a pistol in case you skip this. In this time period, there exists a steep increase in the number of registered startups and business. It’s essential to check whether a business name is registered already. You cannot violate the TradeMark (TM) of any other business or startup. In case you do, get ready to get sued.

3. Check availability of the domain for your chosen name:

Bill Gates was not really kidding when he made a statement,

If your Business is not on the Internet, your Business will end up out of Business
– Bill Gates

Having an exact domain name as the name of your brand is a good to go. This makes your viable customers get landed in your website with ease. Also, remember that your professional Email ID that gets printed on your Visiting cards or Business cards carry your domain name.

For example, Amazon – The e-commerce giant works under domain –
The CEO of Amazon has an email id

The example listed above is simple, professional and aesthetic that might help people judge you good.

Prioritize your domain extension. In case, you want to be more commercial and have hopes of expanding, prefer a ‘.com’ domain. If you are largely having ideas of developing within a country, you might opt for a country defined domain. For India, ‘.in’ domain extension; for UK, ‘’ extension and so on for each country. Choose your domain and take your growth potential international.

You can check your domain availability here – Godaddy!

And Finally, it’s worth mentioning to say that, choosing Business name is a tedious job. You will have little time to think over. Once your decision is made, start building your enthusiasm for the new name immediately. Your name is your first step toward building a strong company identity, one that should last as long as you’re in business.