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How these students built a profitable startup in college towards Rs 5 Cr in revenues

Best Hosting of startup – 5 Cr. in revenue shows all student can run startup successfully.

Three years ago, Zeeshan and a group of his second-year batchmates from SRM Universitywere sitting and having their usual hostel room conversations. Apart from fluid mechanics, which was the study topic for the evening, everything ranging from politics, economics, astrophysics, and startups to even Sunny Leone was covered in their conversations.

The founding team of Climber
The founding team of Climber ( foundation and best hosting of startup )

But the needle stuck on one topic — their real passions. While one wanted to become a writer, the other wanted to be an economist, but what they were really doing was sitting in a hostel room, studying a topic they had no interest in and pursuing a course they had never felt connected to.

This situation wasn’t unique to them; millions of other students who are forced into conventional courses due to uninformed career choices experience the same thing. This hit Zeeshan Mohammed (22) really hard and he decided to launch a youth organisation which would help teens make informed career choices.

Borrowing Rs 60,000 from his parents, he kick-started his venture, The Climber, in August of 2013 at the age of 19.

Of learning and pivots

Initially known as Inking Pages, the venture was first an editorial magazine, with the founders conducting events for schools. Joining the magazine were other co-founders — Sameer Ramesh (21), Fatema Hussain (22), and Ruhan Naqash (22) joined the business.

However, understanding the challenges to scale, the firm pivoted the model into a full-fledged mentoring platform called by April of 2015.

The founders were always focused on moving beyond the conventional way of writing exams, mugging up topics, and getting placed through college recruitments.

Today, Zeeshan defines Climber as a youth-run education startup, currently incubated out of NSRCEL at IIM Bangalore. Through their curated events and youth programmes, the startup aims at mentoring young students to make informed career decisions.

The Climber  

Zeeshan tells us that their main product in the market is their mentoring platform, where students take part in mentoring workshops around a specialised topic of interest. The month-long workshops, starting from the 15th of every month, are structured to give insights to these young students in terms of knowledge and career.

According to the founders, there are a minimum of 20 people in every batch with mentors less than 25 years of age. Explaining the reason for the same, Zeeshan tells us,

The reason mentors are so young is that we want the mentees to connect with them. We would like a person who has gone through the challenges recently, rather than having gone through circumstances 10-15 years ago, which might even be irrelevant today.

In return, the mentors’ projects get funded. As much as 20–33 percent of the amount paid by each mentee is paid to the mentors for the guidance provided.

The firm claims to have 220–240 people signing up for these courses every month. Till now, a total of over 1,800 mentees and more than 25 captains have conducted mentorship sessions across 14 fields of varying interests. This has doubled from an average of 80 enrolments per month since last year. Moreover, these sessions are held completely online, with users logging on to either the MyCaptain website or the web application.

However, to make learning more refined and target more individuals, Climber is aiming to add broad subject-oriented courses rather than specialisations. Zeeshan explains the same,

We are going a layer below by adding subject-oriented mentorship rather than just sticking to specialisation-oriented sessions. This means that if there is a session on mechanics or robotics, we want to add a course for engineering below it. This helps the child understand whether he is interesting in engineering as a subject in the first place.

Each workshop signup (month-long) costs users Rs 1,000.

The second business model for the startup is their events, which are held in various cities. Although working only as marketing initiatives, the firm has been successful in making profits from these events. Yes, that can be a best hosting of startup.

Under the brand name Indian Youth Conclave (IYC), the Climber gets YouTubers, artists, TEDx speakers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and musicians from across India to interact with teenagers in a particular city. The team has successfully conducted IYC in Chennai and Nagpur, while looking to hold the event in Delhi and Bengaluru next. According to the company, the event has a footfall ranging between 800 and1,000 teenagers from various schools and colleges across cities.

The firm also organises events like ‘Lit Up’ in the domain of literature and an annual entrepreneurship summit called Kickstart.

The addressable market for the startup is teenagers from the age of 14 to 22.

best hosting of startup
A snapshot of a panel discussion held at Climber’s Indian Youth Conclave held in Nagpur this year

Climbing up and steady   

Witnessing revenues of Rs 16 lakh last fiscal year, the firm is looking to earn Rs 50 lakh in revenues this fiscal year. In college alone, the team was making more than Rs 1.5 lakh on a monthly basis. At present, the team is focused on developing their tech platform while releasing app versions on Android and iOS.

