Top Free Hosting provider for your Blog / Website

Top 5 Free Hosting Providers to host your Blog / Website When you start a blog, there is a necessity to understand how blogging works and to check whether blogging suits your style. You may also want to check-out hosting different CMS like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc… This situation is more relatable to amateur bloggers.Always […]

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Why Should I use dedicated hosting ?

Top reasons why webmasters use dedicated hosting is the dedicated IP address. When it comes to shared hosting, it’s always a controversial issue, as you don’t get a dedicated IP address. Using a dedicated IP is advantageous for several reasons, but first, let us understand dedicated IP. What is a dedicated IP ? To understand […]

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Why should you avoid shared hosting

Why should you avoid shared hosting ?

Top reasons to avoid shared hosting Every domain is associated with a unique IP with it. Whenever a browser requests a URL, the string URL is received by the DNS server and the IP address ( say ) is returned back to the browser. The browser again processes the IP address and hits the […]

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Website hosting types

What are the website hosting types and methods ?

Website Hosting types Building a website has become a critical measure to expose the presence of a company or brand. Some people also share their personal success and experience via personal blogs that help reach like-minded people. Websites are a gateway to access the collection of files present on the server across the globe. Web […]

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web hosting

What is Web hosting and Datacenter ?

Web Hosting – Guide Have you ever wondered ‘How I can access a website from anywhere?’ ‘Where do the file I download originally come from?’ ‘Where are all the data of this website is saved?’ . The answer for all above related question is ‘ Web Hosting ‘. Some popular web host includes Godaddy , […]

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new blog website hosting

On what website hosting should I host my new blog?

When you had planned to start a blog, the first 3 primary questions that should arise in your mind will be. 1. What is the niche of the blog 2. What is the website domain name of the blog 3. Who will be your new blog website hosting Taking the above 3 steps in a […]

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