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Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

Taken Mind SEO Onpage SEO Keyword Optimisation!

Previously, we have seen that Keyword density is a myth and is not related to ranking. Onpage SEO optimisation keyword is based on the orientation of keywords. Yes! Keyword density too matters but not to a greater extent.

OnPage SEO keyword optimisation Rules:

The following general pattern is best suggested as good Onpage SEO optimisation:

Rule 1: Proximity Relative distance between keywords in the document is considered.

Rule 2: Distribution The places where the focus keywords are present in the document or body

Rule 3: co-occurance The link structure of the specific webpage with other webpages

Rule 4: The important tags The focus keyword is expected to be present on header tags, URL etc..

Example of Best Onpage SEO keyword optimisation

The above rules are necessary and must be followed. Keyword Cannibalisation a term used to refer linking multiple links to other domain web page or internal linking must be avoided. Also, linking of multiple pages to a single page is more preferred than linking one page to multiple pages via anchor tags.

  • The focus keyword must be present in the title tag at least once. Frame the title such that the focus keyword is near to the starting of title.
  • Make the content of the web page more than 300 words, especially in case of blog
  • Make sure the keyword is present in your body content, at least, two or three times. Make sure the keywords are not close to each other but are distributed.
  • Make sure the keyword is present in the alt tag of images in your post. This has a high capability of bringing good organic traffic via google image search.
  • Make sure you are using canonical URL formats. In URL, the presence of focus keyword is highly essential.
  • Make sure in the meta tag of the web page, focus keyword is present. Meta tag greatly helps in providing short gist about the web page to google. The absence of focus keyword might ruin your SEO.

Following the above-mentioned rules, greatly enhances the SEO by keyword optimisation. Any doubts? Blow up in the comment section below.

How SEO keyword Abuse and spam are handled ?

Taken Mind SEO keyword spam!

SEO keyword abuse and spam

Since the invention of search engines, spammers had been a real trouble. At present, google had made great efforts especially to prevent SEO keyword abuse and spam. Google employs a separate team in charge of handling spam. Nowadays, the filters and algorithm that search engine employs can penalise most of the spammers at ease.

One such Black hat technique is keyword abuse. This method involves the inclusion of fake keywords in body content, URL, alt text of images and meta tags. This is termed “Keyword stuffing

A myth named ‘Keyword density’:

Earlier SEO was based more on “Keyword density”. Keyword density is the ratio of the number of specific keywords to the total number of words. Spammers had a great time misguiding the search engine by having very high keyword density. This happened until google removed keyword density as one of the key criteria for ranking.

The way Keyword density dissatisfies search results:

Let us say, two pages P1 and P2 have total words 300 and 150. The focus keyword present in P1 and P2 are 6 and 3 i.e, both have the same keyword density of 0.02. Also, this turns to be an unreliable calculation as P1 might have better content than P2.

Onpage Optimisation had come into effect nowadays. i.e, the orientation of the focus keywords play an important role. Any case of excessive spam attempt has immediate blacklisting of your website as a result. Understand that repeating keywords are not going to help you secure better place. Instead, the orientation and related content do guarantee you.

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Deciding your SEO keyword usage for your webpage

Taken Mind SEO Keyword Usage!

SEO Keyword Usage : The Fundamental of Search Mechanism

Keywords are the basic unit operations in search engine mechanism. When a user searches for a query using a search engine, the retrieval mechanism from the database is based upon the keyword of the indexed web page. During the process of indexing the content, the bots and crawlers store the web pages in keyword-based indexes. This prevents the time lag that can occur while storing 30 billion web pages in one single database. Instead, search engines maintain millions of database for a particular keyword or phrase that makes SERP load much fast.

During search mechanism, keyword usage drastically changes the results on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The order of the words even changes the search results. For example “Laughing Clown” and “Clown laughing” may produce different results. Apart from the order of words, punctuations, spelling, capitalization etc.. produces different results of web pages on SERP.

In general, making more specific keywords helps you narrow down the competition on Search Engine Results Page. This means, your website has more chances of achieving greater page rank.

How using specific keywords help search engines narrow down the competition:

Imagine yourself writing about “World war” with keyword ‘History’, your friend writing on the same with keyword ‘war’ and a second friend of you using the keyword ‘World war’. When a search is performed on “World war”, the second friend of yours get higher preference in SERP. That’s how using specific keyword helps in getting a higher position in results.