The aim is to reach Rs 1.5 crore in revenues by the end of fiscal year 2017–18. Close to 40 percent of the firm’s revenues still come from events, and the firm has already made roughly Rs 18 lakh in the last five months this way.

Zeeshan says that this ratio will fall as they evolve and develop their tech platform in the next few months.

In the next seven months, the firm strives to achieve 20 percent month-on-month growth while scaling to a volume of more than 1,000 mentees. ( The best hosting of startup is on progress)

On the technology front, the firm is also looking to integrate machine learning to understand user behaviour. This will further help users who are clueless about what session to take to narrow down on a decision.

Zeeshan says,

It has been an amazing experience so far having started up in college, faced bankruptcy and debt, getting out of it and bootstrapping to a revenue of over Rs 30 lakh over the last 18 months, having seen a change of team, and finally getting incubated by NSRCEL.

The firm claims to be profitable as of now.

Best hosting of startup
From Climber’s Indian Youth Conclave

The scenario Best hosting of startup

Edtech startups are clearly disrupting India’s education scenario. Byju’s just raised a heavy round of $50 million from Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) and Sequoia Capital, dropping the funding spark in this segment. The best hosting of startup is also attainable.

However, career counselling is an interesting field to disrupt with millions of children in India facing similar issues. Further, looking at the edutech scenario, it is high time that career counselling moved online.

Vedantu, Simplilearn, Toppr, Iprof, Meritnation and Talentedge are some of the well-known names in the industry.

In the last year ending March 31, the edtech segment raised $85 million.

Climber seems to be in certain aspects be closer to certification preparation portalSimplilearn in terms of mentorship. However, Simplilearn seems to have an evolved model of specialisations for career growth rather than career counselling.



Top Free Hosting provider for your Blog / Website

Top 5 Free Hosting Providers to host your Blog / Website

When you start a blog, there is a necessity to understand how blogging works and to check whether blogging suits your style. You may also want to check-out hosting different CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc… This situation is more relatable to amateur bloggers.Always remember that every Professional blogger here at once had been an amateur blogger. When you start a blog, you may not have much knowledge of using CMS or the knowledge of managing websites, so here I had listed the top free hosting websites you might want to try before you scale up for paid hosting.

Top Free Hosting Provider services


free hosting provider

000webhost is a web host tailor-made free hosting provider for students and amateur bloggers. While the Free host is a good option, 000webhost guarantees 99% website uptime. Also,

  1. 000webhost doesn’t run ads on the website you had hosted
  2. 000webhost features one-click-website-installer which features over 50 popular scripts such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OS Commerce, Photo Gallery and others.


new blog free hosting provider

new blog website hosting

Hostinger also provides free hosting provider without ads. Hostinger comes with software auto-installer and also various website script installers like WordPress Drupal, Joomla, etc..


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x10hosting is one of the oldest free hosting providers since 2004. They provide great features at zero cost. Here are some of its features:-

  1. Private Cloud hosting.
  2. Advanced versions of MySQL and PHP.
  3. There are never any forced ads.
  4. Provides good customer support.


free hosting provider

  1. 1000 MB (one gigabyte!) Disk Space
  2. FTP account and File Manager
  3. Control Panel
  4. No ads!
  5. https SSL on all free hosting domains. (self signed certificate)


FreeHostingNoAds free webstie hosting

  1. Host your own domain or use Free subdomain offered by the company.
  2. 20 GB Disk Space available with 200 GB bandwidth traffic
  3. Tools like Joomla, phpBB, and of course, WordPress.
  4. Also, it allows you to create email accounts.


Free website hosting

It features:

  1. 1000 MB web space & 5000 MB of data transfer
  2. Host 1 Domain name free. FREE sub-domain name ( extension)
  3. hosting plans support a free hosting of WordPress blog and free Joomla hosting that includes an automatic installation.
  4. It provides PHP 4 and PHP 5 support. PHP7 support is missing.

