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Selecting blog Image: Handpick apt images for your blog

Images in a blog post make the readers feel comfortable and read further. Most users find it difficult to read a blog post that has only text and no media.The best way to imagine a blog post without media is a magazine without images! So, understand that selecting blog image is necessary and it’s a crucial component of your blog post that enriches your text. Always remember that images give you a very good chance of receiving organic image search traffic.

Selecting Blog Image

There are numerous Techniques with which you can fetch an image that completely matches your blog post topic. Not all techniques are safe and legal. Let us Learn the Good and Bad method of handpicking an apt image for the blog.

The Bad and Good way of selecting blog Image:

1. Using Google Image Search in selecting Blog Image:

Bad Way: Google Search without Filters:

Google Image search is a one stop quick place for beginners. It’s very important to understand that images fetched by Google search engine are not free from copyrights. Using an image from Google Image search is a real quick way and a terribly bad way. The act of using Images from Google search (without filters) is yet another Plagiarism attempt. The apt word can be “stealing images”.

Good way: Google Image search with filter:

Under Google Image Search, find the “Label for Reuse” or “Label for Reuse with modification” filter. Using this filter prevents you from using a copyrighted image (even by mistake). Just after a single trial, you might understand that only 1% of the images showed up in Google search results are without copyrights.

selecting blog image Google Image Search

Google Image Search

2. Using Flickr Search in Selecting Blog Image:

This method is the most recommended and is followed by bloggers all over the world. Sometimes, the filtered Google image search makes you feel dumb. This is the perfect time to look for images in Flickr. Flickr – A photo sharing website by Yahoo makes things simpler.

Users of Flickr have the priority to set copyright levels to their picture. If you had been on Flickr or had visited it previously, you might find a License type mentioned below the picture on the right side. We can use the Flickr Advanced Search to search for Images that had got license to be reused. Navigate to Copyright Restrictions and select the required filter.

Selecting Blog Image Flickr Advanced Search

Flickr Advanced Search

Some Images have the License to be re-used when credits are mentioned. This is simple and whenever you use the image in your post, you are ought to post the link to the original source for user reference. This can be found under the filter: “All Creative Commons”.

For Example, let us take the picture I had linked below,

Selecting Blog Image All Creative Commons

Image Credits Using a All Creative Commons filter

As I had mentioned the Image credit above, it is completely null and void of Copyright claims. Now, to a serious mention, using copyrighted images has it’s own cons.
To Mention a few:

1. If you are making an earning from a blog: BEWARE OF COPYRIGHTED IMAGES
The owner of the image had got every right to sue you for copyright violation and you may expect a decent hole in your pocket. Everything comes at a price right!?

2. The Owner Files a DMCA Complaint: Get Ready to face removal

When the authorized owner of an image gets to know copyright violation, he/she can file a DMCA complaint. After the approval of his/her complaint, you might find your post missing from google search!

3. Google Adsense bars your request!

In case you are expecting to get your Adsense account for blog approved, it will never be. Google rejects Adsense requests for websites that sports to have copyrighted contents. So, Make sure you remove the copyrighted contents before applying.

4. Google reduces your page rank for Plagiarism:

When Google detects plagiarism or copied content, your SEO strategies fail and you can never make it to the top of search results.

WordPress Vs Blogger : Take your first and firm step

Wordpress vs blogger

When one wants to start blogging – be it professional or personal, there are various Content Managing Systems that can help one out. To name a few, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc. Considering WordPress Vs Blogger here, both the Content Managing system provides you the ability to publish a post, but wait! Which one of them makes your blog better and makes your heart feel better?

Word of Caution:
I am going to compare the self-hosted WordPress [] and self-hosted blogger platform. This is not the comparison for and Blogger.

1. WordPress will be your long-term partner:

Wordpress vs blogger

Believe me! It works all the time!

Wordpress is an open source Blogging platform, which makes it not controlled by a single company or organisation. In short, WordPress can never face a death situation. On the other hand, blogger is solely managed and released by Google. The demise of Blogger may not be near, but it is always possible for Google to shut down their service. It’s worth noting that in the past google had also shut down its Google Reader, Adsense for Feeds and also its feed burner service.

2. Extend your functionalities with WordPress Plugins:

Wordpress Vs Blogger 4

Push a Plugin and make it powerful!

Plugins are a very rich feature of WordPress. Plugins help you implement any custom functionality and feature extension to your blog. Say, if you are on your verge to sell a book on your blog, WordPress plugins make it simple and efficient for adding a cart functionality. You are always free to choose from thousands of hundreds of plugins for WordPress. On the other hand, blogger has a limited feature set implementation. The templates provided are basic and ready to use, yet modification gets highly impractical.

3. Search your preferred theme from featured WordPress theme templates:

Wordpress Vs Blogger 3

Choose your own color and own it!

Theme templates can be told as the building blocks of your blog. WordPress had always had its hand extended to help you with a huge set of themes each one contrasting as well as resembling others. You get to choose your themes more vividly and picking from a wide range just satisfies your high expectations.

4. Design a Blog high end in features and rich in outlooks:

Wordpress Vs Blogger 2

Customization it is !