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Keyword Abuse: Might get you blacklisted at ease


In SEO keyword usage turns to be the fundamental part. Phew! Keywords are riskier when used inappropriately. Having told the importance of keywords, it is more important now to ensure caution that your web page doesn’t get blacklisted for spam activity. That is some excess keyword usage might make your web page get sensed as a scam!

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How search engine see webpages : SEO Strategy

search engine see webpages

As I had already mentioned in my previous post that “Search Engines” don’t see what you and me see while using a webpage. The vision of bots and crawlers of search engine are basic html, i.e, they don’t see the styling css. Take a look into how search engine see webpages.

How human users see webpage of yours:

Here, I have grabbed a screenshot of as seen by human users.

Vision of webpage by human

Vision of a webpage by human beings like you and me

How search Engine see webpages :

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

Vision of webpage by bots and crawlers of search engine

From the above images, you can find that humans visualise a webpage with css styling and high User Experience levels. Bots on the other hand read plain html and make out whether your webpage contains rich content compared to others. This implies that search engine rely more on your alt keywords for images. Make sure they are relevant to the content of the image. Though search engine see webpage’s image, parsing error might occur which makes rendering details about image difficult without alt text.

With the help of vision difference, let me make you understand the effect of Flash content on search engine bots.

How human users see your webpage with flash content:

Here, I have taken a screenshot of a complete flash based website

flash content in website as seen by human

flash content in website as seen by human

How Search Engine see your webpage:

how flash content are seen by search engines

how flash content are seen by search engines

From the couple of above image, the strong objection of flash content by Search Engines is shown. Search Engines donot evaluate flash content. This is due to less intelligent bots and crawlers.

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Eminem Life Struggle that teaches never to quit

Eminem life struggle TakenMind

Eminem Life Struggle

Look, If you had One shot Or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
In one moment Would you capture it
Or just let it slip?
– Eminem
(Loose Yourself)

“You don’t get another chance, life is no Nintendo game”
– Eminem
(Good reads)

Taken Mind Stories!

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, a well-known rapper and professionally named ‘Eminem’ is an American rapper, record producer, and writer. Eminem rap songs are popular throughout the world and his raps are well known for giving inspiration to people. He had a challenging childhood and this tough guy showed the world that
“Tough times don’t last for a long time, But tough guys last forever”

Childhood of Eminem – The rap god:

After the birth of Eminem, his father Bruce left the family and moved to California. Eminem was raised by his mother, Debbie Briggs-Mathers who was a drug addict. Eminem spent his childhood shuttling between two cities – Missouri and Michigan.

Eminem had unpleasant school days. Every school he attended, Eminem was picked up and bullied for his race. Eminem failed 3 times in his 9th grade and then dropped out of the school. After dropping out, he chose the rapping career. He got addicted to drugs. At times, he performed real poor and was rejected for being white by the rapper community. Eminem took the revenge for this criticism with his music later on.

First Album by Eminem – “Infinite” and the failed suicide attempt

In 1995, Eminem worked hard on his first album – Infinite which failed to sell well in the market. The Hip-hop community looked down on Infinite and called it too derivative.
The failure of album “Infinite” made Eminem commit suicide. Luckily, he got admitted and was saved by a doctor in the hospital.

Eminem’s comeback with his second album “The Slim Shady Ep.”

This time, he recovered and grew strong at his mind. He started working on a new album ” The Slim Shady Ep.”. On getting desperate over money, Eminem searched for the ears that can feed his family live with his songs. With the demo of SlimShady Ep., Eminem could finally net a rapper cum producer Dr.Dre, who signed Eminem on a contract deal. This one-time opportunity for Eminem boosted his confidence. Then on, Eminem practised a lot to compete with the best rappers and also to become one.

Eminem featured in film ‘8 Mile’ playing lead role

In 2002, Eminem found out that rapping was not alone his talent, but acting is too. Eminem played the lead role in ‘8 Mile’. The movie’s plot was Eminem’s life and his success as a white rapper. The title was named 8 Mile because of the distance between the City of Detroit and the white suburbs. The scenes of the movie were set up to represent the clubs where Eminem stood for rap contests. The recognition of Eminem spread far and wide across the globe with 8 Mile.