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GET your dream intern with grammarly

Landing in your Dream Intern/Job Made easy and less competitive

For Every Student, proof-reading of Resume, CV, emails and blogs had been very important while applying for Internships,Placements and while sending official emails over the internet. Non-native English student face very high mistake levels while writing important emails and forms.

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Typing on any text editor field in Microsoft Word, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or email activates the tool by underlining any error in real time.
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In addition to this, Grammarly also supports Microsoft Word.

Grammarly corrector in email

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How to work with Grammarly?

Grammarly works with the Google Chrome Plugin and Microsoft word Extension . Installing Grammarly plugin on chrome will detect grammar issues wherever you type on the browser. Grammarly algorithms are accurate and are very helpful.

Why do I need to use Grammarly?

1. Write perfect Resume, CV, Professional and personal Emails, Word Documents without any grammatical errors

Grammarly detects any error as soon as you type your documents. It’s instantaneous and works with your speed of writing. When you detect an error, you prevent further errors. That is a big advantage for writing with Grammarly.

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3. Get Detailed Reports on your word usage

It has been a custom at Grammarly to make students understand their writing. I had been using Grammarly for the past 6 months and I was pleased to get my performance reports. I had attached a screenshot of my performance report. Well, It completely boosts my confidence level. So try and find out yours by signing up!

Review your Grammar with Grammarly

Review your Grammar with Grammarly

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Why email marketing be in your top priority list?

email marketing database statistics

With the recent innovation in technology and telecommunication, a new scope of development had penetrated into the field of Marketing and Sales. New and new methods and technologies arise for marketers to reach their target audience.

In this post, you will be learning why email marketing should stay on the top of your marketing efforts. To understand this, let us have a byte in all prospectus of Email Marketing.

1. Greater Penetration:

The rate of increase in usage of email goes at a very good pace. It is also expected that the total number of email users worldwide would reach 2.9 billion against the 2.6 billion user base at present [Source of Information – Radicati].

email marketing database statistics

email marketing database statistics

So, there are 2.7 billion accounts on average today. An estimated 90% of online users check email. If you have the email address of your target consumers, you are always a way ahead in the competition of survival. Since email had become an integral part of people’s life, no one can walk around saying I’ll quit email.

2. Life Span of an email involves call to action:

Let us look into user actions on receiving your email. The user or your potential target has to open the email and check its content. Then on the user can click on the email content and redirect to your website. Or, the user can simply delete your email. So, Overall the user has a acknowledge to your mail by opening it.

An email will always sit in the inbox of a target, until and unless he takes an action.

In short, Emails Don’t die – It has to be Killed

3. Emails guarantee you a reach level 100%:

The concept of reach has always faced comparison in social media marketing and email marketing. In Social Media marketing, the concept of reach is based on the number of potential people who can view your content. Facebook and twitter even allow you to filter your audience with gender, age group, interest, location and a lot more.

The whole disadvantage with social media marketing is that it will die off after a certain period of time. Sometimes, it is going to die-off just after you stop promoting it with cash.

What makes sense in the Microsoft – LinkedIn deal?

Microsoft buys LinkedIn
Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Microsoft acquires LinkedIn in a $26.1 b deal

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn – The world’s largest professional Network

On late June-14-2016, the news of Microsoft buying LinkedIn for a whopping $21.6 billion came to limelight. It has always been a trend for top billion dollar companies to acquire smaller organizations and startups. But in the case of Microsoft – LinkedIn deal, it has not been mainstream. Well, we can compare this to Facebook acquiring WhatsApp a few years ago. While facebook had a strong spinal reason to acquire Whatsapp that made a huge threat to the facebook native messenger application, it was a sensible decision. Let us revisit the case of Microsoft buys LinkedIn.

So, why does a Billion dollar company like Microsoft think to buy another billion dollar company in the market? How is the acquisition going to help both the companies and its users? Was it a good bet?

Well, to answer the above questions, we might want to think the truly professional way. Microsoft under Sathya Nadella had always concentrated on the Enterprise market. The products of Microsoft that makes the major revenue share are Office 365, Windows Enterprise edition. Well, if you think of Bing, hardly people use Bing and it’s competitor Google has taken a huge market share. Few months before the release of Windows 10 for mobiles, Sathya Nadella had made it clear that the high-end phones are to represent the enterprise edition.

