Perfect SEO for beginners

Perfect SEO – 5 basic google webmaster guidelines

Everyone wants to make it to the top of the google SERP. What requirements should your site have in order to compete with others? What do you think that can make your website top the SERP? To help us out, google webmasters had come up with some basic guidelines for a perfect SEO . If […]

2007 google algorithm update

2007 Google Algorithm update

2007 google algorithm update consisted of Buffy upadate and Universal search. Buffy was a collection of minor update and univeral search was a mind-blowing concept that phrased the future of SERP. Buffy Update: [ June 2007 google algorithm update ] After quite a year(2006) of no big updates, google produces Buffy! The first major update […]

2005 google algorithm update

2005 Google Algorithm Update

The 2005 google algorithm update brought the efficiency of the search engine to the higher level. Spam via fake backlinks got a drastic reduction. NoFollow attribute: [January 2005 google algorithm update ] On January 2005, the search engines dominating the market such as Yahoo, Bing (MSN Network) and google joined hands together. They contributed towards […]

2004 google algorithm update

Google Algorithm update 2004

Google Algorithm update 2004 sets efficiency of the search engine a bit higher. The updates in 2004 include Austin and Brandy Update only. Google stopped its big monthly monolithic index updates with the Esmeralda [June 2003 update] and started working on polylithic day to day index update. Austin Update: [January 2004 google algorithm update ] […]

google algorithm update 2003

Google Algorithm Update 2003

The Google Algorithm update 2003 was the year google started to name their updates. The following article provides clear insight into the effective changes that were made in the algorithm. Google Algorithm Update 2003 February 2003 Update: [called Boston Update] The first named “Google Algorithm” series of updates was the Boston Update. Starting 2003, Google […]

Evolution of Googe algorithm

Evolution of Search Engine Algorithm – Google

IN THIS SECTION: Evolution of Search Engine Algorithm and Ranking Techniques In past 10 years, Google search engine intelligence had gathered a fast pace. Earlier, Google ranked pages based on the presence of search keyword. Blah! That’s the most basic attempt ever possible. As a result, a lot of spam pages took their position to […]

Evolution Search Engine Algorithm

SEO and working mechanism of Search Engines

SEO 101: BASICS OF SEARCH ENGINE IN THIS SECTION: WE WILL UNDERSTAND AND ANALYSE WORKING OF SEARCH ENGINES! By owning a domain, everyone takes the first step to their business or life. Wait! Does Owning a domain implies you are visible to the world? Certainly not. The bitter truth is that no one gets to […]

Monetization of your content via Adsense

Monetize your blog or domain with Adsense

Passionate Bloggers “write” for satisfaction. When it comes to professional blogging, the term “Monetization” plays a huge role. For every Passionate Professional Blogger, ‘Adsense’ is the primary Platform of Monetization. ‘Google Adsense’ is one of the high paying platform for bloggers where Google displays relevant Ads on your website when traffic flows through your website. […]

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