Eminem winning many awards including 2 grammy award

Eminem’s next song “Loose Yourself” was one of his most famous, successful song. Eminem was awarded 2 Grammy awards – a prestigious award to recognize his outstanding achievement in the music industry. Also, the movie ‘8 Mile’ was given the best rap and Hip-hop award at the Acadamy awards.

Watch loose Yourself here!

Eminem despite being raised by a drug addict mother, being bullied in school, failing 3 times in 9th grade, dropping out of school, addicted to drugs, criticised being a white rapper, beaten up and made fun of was receiving the top ranking profile and appreciation all over the world. When Eminem got rejected by the world for his race, he followed his passion. He showcased his childhood in his film and songs that turned to be appreciated by the whole world.

In all words, Eminem life struggle taught the world quitting was not the best way to solve problems. In fact, there is nothing to loose, but there is much to gain!

Suggested book!

Chart-topping and headline-making-rap artist Eminem shares his private reflections, drawings, handwritten lyrics, and photographs in his New York Times bestseller The Way I Am – Eminem life Struggle.

Eminem life struggle

A Gamble game saved FedEx from shutting down

taken mind stories The gamble game saved fedex

Taken Mind Stories!
BlackJack – The gamble game saved FedEx in Financial crisis.

Brief crisis condition of FedEx

The concept for what became Federal Express came to Fred Smith while he was studying at Yale University. When FedEx completed 3 years of its existence in the market, no one in the company expected the financial crisis. Federal Express (FedEx) became low on funding due to abruptly increasing air-fuel costs. FedEx started losing $1 million in a month. The company became bankrupt with a standalone cash of $5000 in the bank. The cash was clearly not sufficient to continue FedEx’s operations. Even worse, the General dynamics board rejected the smith’s pitch for funding FedEx.
The planes of FedEx needed to clear the $27,000 fuel bill price. This was a nightmare for Smith as his aspirations on FedEx were about to end.

Desperate minds do survive through risks. In the case of FedEx, Smith took a risk of investing his only $5000 in gambling.

The gamble game saved FedEx

Smith took a flight to Las Vegas and played his favorite “Blackjack” game. Smith invested whatever he had in his hand. He didn’t have a return flight to home in case of losing. Now yeah! that was a bottle full of risks.
To Smith’s luck, He started winning games. By the end of the game, he had earned $27,000, which was sufficient for FedEx to start its flight operation.

The Founding executive of FedEx Robert Frock, in his book “Changing How the World Does Business: FedEx’s Incredible Journey to Success – The Inside Story“, describes the incident as

I asked Fred where the funds had come from, and he responded, ‘The meeting with the General Dynamics board was a bust and I knew we needed money for Monday, so I took a plane to Las Vegas and won $27,000.’ I said, ‘You mean you took our last $5,000– how could you do that?’ He shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘What difference does it make? Without the funds for the fuel companies, we couldn’t have flown anyway.’ Fred’s luck held again. It was not much, but it came at a critical time and kept us in business for another week.

After this incident, FedEx got on a much firmer ground. The confidence of FedEx employees on smith just kicked high. The initial $27,000 earned gave hope to smith. FedEx raised another $11 million to keep all of it’s services functional.

To all Fellow Entrepreneurs: Remember, a ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

Incase you are a budding Entrepreneur, wanting to explore the business field, I recommend this book. I personally have one and it’s highly motivational.
Changing How the World Does Business: FedEx’s Incredible Journey to Success – The Inside Story

DailyDeal-Inspiring Founders buyback Dailydeal from google

Taken Mind story of Buyback Dailydeal

Taken Mind Stories!
They sold their company to google for $114 million. Within 17 months, they buyback Dailydeal from google!

Brief History Dailydeal:

Dailydeal was a coupon promotional company similar to Groupon. The Dailydeal company was founded by Fabian and Ferry Heilemann (Brothers). The company had its goal of associating with merchants and publicizing every merchant deal to the public on their website. The duo brothers lived in West Germany. The company got acquired by google within a few months of operation. 17 months later, the founders – Fabin and Ferry Heilemann of Dailydeal called off the deal and got the company back from google!