So, How is it a fair deal on Microsoft buys LinkedIn?

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn takenmind

Microsoft under Nadella acquires LinkedIn Professional Network

1. Fulfilling the dream of conquering the Enterprise Network:

Clearly, Microsoft wants to dominate the Enterprise market. Enterprise is real money for Microsoft. Recently, Microsoft shifted it plans to Cloud and office, apart from its major product aka Windows. Microsoft had made huge plans previously to capture the Enterprise market with Universal Windows platform, Skype for Business, Surface Pro, Sunrise calendar acquisition, Office 365 and Office Live. While Microsoft offers the pack of enterprise services, it also wants to know the right network to showcase and implement the product.Thus, the LinkedIn acquisition would greatly help Microsoft fulfill its dream on the Enterprise Network.

2. Grabbing Insights of customer’s reaction towards Microsoft products:

Unlike Google and Facebook, Microsoft lacks a network chain that helps MS evaluate the insight or reaction of consumers towards their products. LinkedIn hopefully would seal this void and hence would directly help Microsoft learn more from customers. It’s popular with Microsoft saying ‘We are Listening’.

Earlier, when windows were tested by windows insider, MS would have found it a bit difficult to get the feedback from several insiders. Despite the feedback from several million active windows insiders, it had always been a tough play to get the rest. In future, Microsoft won’t face trouble reaching people when they have the world’s professional network under their parent.

3. Pulling out competitors from the crowd:

Having LinkedIn under their belt, Microsoft now has the biggest Enterprise network. If someone brings in a new enterprise product that can rival Microsoft, even before it becomes a success Microsoft will know about it. Because now they control how the enterprise socializes. Microsoft can now target specific users and understand the pulse of Enterprise even before anyone else.

Bottom line:

If everything goes as planned by Microsoft, then the acquisition is a well-played risk. It all depends on the action of Microsoft towards LinkedIn that can make or break the huge monopoly game of the Internet giants. Microsoft buys LinkedIn. Fingers crossed, let us not underestimate the future of the Tech giants.

The future:

Microsoft had announced that after the complete acquisition, LinkedIn would function completely as an independent platform headed by Jeff Weiner – CEO of LinkedIn. Jeff would be reporting to Nadella after this deal. So, what do you think about the Microsoft – LinkedIn deal? Blow up in the comment section below.

Why Should I use dedicated hosting ?

Top reasons why webmasters use dedicated hosting is the dedicated IP address. When it comes to shared hosting, it’s always a controversial issue, as you don’t get a dedicated IP address. Using a dedicated IP is advantageous for several reasons, but first, let us understand dedicated IP.

What is a dedicated IP ?

To understand dedicated IP, we need to truly understand how dedicated IP works. Similar to zip code or postal codes, IP address directs internet traffic to a certain place. While shared hosting is similar to an apartment – where one address (IP) has several houses and families hosted (websites). A dedicated IP resembles your own house – one address that points to your particular home (website). In a shared host, the host has certain software installed that help processes the request to the correct website.

When do I use dedicated hosting ?

1. Your site traffic grows high and needs dedicated resources to maintain it’s performance.

2. You would need to implement SSL encryption to your website

3. You want to implement 3rd party scripts onto your server

4. You need to access your website with your IP address

Why might you need to use dedicated hosting ?

1. Site traffic goes high:

When many users are accessing your sites, more bandwidth is being used. In turn, the users tend to consume resources from the host. With shared hosting, as hundreds of websites are hosted on a single server, there is a high possibility for your website to go down. i.e, website downtime. When you use dedicated hosting, you have the entire resources of the server to yourself. This way, you would help the viewers of your website with less load time and faster access speed.

2. You want to use SSL encryption on your website:

Let us assume that you have a portal on your website, where people could buy your products. This is similar to a mini e-commerce platform. When your visitors want to buy the product with a credit card or internet banking, you have to assure them with safety with the SSL certificated or simply the use of https protocols. In order to use an SSL certificate, your server must have a unique IP. So, you have no other choice, other than adapting to a dedicated IP or use dedicated hosting.

