Microsoft buys LinkedIn

What makes sense in the Microsoft – LinkedIn deal?

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn – The world’s largest professional Network On late June-14-2016, the news of Microsoft buying LinkedIn for a whopping $21.6 billion came to limelight. It has always been a trend for top billion dollar companies to acquire smaller organizations and startups. But in the case of Microsoft – LinkedIn deal, it has not […]

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equity taken mind

Should you consider equity share over salary in a startup?

Equity share : If you are on the verge of joining a startup, ‘equity compensation’ would be the single most incentive a firm would attract you towards. Startups are known for their bankrupt bank accounts and their needs to develop the product with the existing cash. This renders the employees an incomplete or a cut-down […]

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Choosing Business name

Choosing Business Name: Taking your first step

When you just get prepared to dive into the startup world, choosing Business name is one of the most thoughtful hot topics that can run in mind. Choosing Business name can be thought to provoke, and you have a fair chance of finding a better alternative now and then, even after deciding your brand name. […]

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Making your perfect startup team

How can you build your perfect startup team ?

Taken Mind help! Making your perfect startup Team: Made Easy! Being the founder of a startup is exciting and equally settles you with great responsibilities. I can call a startup without a proper team to be a dead startup. Most startups fail to make a revenue or shuts down because of improper team contribution. Firstly, […]

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Why should you starting business

Starting Business – Why should you consider ?

To all Taken Minds, If you are an aspiring Entrepreneur, you might have 1000s of people, your family, friends, well-wishers and even your significant other, also standing up against your idea of starting business. What makes you step into starting business? Here, I had listed the top reasons that will make you think in the […]

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Ola Money Wallet

Ola launches independent Ola Digital Wallet – Ola Money!

‘Ola’ – The largest taxi aggregator in India had launched its new Online wallet. OlaCabs, a product of ANI Technologies had termed its wallet currency as Ola Money. The Indian cab aggregator had followed the business model of Uber and had established a 40 million user base in India. The Ola Money Wallet This makes […]

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Flipkart building its Universal Windows Application

Flipkart – The highly rated e-commerce giant in India had taken up a huge step making a Universal Windows App for its platform. Following the lines of amazon, Flipkart had taken up the concept of being omnipresent on all platforms. According to the news, Flipkart would be choosing 50 candidates in order to beta test […]

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Uber App

Uberification and peer-to-peer service – Future of world Economy!

The Uberification term never existed until ‘Uber Technologies Inc.’ came to the limelight with the peer to peer service! Uber – the largest taxi aggregator in the world showed the world ‘ Peer-to-Peer ’ service [OR] the shared economy concept. ‘Uberification’ refers to on-demand mobile services for every single need of mankind. Uberification is not […]

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