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TakenMind Global Collaboration Platform

Creativity. Out of Box thinking. Greater Geographical Spread.

United Nations Recognized

United Nations Sustainable Project Certified Social Program

United Nations Recognized

United Nations Sustainable Project Certified Social Program


Create solutions to meet unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.

Global Collaboration

Solve critical problems. Open new communication channels.

Insightful Leadership

Grow as efficient leader with quality skills

Regular assignment

Timely Documentation, submission and core conceptual strengthening.

Project line

Complete real projects and derive actionable insights


The main beneficiaries of the program include second world and third world countries. The Program is widespread across Asia and Africa.

Handling the final project requires data analytics skill in Python Programming Language. You will learn Python and Data Analytics with Python during the course of the program.

At final stages of project, you will learn to use data visualization techniques to deliver insights from datasets.







Open Collaboration Programs

The following programs are currently open for applications.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Learn to analyse data and drive insights from appropriate managerial facilitations. Interns will learn to use statistical tools for data processing.  Click for Application


Marketing Management in Corporates

Currently unavailable.



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