3. Implement 3rd party scripts on your server:

In the case of shared hosting, there is a limitation that you can’t install your own scripts on their server. This is basically a precaution to ensure security. Sometimes, the script installed may be dangerous and can have the capacity to destroy information.

In the case of a dedicated host, your server is completely yours. That means the host doesn’t care about the scripts you install. When you install a bad script, and since only your website is hosted there, only your website gets affected. You have higher control onto your server with shared hosting.

4. You want to stay independent of other’s mistake:

When you use shared hosting, you are under a risk of surrounded by several other spam sites. When spam sites are blocked with the IP address, your sites also gets blocked indirectly. You haven’t committed a crime here, yet you get punished. That’s simply shared hosting. This case doesn’t occur in dedicated hosting and hence is reliable.

5. Dedicated IP helps your SEO indirectly:

Everyone wants to be found on the first page of google SERP. Some follow SEO strategy and are quite successful. Google recently published that the page loading speed factor would affect the page rank of the website. Well, in this case, when you use shared hosting, you tend to be a little slower in accessing speed. As mentioned about the page loading speed, under high traffic, you might have to update to a dedicated host, else lose your page rank.

Well, Though google never mentioned directly about the use of a dedicated host, it more or less explains that you must use a dedicated host to rank higher.

Therefore, a dedicated IP can be one thing that you can write down to your to-do list of SEO strategy.

Should you bother with a dedicated IP ?

Well, the use of dedicated IP is beneficial, but you can still do great things without it. Once you realize a higher website downtime with your shared host, a higher traffic rate to your website, necessity for an SSL certificate – you might think about shifting to a dedicated host. A dedicated host is awesome but is priced way higher than shared hosting. So, it’s completely your decision to choose where you want to host your website. Use dedicated hosting or used a shared one. Some popular dedicated host include Hostinger, Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostagator, etc..

Why should you avoid shared hosting ?

Why should you avoid shared hosting

Top reasons to avoid shared hosting

Every domain is associated with a unique IP with it. Whenever a browser requests a URL, the string URL is received by the DNS server and the IP address ( say ) is returned back to the browser. The browser again processes the IP address and hits the server. In a short manner, we can tell that the domain names were just created in order to ease the difficulty of memorizing long IP address numbers.

Shared IP with the concept of shared hosting:

In shared hosting, we host several hundred websites on one server. All those sites share one single IP address. Instead of having a unique IP address for your domain, you start to share single IP for a cluster of domains.

So why this concept is not beneficial or why should a webmaster avoid shared hosting ?

Sharing is not caring when it comes to hosting. I can tell you many reasons, but I feel geo-blocking or geo-restriction to be more threatful.

1. Geo Blocking and Geo restrictions:

Let us say some country ( say for example China ) decides to block a website (Let me name it X )due to some of their policies. If the website is being hosted on the same shared hosting server as your website, then not just the X gets banned all over china, but the cluster of websites hosted on the server gets banned. So it’s a big downside and can effectively ruin your goals. So, it’s better to avoid shared hosting.

2. Slower email send-out time!

When your website uses shared hosting, you are more likely to face the heat of time taken for sending emails. Usually, when using shared hosting server, an average of 10-minute delay happens while sending out emails. Well, if you wish to avoid this, you can give dedicated hosting a shot and avoid shared hosting.

Precaution: If your domain email had been marked as ‘SPAM’ by any mail service, shifting hosting has no effect. It is a common misconception with webmasters that shifting your hosting from shared to dedicated can solve this. But trust me. It won’t.

3. Fewer Port Access or presence of port blocks:

When a cluster of websites is hosted on a server, a huge risk of security breach is probable. To avoid any security breach and to safeguard the information and websites hosted on the server, the web host takes essential steps by blocking few ports. There are specific process that are run on some ports that the host would try to block access for others. If you don’t want ports to be blocked and run different service on any port, you must avoid shared hosting.

4. Slower Access speed and high downtime possibilities:

Shared host never allows you to utilize more resources from server. Several shared host websites suspend websites for utilizing more resources. Eventhough, the shared host mentions unlimited bandwidth, it may not always be true and you might get your website suspended from the host. The downtime of your website would be high. This happens especially when other websites hosted on the server uses maximum resources. When you face downtime, it’s high time you must avoid shared hosting.