History of Fabin and Ferry Heilemann:

Fabin and Ferry were born in West Germany. After completing their schooling at a public school, Ferry left to WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management to study economics and Fabin left to Bucerius Law School in Hamburg for studying Law. After their Undergraduate, the duo left for higher studies. This time, Fabin went to the Nottingham University Business School, UK and Ferry left to the Santa Clara University School of Law, USA. Fabin did his Ph.D. in Heidelberg, Germany.

During the course of study, the duo worked for many consulting firms. That was the time, they realized they were not satisfied as consultants. The duo felt that they wanted to take decisions on their own and lead a group of people. That is how, the idea of Entrepreneurship shed light on their minds. They decided to startup.

According to Fabin,

There was just one reason behind the Entrepreneur idea! We want to realise our business ideas, form up a team and definitely lead it to success. We gain self-encouragement by leading our very own company!

In 2001, the duo started an Event Gastronomy company and continued for some years. The idea of showed later. The duo ran into more than 60 business models, analysed them, fixed their minds to the most marketable one.

Establishment of

Dailydeal was launched in 2009 at Berlin. Richard Branson joined Fabin and Ferry as a web developer. The three-member team released a beta version of the website. They started their merchant dealings on the same day of the website launch. The market situation and the consistent efforts of the trio made growth rate fast. By March 2010, the company sported 100+ employees. Dailydeal addressed hotels, restaurants, saloons, local avenues and small businesses.

Struggle of Dailydeal with the market opponents

Dailydeal had the main market opponent as CityDeal. After CityDeal got acquired by GroupOn in 2010, Growing faster was the only option left for Daily deal to survive. In September 2011, Dailydeal got acquired by google for a whopping $114 Million. By then, dailydeal had 12,000 merchants onboard and had greater user reach.

The future of Dailydeal with google

Heilemann brothers buyback dailydeal

Google brought Dailydeal to enhance their existing ‘google offers’ the deal of the day site of google. Dailydeal helped google reach out to the European market. Eventually, google’s attempt failed. Google started laying off Dailydeal employees in September 2012 and planned to shut down the unit.

Fabin and Ferry buyback Dailydeal

When the news struck Fabin and Ferry’s attention, the duo stepped in to save the company. Fabin and Ferry offered a buyback Dailydeal offer to google to prevent the shutdown and layoff of their employees.

After the buyback Dailydeal offer, the duo brothers stated,

“We are pleased to inform you today that we as founders and managing directors have bought the company DailyDeal back from Google and will now continue to lead it on our own. DailyDeal will, of course, continue to offer the same service and exciting offers – exactly as we have done in the past. In addition, we will expand the business in the coming months. In the name of the DailyDeal team, we thank all of our users, business partners and colleagues for their loyalty and support over the last three years. We are very much looking forward to what lies ahead of us!”

At the time of google’s acquirement of Dailydeal, Fabin and Ferry had made a string of angel investments in berlin and german based companies. These investments financially helped the duo in the buy-back offer. Also is live and active, providing daily deals, coupon promotions and competing at the present with Groupon.

buyback dailydeal in newspaper article

For some entrepreneurs, it is not just about an “exit”. They make a difference by finding a passage to enter back.

Turn your wordpress blog into Windows 10 app without coding

wordpress blog into windows 10 app

Just turn your WordPress blog into windows 10 app with no big effort!

It is the end of the year! Well, Microsoft had just surprised all the WordPress blog admins!

The Windows App Studio beta just got updated! Think not! There are happy moments made for WordPress bloggers in this Update!

According to Microsoft, you can convert your WordPress blog into Windows 10 Application. To work with the application, the users or blog admins need not code anything.

By this, WordPress blogs can be brought live to 110+ million windows 10 devices across the globe.

It is significant to mention that WordPress recently came up with their own windows app built for bloggers. This move by Microsoft now takes the viewers to windows 10 app now!

It is also quite comfortable to mention that WordPress bloggers can now turn on bing ads on their WordPress apps!

Microsoft says:

“We introduced a new WordPress data source that lets you connect your app to your WordPress blog. It pulls in content and displays it beautifully in your app so you can free your blog from the web and get it in front of 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it to the Store.”

Note for Students:

As Microsoft really support apps by students, it’s a great option for student bloggers to submit their windows 10 App for free on the Microsoft Windows store! Go signup with your college email or school email and enjoy your free windows store developer tools!