As I had mentioned about the open-source policy of WordPress, it is completely possible and viable to edit the theme template code, plugin code and every single line of HTML, CSS, and PHP used in making your blog. This gives you the complete control of the Blog appearance which is terribly the killing feature of WordPress that makes it superior to Google’s Blogger.

There is quite a ridiculous misconception that building your blog on blogger might make you more visible in Google search engines. This is a terribly wrong fact, and I haven’t found Google supporting blogger over WordPress.

Top Reasons you might consider making your blog on Google’s Blogger service:

Wordpress vs blogger 6

Google’s Blogger Platform!

Google’s Blogger service appears to be preferred more by non-tech savvy people. You are more bound to choose blogger platform if you start your blog as a personal one, not a professional one. If you have thoughts of monetizing your blog for money down the priority list, you are well and good to opt for Blogger. Blogger is terribly simple to get started and is highly efficient in making your efforts to create a blog simple. Well, if you think you don’t belong to this category, you are advised to opt for WordPress!

WordPress Vs Blogger is a terribly important question for starters and choosing the wrong one initially doesn’t make things complicated. You can always switch your website from a Blogger Platform to WordPress Platform or vice-versa.
Nothing beats experience:
Though I had covered the ups and downs of WordPress Vs Blogger, bloggers are recommended to try out free hosted wordpress and free hosted blogger websites and make their own wise decision.

Image credits

How can you build your perfect startup team ?

Making your perfect startup team

Taken Mind help!

Making your perfect startup Team: Made Easy!

Being the founder of a startup is exciting and equally settles you with great responsibilities. I can call a startup without a proper team to be a dead startup. Most startups fail to make a revenue or shuts down because of improper team contribution. Firstly, forming a perfect startup team with great effort can potentially accelerate your growth.

The 3 Pillars of founders needed for a perfect startup team:

1. Someone who knows well to play with the code and can effectively build web and app products

2. Someone who understands the complete product, the problems in the world that can be solved by your future product.

3. Someone who can effectively communicate, sell your product to the people who needs it.

If you believe, you can handle all the 3 characters by yourself, read the 3 pillar points again and again. Finding the right person is highly difficult and every successful startup would have faced the same issues you are facing.

Finding your Dream Team

Give your grad school mates a second thought

One possible and effective way to form your perfect team is from your grad schools. It may be your friend or classmate or a senior whom you believe can make things work. Don’t restrict yourself from calling them up. Make sure you speak clear of your ideas in mind. Grad school mates joining the team can effectively create better team strength, trust, and personal ties.

Try your Linkedin Tools to find the right person

If you are not happy with your grad school mates, you can always search people on LinkedIn.
Linkedin offers a premium tool to find people who can fit in your criteria with filters. Try sending your preferred ones a connect request and message them. Form your team and keep them connected remotely. Also, make sure you have a long connection list on Linkedin. Make a status update of your team member need and stay tuned!

List your startup in

A perfect team member can always knock your door before you find him. helps people trying to fit in a startup pick one. Listing your startup on makes your startup visible to the correct eyes. also helps you in searching for investments.

Whatever method you adopt to bring in team members, always make sure you are surrounded by best of the people you can afford. Start looking for common sense rather than a completed degree.Keep your team members active, be it chit-chat or a serious product discussion, be active and responsive towards your team.Your team solely decides the venture of your startup in the barren world.

A word of Caution: Always keep in mind, that your founding team can never be changed. Making your initial steps with precautions can fill your rest of the days with a great adventure unseen to common eyes.

Starting Business – Why should you consider ?

Why should you starting business

To all Taken Minds,

If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur, you might have 1000s of people, your family, friends, well-wishers and even your significant other, also standing up against your idea of starting business.

What makes you step into starting business?

Here, I had listed the top reasons that will make you think in the right direction and stick to your decision.

  1. You have an idea that can fill a void in life of a few people to a million.
  2. Starting a Business can make a change in a million people’s life. You get your satisfaction as a contributing personnel to the society. Because of your efforts, your sleepless nights and your hard work, you get to see a change in the system around you.

    Be it starting a small restaurant or making a billion dollar firm like Uber Technologies, you will get the satisfaction of serving good for the community.

  3. You work for yourself and set your own work time
  4. When you start your business, you are the boss of your own. You allot your own work time and sail your startup boat across all the hurdles. You experience the sleepless nights, your heart throbbing to finish the work out of a passion rather than fear.

  5. You start making good money and work on your passion
  6. While you work consistently on your idea and put your product on the market, you start making really good money. In Business, there’s no limit to the money you make in contrast to working as an employee.

  7. You get Job Security and also Overcome a Layoff
  8. No one has the authority to fire you. You are in charge of overall work and you have the authority to hire or fire others.

  9. You try to outperform your real Competitors
  10. Remember the kid in high school who competes with you for a higher grade? Well, Starting a business will light you up on what a real competition is. You will feel the adventure of improving your product and you will always remember

    There is someone who is working 24 hours a day, just to take it all away from you

    Surving the odds is the real face of an Entrepreneur.