Bottom Line:

There is nothing wrong with using shared hosting services. Some domain owners who would require limited resources at initial times might host on shared host initially. At starting phases or during economic crisis, shared hosting might help you stay on the web. I had already mentioned that on a shared host, neighbouring websites might turn problematic. So, I donot recommend shared hosting, but at times, when you cannot afford a dedicated host, you are good to go with one

Some shared hosting provider include Bluehost , Dreamhost, Hostinger etc…

What are the website hosting types and methods ?

Website hosting types

Website Hosting types

Types of website hosting

Types of website hosting available

Building a website has become a critical measure to expose the presence of a company or brand. Some people also share their personal success and experience via personal blogs that help reach like-minded people. Websites are a gateway to access the collection of files present on the server across the globe. Web Server stores the application and files, while hosting service helps maintaining and uptime of the websites a reality.

I believe there is one hosting type that matches every website owner’s need uniquely. Let’s dive in and take a look.

Website Hosting Types Available:

1. Shared Web Hosting:

In shared website hosting types , the server that hosts your website also hosts several other websites. This results in smaller space, low processing speed, limited software, and support for a fewer database. Practically, several hundred websites are hosted on a single server. Since all websites are hosted on a single server, websites on that server share the same IP address. Nevertheless, prices are affordable as the several websites are hosted on the same server. You get administrative control and other monetization options!

Some shared webhosting service providers include Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostinger etc..

2. Free Website Hosting:

Free website hosting types are precisely a subset of shared web hosting. In this case, the web host doesn’t charge you for hosting on their server. Some hosts, let’s you host on their server for free only when you purchase the domain from them. There are some exceptions like Hostinger that allows you to host any domain onto their server for free. In some cases, the web host provides a subdomain that can be created and hosted for free.

Free Web Hosting is suited for Website with low resources and traffic. Free web hosting is also beneficial for static websites. When you opt for free hosting, your monetization option ceases. Your website may run ads, but you do not earn instead the web host does.

3. Dedicated Server:

A dedicated server is a complete server dedicated to host your website alone. It is one of the most expensive ways to host your website. Besides the cost, it is worth the money. Dedicated server helps you handle high traffic at ease, install any script you want on the server, more administrative control and a lot more. In Dedicated server, you take steps to ensure website security, vandalism, and maintenance – hence highly efficient. It is most expensive website hosting types and also the best one.

Dedicated servers can be accessed from Godaddy , DreamHost , BlueHost Dedicated etc..

4. Virtual Private Server:

A VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) is not a dedicated server but acts virtually as one. Practically VPS is similar to shared host server. The difference is that each website is hosted on a virtual dedicated server ( a dedicated space in the shared host ) but is actually sharing the overall server with other websites. This server is useful when you want greater administrative control of the server, but you cannot afford a dedicated server economically.

5. Managed Dedicated Server:

A managed dedicated server give you an advantage over Dedicated server with maintenance problems. Managed hosting service helps you run the server at maximum efficiency and also provides security updates to the server OS periodically. This simply helps you concentrate on your business and core development instead of wasting time tweaking the server. Some benefits that a managed hosting service offers are virus scanning, spam filtering, trash control, security auditing etc.. They also help you scale up RAM when user traffic rises maximum capacity.

6. Cloud Hosting:

Cloud Hosting Technology follows the principle of Virtual Hosting, yet, there is an advantage as no physical devices are involved in cloud Hosting. Also, Cloud Hosting provides better performance, capability, reliability and redundancy. Cloud Hosting reduces the cost of buying new hardware for the physical servers.

7. Clustered Hosting:

Clustered hosting service helps you when one of your servers go offline. When one server goes offline, the incoming traffic load gets shifted to another server. This is a highly expensive method of website hosting. websites with huge traffic and websites that target consumers globally are best apt for this hosting. In the case of Server maintenance, one server can be switched off and the load gets transferred to other temporarily. Cluster server is usually a bunch of dedicated servers or sometimes a bunch of cloud servers.

Where have you hosted your website? What website hosting types have you tried earlier? Blowup in the comment section below!